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    76 - The Big Picture - Speed Thru Coordination

    in Entrepreneur

    What is the most important thing most financial advisors miss?

    The big picture!

    Although they can be good in one little area, they usually miss out on the big picture. They may be good at budgets, insurance, investments, or debt.

    But do they know how they can all work together to create fast results?

    Find out what they're missing!

    Chris Miles Bio:

    Chris Miles, the "Cash Flow Expert," is a leading authority on how to quickly free up and create cash flow for thousands of his clients, entrepreneurs, and others internationally! He’s an author, speaker, and radio host that has been featured in US News, CNN Money, Bankrate, Entrepreneur on Fire, and has spoken to thousands getting them fast financial results.

    Chris consistently teaches audiences how to do what no other financial advisers can or will - achieve financial prosperity, NOW AND IN THE FUTURE, while spending time doing what they love most!

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    Coordinating Clinician Activites to Improve Patient Outcomes

    in Health

    In an increasingly fragmented health care system, there is a need to understand the coordination of clinicians involved in patients’ care to optimize quality of care and patient safety. Listen to Dr. Kinder explain the importance of coordination and how it effectives cost and quality of care.

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    Sports Talk Wednesday

    in Sports

    Sports Talk hosted by The Godfather, at 8 pm Eastern Standard Time. Today we will talk to Samuel Radford. Samuel Radford is the President of the Buffalo School District Parent Coordination Council. He will talk about a number of things not only the parents complaints. But the unequal representation of minorities in section 6. It includes coaching,refereeing,and those on the section 6 board. Everyone deserves a chance to speak and we will hear his points and concerns. Follow us on Twitter @TWMedia 44. Like us on FB Trenton White Sports

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    Nov 14th 2015, 10pm(PST) "Medium P.I." is back with Psychic guest Carol Pate!

    in Paranormal

    With us Saturday night, Nov 14th at 9pm Pacific - 1 A.M Eastern or if you wish.. 3pm on Sunday in Sydney Australia. ;)

    Spaced Out Weekend's "Medium P.I." is back this week with guest Carol Pate is a well known psychic who uses Psychometry to work with the paranormal. By the age of 12, she was working with law enforcement agencies in helping them solve cases of embezzlement, homicide and missing persons. She is now a licensed minister, a teacher and a practicing psychic counselor.

    Ms. Pate was chosen in 1991 as the top female psychic in the U.S. by Unicorn World Coordination and Tokyo Broadcast System in Japan. She has been featured in three international television documentaries and has worked with all facets of the media at local, state and national levels, as well as internationally. She has appeared as a guest expert on “The Geraldo Rivera Show”, “The Other Side”, “Sightings”, “Unsolved Mysteries” and “Beyond Chance”. Ms. Pate has appeared on MSNBC Abrahams Report”, “Psychic Detectives” and “Larry King Live”.


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    Revenue Radio w. Barrett & Kelley

    in Self Help

    Join us this week on Revenue Radio as Kelley and Barrett spend time to coach YOU on how to start a business. Vanessa Collins is a minister, author, speaker, seminar leader, coach and entrepreneur.  She is founder of the online Bible Study ministry, Intensive Faith Ministries International. She has over 20 years of experience in church leadership, youth and women’s ministries, teaching, evangelism (jail ministry), church administration (including finance and bookkeeping), and program coordination.

    As a speaker, Vanessa is known for her ability to explain and break down any subject.  She is an anointed and gifted preacher, teacher and seminar leader whose energy will inspire you.  Vanessa is co-owner of Heart Thoughts Publishing and has written several books including, “Intensive Faith Therapy,” “The Promises of God,” “The Promises of Jesus,” and “50 Mistakes Grant Writers Make.”

    Share this with your friends and listen Friday at 12pm EST by calling 347-989-8385 or online at www.blogtalkradio.com/survive3652

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    Exercises Effect on Alzheimers Disease

    in Health

    We've been told to keep our minds active in order to prevent Alzheimer's Disease? Some research shows that being physically active may actually be even more beneficial for warding off and preventing this frightening illness. Learn how coordination drills may help along with regular cardiovascular activity. More and more Americans are being diagnosed, see what  you can do to avoid being put on that list. 

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    Innovative Device Encourages Movement in Children with Cerebral Palsy

    in Health

    November 5, 2015: For infants, crawling is not only the typical step before walking, it's a gateway to exploration – exploration that encourages a child’s physical, mental, and social development.

    But what happens when a child can’t crawl because he or she doesn’t have the necessary strength or coordination? That’s a situation typically faced by infants with cerebral palsy.

    In this episode of Move Forward Radio, physical therapists Thubi Kolobe, PT, PhD, FAPTA, and Peter Pidcoe, PT, PhD, DPT, discuss their collaboration on a device that provides crucial movement assistance for children with cerebral palsy and other developmental delays. The Self-Initiated Prone Progression Crawler (SIPPC)  is still evolving, but was was one of 13 projects recognized by the Smithsonian Institution’s “Innovation Festival”  in September 2015.

    Download the podcast on iTunes.

