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    Consider This…Pathways to New Opportunities in 2015

    in Spirituality

    Ready to consider some new goals for spiritual and educational growth?  Today we will be discussing some ideas and opportunities for spiritual and educational growth!



    Welcome! Mondays ~ Now at 8pm ~ Rev. Drs. Linda Marie Nelson and Nancy Ash offer spiritual evolutionary dialog from the heart uniting our world in Oneness honoring ALL perspectives in sacred traditions. Enjoy cutting-edge, timely discussion with veteran, contemporary, trans-denominational minister co-hosts, Rev. Dr. Linda Marie and Rev. Dr. Nancy. Raise your vibration with Doing a 360 Meditations with beautiful music to re-calibrate consciousness. Since 2010, Consider This programs have inspired and motivated learning -- opening your heart to the multiple ways that integral minds are dedicated to transform our world. Heartfelt Blessings!

    Nancy: http://www.Doinga360.com

    Linda Marie: http://www.shekinahruha.org

    We Love You ~ We Thank You

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    New Beginnings, New Opportunities, and How to See the Good!

    in Spirituality

    This is going ot be a very different kind of show for us. The Matt and Phil Show is evolving "Down the Rabbit Hole" into some new beginnings, new opportunities and more Good Times. Phil is going to 'retire' from the show for at least the near future and he is welcome back ANYTIME! :) Matt is going to keep the lights on and continue to discuss all the great topics we love: Law of Attraction, Love, Appreciation, Success, Forgiveness, Beauty, Quantum Physics and we are going to focus a bit more on Entrepreurship, LOA Business Coaching and Oh so much more! So, be sure to join us to discuss how to find the GOOD in All and to bid Dr. PhilGood a farewell for the time being at least! :)

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    MB Chamber Committee Opportunities

    in Current Events

    Our guests this morning are Jeri Wilson ,  Suzanne Karger and Liz Griggs.

    Jeri Wilson is the Owner and Business Development Director of Your Actualized Visions Advertising Agency. Jeri started her agency 2 years ago after working in the advertising field for 7 years at one of the world’s largest agencies. She began her own agency after hearing from clients how much they enjoyed working with her, but hated the company she worked for.

    Suzanne Karger is a 17 year Manhattan Beach resident who is passionate about living in such a wonderful community and doing what she can to keep it that way.  Since retiring from a career in the fashion industry Suzanne has been working part-time at Hush Hush Hair Salon, volunteering her services to a number of local non-profit fundraisers and working as a hands on volunteer at UCLA-Santa Monica Hospital.

    Liz Griggs manages Manhattan Village Shopping Center in  Manhattan Beach. She is a shopping center expert that has made a career out of marketing and managing a diverse set of retail properties in varied markets throughout the United States.

    All three of our guests  are active members of the Manhattan Beach Chamber and this morning, we’re going to learn about the various Chamber Committee opportunities that members can get involved in.


    To Find Out More about the Manhattan Beach Chamber of Commerce visit


    To Find Out More about Jackie Balestra visit


    To find out more about your host, Joe Terry visit

    On Facebook at ...


    Or our Website at ...


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    Year in Review: How challenges yeilded opportunities to results

    in Entrepreneur

    It has been challenging year yielding great success.

    Will be sharing stories of amazing people I have met in my journey of networking

    Events attended that were inspiring and memorable

    Success being Director Public Speakers Association in Toronto/ Mississauga


    Panam/ Parapan 2014 Ambassador and volunteer experience

    What I learned from some of my failures

    Using skills and strengths and making thing happen!

    Lessons learning from having great coaching and mentors

    Giving back Mentoring others.sharing a Junior Achievement of Ontario and becoming an actor!


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    StoryTales Presents Business Opportunities & Ventures In Space!

    in Business

    Join us at the Campfire for some way out ventures....in Space! Yes, Business opportunities and ventures and the companies involved in space....Hosted by Rich Gehlhausen.

    Sposnored by Storytellers Campfire

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    Kwanzaa Ujamaa Cooperative Economics Black People and Network Marketing

    in Business

    Kwanzaa was created to reaffirm and restore our rootedness in African culture. It is, therefore, an expression of recovery and reconstruction of African culture which was being conducted in the general context of the Black Liberation Movement of the '60's and in the specific context of The Organization Us, the founding organization of Kwanzaa and the authoritative keeper of its tradition. Secondly, Kwanzaa was created to serve as a regular communal celebration to reaffirm and reinforce the bonds between us as a people. It was designed to be an ingathering to strengthen community and reaffirm common identity, purpose and direction as a people and a world community. Thirdly, Kwanzaa was created to introduce and reinforce the Nguzo Saba (the Seven Principles.) These seven communitarian African values are: Umoja (Unity), Kujichagulia (Self-Determination), Ujima (Collective Work and Responsibility), Ujamaa (Cooperative Economics), Nia (Purpose), Kuumba (Creativity), and Imani (Faith). This stress on the Nguzo Saba was at the same time an emphasis on the importance of African communitarian values in general, which stress family, community and culture and speak to the best of what it means to be African and human in the fullest sense. And Kwanzaa was conceived as a fundamental and important way to introduce and reinforce these values and cultivate appreciation for them.


    Todays show will focus on the 4th Principle UJamaa Cooperative Economics and how it relates to network marketing

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    The winning Formula: People + Opportunities = Money

    in Self Help

    Regardless of your industry, profession or business; People are the key ingredient to your success.  Learn how to be memorable when meeting people so they bring YOU opportunities first! Opportunities are the bridge between people and money, learn simple strategies to figure out when to say yes or no to opportunities. Money can work for you if you allow... are you repelling money or attracting it? Tune in to this special show and discover how you can implement this winning formula in your life starting NOW. 626-231-0306 

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    Job Interview Tips and Opportunities in 2015

    in Jobs

    Each year, Enterprise Holdings hires individuals for various positions in-marketing, human resources, branch, airport, etc. Chris Fitzpatrick, Talent Acquisition Manager for the Eastern NJ Region of Enterprise Rent-a-Car understands what traits job recruiters are looking for. He’ll discuss ways to perform well during job interviews, create attention-grabbing resumes and more. If you're looking for the perfect career opportunity, check out this episode of Hilary Topper on Air!

  • Finding Legitimate Work From Home Opportunities

    in Business

    If you are seeking a work from home opprituntiy then this will be a great show for you. Today's show we will have special guest Leshay with Dreamhomebased.com


    Dream Home Based Work (DHBW) is an online guide for home employment & home business to allow people to be able to stay at home with their families. DHBW provides a variety of work from home job opportunities in customer service, data entry, writing, freelance, and much more. DHBW also provides you with the the resources to upstart your home-based business. The goal of DHBW, is to guide individuals down the right path in finding legitimate work from home. You will be able to have more freedom and flexibility to truly enjoy your family and life.

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    Are you a cooperative component?

    in Spirituality

    Today's Insights email was about being a cooperative component.  Listen in as I expound on that message.

    Each of us are components of a bigger organism, if you will, and how much we participate in that can indicate what type of experiences we create for ourselves.

    Visit our website for more into.


    With love and abundance for you 

    Gwen Peterson

    Spiritual Communities Network

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    Business Opportunities & Ventures In Space!

    in Family

    Join us at the campfire for a few interesting facts and information on some of the current private space ventures and companies involved....join us for some way out adventures!

    Host Rich Gehlhausen

    Sponsored By Storytellers Campfire Radio

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