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    Mets game 3 Recap Monday Night Football

    in Sports

    Mets game 3 all the controversal calls here tuesday Oct/12/2015

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    RS Battle League presents "100"

    in Hip Hop Music

    "100" is hosted by former BTR Host, "Floppy Bob" and features the stars from the RS Battle League! Tonights GROUNDBREAKING episode will feature the most talked about man in the league right now, the controversal, "Bravo!"

    It will be a NO HOLDS BARRED interview and we will be talking your calls LIVE! So tell your friends, family and baby daddy that we're going to be on the air!!! 

    For more visit www.rsbattleleague.com 

    Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @rsbattleleague 

    Follow Floppy Bob on Twitter @mrfloppybob

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    Talk about it Tuesday: Origins of Christianity

    in Spirituality

    Thanks for hanging out in the Goddess Suite, Tune in 9pm for our Explosive, Controversal Talk about it Tuesday show, sip a cup of conscious tea and get ready for the HOTTEST 2 HOURS of your life!  Call in to the Goddess Suite 516-453-9075
    Question: Email us GoddessSuite@gmail.com

    It's TIME for a history lesson like no other...Are you ready for the TRUTH? Is Christianity a False religion? When did Christianity begin? Who are you worshipping? Take a break from reality tv and tune in to hear The REAL REALITY of Religion and it's TRUE origin!! Knowledge is POWER..when it's used!

    Steve Johnson will be discussing the Origins of Christianity and how African American history was stolen and re-written, in order to enforce control. He is an historian and author of the book "Wake up Young Black Males; Life is What You Make It"  and "How Did I Get Here? From a Kushite to a Thug."   Don't miss this show as we go deep into Religion, and the motives, the purpose of its creation and the falsehoods put in the Religous text we read faithfully. 


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    Whats The Damn Deal

    in Entertainment

    Nita B and Co Host Chop up Topics that are Controversal, Sassy, Witty and Daring.

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    Erica Campbell: I luh God; Ode to Satan...Jesus tempted by Satan open letter

    in Spirituality

    Today we are taking it there. This will be a very heavy broadcast. I will be revealing what the Spirit gave me about the song "I luh God" sung by Erica Campbell. This song has been very controversal but for the wrong reasons. This woman is masquerading as a disciple but is nothing more than a pharisee. The lyrics are disturbing. We will be discussing Mark 8:36 and Matthew 4. Again, I must say if you are not spiritual you will not get it. I do ask that you pray ahead of time before listening to this broadcast. Ask the Spirit of God to open your eyes to the truth. 

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    The Mind of Tek

    in Radio

    Tonight on Re-Evolution Radio we bring to The Mind of Tek. Join sister Tek Amoya and her Co-Host Brother El Fuser and Brother Malik and a very special guest as they bring to you the topic of abortion. Join us as we discuss this very controversal topic and share your opinions with us. Re-Evolution Radio is on every night at 10p.m est. #TuneinandDropout

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    Let's Talk About It!!!!!!!

    in Entertainment

    Tonight we will be discussing tje very controversal video with the cop shooting the black man in the back.  A few things that will be discussed is do you think this video is racial?  Was the cop in the wrong?  What are some normal police procedures?  Was is over kill?  How do we fight these injustices and much more?  Tune in tonight from 7pm to 9pm and call in at 347-308-8813 to join in the conversation.  Let's get ready yall this is going to be interesting.

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    "Trustworthy, Eyes Can't See Everything" Author Kenwuan Meeks

    in Christianity

    Greetings to all God's people thank you for your continue support of the ministry I am truly blessed to come to you every week with something new and exciting my guest tonight is an Author of the most controversal book I have read this year, it is EPIC and will cause you to really think about what eyes can and can not see. Kenwuan Meeks grew up in Drew, MS. He was raised in a single family home with his mom Shirley Meeks, although his father was a great role model and always wanted the best for Kenwuan. He had two siblings, Tamica Meeks his oldest sister and Nathan Moore his younger brother. Kenwuan graduated from Drew, Ms in 1998, he was always pushed by his grandmother, keeping her words, "Mind your business and keep God first." Kenwuan was convinced to join the US Navy shortly after school by his home town friend Kelvin Robinson. Kenwuan has completed many tours including Jerusalem, France, and Iraq. Writing has always been apart of his life. When he was in high school he would write poems to the girls to see what effect he would haveon them by the expression on there face. The older he got, he would use writing as an outlet. Whenever he got lonely or stressed he would convert to writing. Kenwuan is now the author of the most anticipated book this year, Trustworthy, Eyes Can't See Everything. Coming from a small town with a small population Kenwuan is determined to put the city of Drew, Mississippi on the Map. 

    Trustworthy, Eyes Can't See Everything



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    The Great Debate of Vaccines.. Harmful or Helpful?

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    Tune in this Tuesday March 10, 2015 at 7:00 pm Est USA, as we get vaccinated! Just kidding! ;)

    In todays world vaccines have become a big part of our society. We are conditioned to believe that vaccines will help us with disease and possibly even cure it.  The great battle of vaccines wages war. Are they good for us or do the people who say they are harmful know something we don't?

    Miss Raina will discuss the controversal topic of vaccines. Learn what makes up a vaccine and if they are helpful or harmful to us.

    This show will be based on medical research, studies and facts. No opinion will be a part of this show!

    Call Miss Raina at (310) 861-2341

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    Tonight I'm going to present a controversal subject that many cults have used to go down the wrong path. Even today people like those who lead the NAR pervert the scriptures that we will examine tonight to write off Israel ad a physical race and to proclaim themselves a "spiritual" race. Tonight we'll look at the promises of Yahweh to Avraham and other scriptures in the Tanakh and the Brit Hadasha to see just who Israel might be and if the scope of view that most have is a bit narrow.