    Read more about physical therapist's interventions for children at MoveForwardPT.com. 

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    Bible Study Preview-Quitters Never Win, Only Those Who Endure Until the End

    in Religion

     Listen to the Summary and Review from our previous School of Ministry Online Bible Study Lesson the discussion will be on: Quitters never Win, only those who ENDURE until the end.  In my early years at school, I loved to run the 50-100 yard dash.  It was difficult because I was what was termed as knock-knees.  I have fallen many a day, practicing for a race.  I was ashamed and humiliated at my lack of coordination, yet something within me pushed me to persevere.  My reward was when I won a award a school for winning a race and coming in 1st place!  It wasn’t easy, but I didn’t give up, I refuse to quit, I endured until I crossed that finished line! Regardless of whatever test, trials and tribulations we encounter in life, we must have the determination to continue the good fight of faith, knowing that we will have made every effort and have done our best even if we don’t win first place, we finished our course and crossed the finish line.

    ENDURANCE, "Thou therefore ENDURE hardness as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.  2 Tim. 2:3

    Click on the Play Tab Button or link to listen to the “live program” or the recorded broadcast after the scheduled air time.  Be sure to click the FOLLOW Tab on the Fresh Manna Blog Talk Radio Program to be alerted for future programs.

    Join Apostle Williams as she teaches Biblical principles every THURSDAY EVENINGS 7:30 p.m. Daylight Savings Time. We encourage you to participate, further your Christian Education and knowledge of the Bible.  Oasis Ministerial Fellowship Teleconference Line: CALL 1-712-775-7031 - ENTER YOUR MEETING ID: 206594156 # Follow Apostle Loretta Williams on Face Book, Google + and Blog Talk Radio.

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    "NU Day Resurrection & Liberation"

    in Politics Progressive

    TONIGHT: Sat. Oct. 31, 2015 on NU Day  It's On.....                     "THE MILLION WOMAN MARCH 20"  The official announcement has been made and the national coordination and preparations have begum. Introducing the long awaited Raising Up the Mother of Civilization" program and more. JOIN: The "A Million Black Woman Rising" Movement and get ready for the umplementation of Phase 1 of the "BLACXPRINT" 2020: The Pro/Direct Action Plan. for Power, Prosperity, and Peace . Find out how you can get involved.  Tonight's Topics will imclude:  

    Have We Had Enough of Seeing Our Women & Girls Abused?  Are Sisters gonna take a stand?
    Will the "MWM 20" get equal support? Are our Sisters readyfor a global Movement?
    Mumia Abu Jamal Update and report on Major Tillery 
    The EARTH KEEPERS & ECO Freedom Project-: Phase 1- Property
    The African Awareness Association trip to Cuba is coming. Learn more about this great cultural, educational, and historical experience                                                     On the "LIVE LINE" Sis. Kamilah Iddeen

  • The National Media Is Starting To Focus On Our Sorry Transit System, And We Dese

    in Pop Culture

    When we were at the Detroit Policy Conference last week, we attended a panel on transit and found it to be disappointing. Although we do need to rally around the new Regional Transit Authority, focusing on the “millage millage millage” isn’t going to be the answer to get a solution passed. The RTA needs to work with SMART and DDOT (the suburban and city bus systems) to make some low- to no-cost changes now and have early wins to show their efficacy, such as route and schedule coordination.

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    in Education

    In an effort to build consensus across the Global African Diaspora around strategies for cooperating and coordinating, CFA collaborates with African Views to facilitate a conference call of Diaspora leaders in the Western Hemisphere, as part of the 2015 Ronald H. Brown African Affairs Series.  While time, distance and travel resources have proven to be significant obstacles in the coordination of Diaspora in support of Africa, this effort can bridge the gap, by holding the first of several conference calls of Diaspora leaders around the globe to open and strengthen dialogue. 

    SESSION I: 9:00 am – 10:00
    TITLE: Strategies to Address the Healthcare Infrastructure Challenges in Africa

    Keynote Speaker:  Allen A. Herman, M.B., Ch.B, Ph.D.
    Dr. Allen Herman is an epidemiologist and public health physician. He was the founding Dean of the National School of Public Health, Medical University of Southern Africa of the Republic of South Africa.

    SESSION II: 10:00 am – 11:00 am
    TITLE: Promoting STEM in Africa
    Keynote Speaker:  Nkem Khumbah, Ph.D.
    Mathematics lecturer at the University of Michigan
    Coordinator of the STEM-Africa Initiative at the University of Michigan
    Executive Curator at the NEF

    SESSION III 11:00 am – 12:00 am
    TITLE: Engaging and Mobilizing the Diaspora 
    Keynote Speaker: Barryl A. Biekman, Ph.D.
    Netherland Statesman, Social Scientist with expertise on Global African Affairs
    Civil Society Representative on International Decade for People of African Descent
    At the United Nations


     Hermine G. Zossoungbo Ph.D. (abd)/ (African Immigrants)
    Founder and President of African Immigrant, is a Sociologist and Cultural Anthropologist and expert on African immigrant/African diaspora and African Women and gender issues.