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  • Lumbie Mlambo is on the Centertainment Radio Show on Saturday - Oct 3 @ 7pm CST!

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    Editor-in-Chief of Equanimity Magazine, "Lumbie Mlambo" is on the Centertainment Radio Show Saturday night, October 3, 2015 @ 7pm CST!

    Local magazine publisher Lumbie Mlambo is on the verge of international greatness. Her Equanimity Magazine has become one of the most reknowned magazines in the country. Focusing on people finding balance in life, they featured Dallas / Fort Worth celebrities and beyond to international music stars. Lumbie gives us a moment to discuss the magazine and the upcoming Equanimity Awards Benefit Gala on Oct. 10, 2015.

    Equanimity Magazine is "a lifestyle magazine for men and women seeking motivation, inspiration, encouragement and balance in order to become productive and achieve their dreams and goals. We help you realize your potential. Our demographics - 25-55yrs old, mid-to-upper income earners." Lumbie started Equanimity in 2009.

    Lumbie Mlambo is a model and an actress, known for The Many Strange Stories of Triangle Woman(2008), Ciao (2008) and Karma Police (2008). She is fluent in Zulu and some conversational French. Lumbie is a philanthropist and founder of JB Dondolo, Inc. (charity). Amongst her versatility, she is also a software engineer!

    Join us by calling in as our interactive audience at 323-693-3830 and press "1". Who knows? You might get to speak to our very special guest, "Lumbie Mlambo".

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    Alexander Gershman of the Sasha's Bloc Band visits Cruz Inc Radio

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    Los Angeles based jazz collective Sasha’s Bloc are releasing their latest single “Feels Like Jazz” off their latest CD release Heart on Fire, featuring the incomparable Grammy nominated singer Jane Monheit providing her signature sultry vocals.

    A blend of contemporary and traditional 1920’s jazz, band leader Alex Gershman and Sasha’s Bloc will transport you back in time to the feel good times of the roaring ‘20s in this new single with its simple, conversational verses, polished production and standout solos from trumpeter Kye Palmer and guitarist Steve Cotter capturing the styles and excitement of the past.

    With a big-band sound that recalls the vibe of New Orleans’ Preservation Hall Jazz Band infused with the blues, a hint of Gypsy Jazz, contemporary jazz and swing, Sasha’s Bloc have been playing to sold out shows across Southern California for the past two years and have developed a loyal following across the country.

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    TaLk NATION South Carolina- A series of conversational theology!!

    in Motivation

    Matthew is on the road all this month as we are set to launch the new season of the show, but in the "outside the box" fashion we do things here at Skin DEEP Theology ......Matthew sits down with some pretty interesting guests during his time traveling the Nation!!  We ain't revealing nothing.....TUNE IN TODAY LIVE @ 2PM to hear on of the first sit downs of the series "TALK NATION" here on SKIN DEEP THEOLOGY!

    To learn more on Matthew and the show ...visit www.roadtoredemptionministries.com or find him on social media!!

  • War Room Movie/Are You in Your Purpose?Author Cheryl Lacey Donovan shares on GD

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    Cheryl draws on her experience and passion as an educator to motivate and encourage others to live their lives on purpose. She is particularly passionate about helping others create the lives they deserve and desire. Articulate and compassionate, Cheryl is a speaker with a gift for teaching. She says, "My desire is to help people see the world from God's perspective, and to move them to do something about what they see." 
    Cheryl has spent a lifetime acquiring experience around educating and advising others on living a more meaningful life. After more than 20 years of educating and advising allied health care professionals Cheryl followed her passion for bringing out the best in other people by choosing to be more involved in the vision and direction their lives were taking. This culminated in the launch of Worth More than Rubies a division or Cheryl Lacey Donovan International. Since then Cheryl has spoken to hundreds of groups across the country and written articles as well as Bible study curricula.
    Cheryl is uniquely positioned to impact the lives of individuals she comes in contact with for long term success with her message of faith and powerful vision of bringing purpose into the people equation to promote happier, healthier more meaningful life experiences. 
    Cheryl presents a powerful message with a conversational style that's just like sitting around chatting with one of your sisters - one who is filled with pearls of wisdom and whose heart is filled with giving. Some of us long for that kind of sister or friend who will just sit you down, tell you the truth about life, share her experiences, and then give you access to a greater more meaningful purpose in life. You will want to sip a warm cup of your favorite drink, bring a note pad and enjoy a candid and educational presentation with Cheryl Lacey Donovan.

