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    Want to end dating drama?..... Maybe time to try a Matchmaker

    in Romance

    Tonight to we talking to Siobhan Copland about the dating dramas and the benefits of using a professional matchmaking service. If you tried dating recently and found it hard to find genuine, honest people who share your interests and passion for life, then listen in and learn about an alternative option, for finding a partner.

    Siobhan Copland is the Director, Matchmaker of Matchmaking agency Catch Me Cupid, catering to London and Dubai based professionals. She has matched up and coached hundreds of professionals seeking relationship success. And hosts a weekly radio show on dejavufm, Saturday's 10am-Midday. Check her out @ www.catchmecupid.co.uk

    Call in and join the conversation on 3479457556 or comment in the chatroom www.ebonyempresstv.com



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    STEVIE MACK RADIO - Comedian Spotlight: Aaron Blaine / Guy Copland

    in Comedy

    Tonight in the Comedian Spotlight: Aaron Blaine and Guy Copland

    Guy Copland is two time winner in the www.MakeAStar.com online comedy competition and a veteran comic who tours all over the world to deliver the funny!.

    Aaron Blaine is a comedian now living in Florida who began making people laugh from the day he was born. Tune in and get turned on!

    * * * * * STEVIE MACK RADIO - The Number 1 online Comedy Talk Show! Hosted by Comedian Stevie Mack Monday - Thursday 6pm (PST)

    Call in: 646-716-6113

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    STEVIE MACK RADIO - Comedians: Guy Copland / Kente Scott

    in Comedy

    Tonights guest: Kente Scott and Guy Copland are in the Comedian Spotlight. They are contest winners who could teach Charlie Sheen a thing or two.
    Stevie Mack is the host of the #1 comedy talk show!
    Mon.-Thur. 6pm (PST)  Live call in: (646)716-6113
    STEVIE MACK TV: www.steviemack.com

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    ARE You Smarter Than Your Pastor : Wacky Pastor Edition Pt2

    in Religion


    In these difficult days and times we often look to spiritual leaders for guidance and instruction in our lives. As Christians (followers of Christ) should these leaders speak from their mind, or from what is written based on the word of God? This show will examine things said by men and woman claiming to be Gods ministers to reveal whether or not they are speaking Gods word and doing his will. 1Pet 4: 11 If any man speak, let him speak as the oracles of God; if any man minister, let him do it as of the ability which God giveth: that God in all things may be glorified through JesusChrist, to whom be praise and dominion for ever and ever. Amen.We hope you tune in and listen to our show. We air programs on Blog Talk Radio at the following times: Sun 2:00pm, Tue 8:00pm, Wed 7:00pm, Fri 7:00pm & Sat 9:00am all eastern time.

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    Young Gifted and Annointed

    in Youth

    Tonights special in-house guests:
    Singer, entrepreneur & teacher Rebekah Gordon on her experience and revelations wisdom from her recent trip to Israel;  Singer, actor Paul Gordon III on his soon to be released 4 part short film/Music Video series: "The Battle Within" Classically trained singer Christian Gibbs who majors in vocal performance major at the Aaron Copland School of Music at Queens College.  We'll be chatting it up about his November 4th Birthday Concert appropriately named "Adoration - a concert adoring life and love"!

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    Take AIM: Marc Thiessen and Jim Copland

    in Politics Conservative

    Marc Thiessen, former speechwriter to President George W. Bush, discusses his new book, "Courting Disaster: How the CIA Kept America Safe & How Barack Obama Is Inviting The Next Attack." James R. Copland of the Manhattan Institute explains his report, "Trial Lawyers, Inc.: K Street—A Report on the Litigation Lobby, 2010." For more information see www.courtingdisaster.com and www.manhattan-institute.org.

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    A.V.A Live Radio Interviews Singer Songwriter Connie Kim

    in Music

    Join host Jacqueline Jax as she interviews Singer Songwriter Connie Kim.. Get a look inside the inspiration, life and dreams of this talented and unique song writer. Featuring Music by Connie-Kim.
    Cheered on by musical greats Van Dyke Parks, Scott Litt, and Grant Showbiz, connie-kim’s first release arrived, with songs described by one reviewer as “jagged daggers dipped in honey”. Raised on opera and classical, and in love with electronic and ambient music, her influences are wide ranging: Serge Gainsbourg, Ennio Morricone, Aaron Copland, Laurie Anderson, desperation, Tom Waits, Jiri Kylian, Diane Arbus, Francis Bacon, New York city, Mark Rothko, Italo Calvino, wonder, and the Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds. Her upcoming CD, ponderosa, co-produced with Mike Schmid, unwraps in a series of unsettled and sparkling moments, drifting through recollections of western spaces better left to memory. What started off with the $22 she had in her pocket is now a collection of panoramic jewel boxes combining string bass, violin and other acoustic instruments, electronics, and things found in the kitchen.
    connie-kim is in Los Angeles now. You might see her perform at the Hotel Cafe, the Harold Williams Auditorium at the Getty Center, or a hidden coffeehouse. Whether accompanied by Daphne Chen of the Section Quartet or George Schwindt of Flogging Molly, she might sing you a song about an eastern city or a trapeze artist who’s afraid of heights.
    Someone once said if Mary Poppins and Leonard Cohen were lost at sea on Federico Fellini’s dinghy, they’d be singing songs by connie-kim.
    Visit our main web site : www.AvAliveRadio.com

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    Inner Voice Intuitive Hour welcomes Larry Copeland

    in Spirituality

    Larry Copeland is a life long student of the paranormal who began scrying at an early age - over 46 years ago. He has been used by both the Central Ohio Paranormal Society and Ohio Exploration Society in cases around central Ohio and beyond, been interviewed by The Other Paper and has been on WMRN radio, Marion, Ohio.By using the gifts of clairvoyance and clairsentience as well as scrying techniques and tarot, he has been able to assist many to obtain a better insight into their lives.To find out more about Jenny Sieck your host for Inner Voice Intuitive Hour check out her website: http://InnerVoiceIntuitive.com/

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    Using Internships in the Preparation of School Leaders

    in Education

    Internships, practica, and field experiences have been touted as essential to prepare effective school leaders. Professor Michael Copland (U of Washington) will join Graham Schmidt (UCEA Special Projects Administrator) for a discussion of the use of internships in educational leadership, as UCEA continues its interview series with authors from the Handbook of Research on the Education of School Leaders.

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    in Movies

    An in depth and comprehensive movie talk for the serious film buff. All kinds of movies reviewed and talked about in a serious manner to help you decide whether its one you would like to see or add to your collection of movies & dvds...or, just to find out if you agree with what we think. New flicks, old flicks, classic flicks, schlocky flicks and everything in between. If it (or he or she) has to do with flicks, it's fair game.

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    Joy Keys chats with Jazz Drummer Adam Cruz

    in Music

    For the past decade, Adam Cruz has been a member of pianist Danilo Perez’s trio, which also features bassist Ben Street. But, in a business known for brief, constantly changing partnerships, he has chosen to develop and maintain long-standing working relationships such as those with pianists Perez and Simon, saxophonists David Sanchez and Steve Wilson, and the Mingus Big Band. And even before that, Cruz had established his name working with artists such as trumpeters Charlie Sepúlveda and Tom Harrell, saxophonists Chris Potter, Pharaoh Sanders, and Paquito D’Rivera, guitarist Charlie Hunter and, perhaps most notably, touring and recording with pianist Chick Corea.

    Cruz has a new album coming out in April 2011 called MILESTONES. Comprising eight original compositions, and featuring a true all star band including Miguel Zenón, alto sax; Steve Wilson, soprano sax; Chris Potter, tenor sax; Steve Cárdenas, electric guitar; Edward Simon, piano, and Ben Street, bass, Milestone, which was made possible by a grant by the Aaron Copland Recording Fund, marks a before and after in Cruz’s development as an artist. www.adamcruz.net