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    World Hypnotism Day - Hypnotism IN popular culture

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    Welcome to World Hypnotism day! January 4th every year is celebrated by hypnotists around the globe --really. Todays program is about how hypnosis is seen in the movies and through an entertainment lens. "Trance" is a great example. Listen and learn what is real and what is not.

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    Beyond The White Picket Fence by Shari Yantes on Change Radio w/Rhonda

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    Shari’s newest book, Beyond The White Picket Fence” was released April 1, 2015 and is an Amazon best seller.


    Shari was an awkward child who felt like she never fit in and wasn't good enough, She grew up following the rules, the expectations of others & society norms, doing everything “right”. Although she had it all in the eyes of everyone else, a “perfect family”, a beautiful house & lifestyle and an executive role at a public company she still didn't feel like she was where she was supposed to be and she knew she wasn’t being who she truly was deep down.


    After a series of major life events all happening within a few months, Shari found the confidence & courage to say “Screw It” and took control of her life to live the life she desired, being her authentic self.

    Shari helps other women (and men) do the same. We all have the right to live an authentic life and be true to ourselves!


    Her open communication style and thought provoking conversational techniques as well as her diverse life experiences allow you to connect and an intimate, intense and individual level.  


    Coming from a childhood and life rich in lessons; dealing with family member’s addictions, divorce, blended families, physical and emotional abuse, being a single mom, layoffs and more, Shari learned to deal with challenges and move forward quickly and successfully!


    Overcoming many challenges of her own and thriving in spite of or because of them, Shari will help you take control of your life and find your way to an authentic thriving life. 


  • Dreamvisions 7 Radio Podcast with Cindy and Jody

    in Spirituality

    Hypnotic Radio Hour with Cindy Locher & Jody Kimmell


    Hypnotic Radio Hour Self Sabotage


    Are you stuck? Do you have plans, goals, dreams and then....forget to answer that email? Miss that deadline? Start picking fights and ruin that great relationship? Are you hitting your personal "glass ceiling" for success? We all HAVE this programming. Listen in as Cindy Locher and Jody Kimmell help you understand what your subconscious mind responds to and how to bring your minds into alignment to eliminate self sabotage. Warning: This particular episode is smattered with conversational hypnosis. Listen at the risk of your own success! Learn more about your hosts at http://www.HypnosisMinneapolis.com


    Tags: dreams sabotage hypnosis relationship goals


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    HRExaminer Radio: Kieran Snyder

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    Kieran Snyder holds a PhD in linguistics and has held product and design leadership roles at Microsoft and Amazon. She has authored several studies on language, technology, and document bias for publication in Fortune, the Washington Post, and Slate.

    Most recently, Kieran built a multifunctional team in analytics, program management, and design for Amazon’s advertising organization. In her prior product leadership roles at Microsoft, Kieran created a linguistic services platform for developers, introducing new language detection, spell-checking, and other natural language processing capabilities to Windows developers for the first time. She also led a cross-company engineering effort for the native integration of Bing into Windows search. In her time at the company, Kieran was involved with search and natural language projects across several Microsoft products, including Windows, Bing, Office, and Visual Studio.

    Kieran earned her doctorate in linguistics and cognitive science from the University of Pennsylvania and has published original research on gender bias in performance reviews and conversational interruptions in the workplace over the last year. She participates actively in Seattle-based STEM education initiatives and women in technology advocacy groups.

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    Dr. Wayne Anders A Conversational Walk With God

    in Spirituality

    Tune In Saturday 9 May 2015 at 10:00 AM And Listen To A Powerful Man Of God, Dr. Wayne Anders! Some Of The Sub-Topics Are:  Fellowship With God Through Prayer, Pray For Everyone, Persevere In Prayer.

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    The Late Late Shift with Steven - Episode 19 (The Guns Suck Edition)

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    I always wanted a pet raccoon. They just seem so cool, you know? They're perpetually wearing pimp suits and superhero style domino masks, all washing their food before they eat it and doing pseudo human stuff. Raccoons just seem like they know what's going on, you know? Like they've got the inside line on what's up.

    This podcast is not going to be about raccoons. Probably. Hell, it could be. I sincerely doubt it, though, because I don't so much plan ahead with these things. The Late Late Shift is literally my stream of consciousness for a half hour. Sometimes mildly controversial, sometimes informative, sometimes simply conversational, the one thing I always try to make it is entertaining with maybe a piece of funny here and there. Do I succeed? Listen to it and find out, dig?

    Chester. That's what my pet raccoon's name would be. Chester the Raccoon. Esquire.

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    While You Were Sleeping Live!

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