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    We The People

    in Politics

    Tonight we take on issues that effect our country. Join us as we meet with our panel of guests to discuss isses that face our country every day.Topics range from Police brutatility and accountability, to the failed drug war. We'll be touching base on the issues that seem to be in the news everyday such as Gun Control.

    We'll also be mixing in a few classic songs to help set the theme for tonights show. Special guests include Stoney Shifflet, JR Roberts, and Jonathan McCoy.

    Special thanks to our sponsors, ComStar Computers, Spot-a-Cop, Wutitdofamradio, and Activists Unchained.

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    Bewitched "Who is controlling you?"

    in Spirituality

    No one should have control over your life but God. No one should be able to turn you away from the things of God. Nothing that is not of God should be able to captivate your mind, body, soul, and spirit. Are you being controlled by Jezebel? Are you being bewitched? Who's controlling you?

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    HONEY HUSH-Dating- Control Issues: Are You Too Controlling in Your Relationships

    in Romance


    Have you ever been accused of being too controlling by your partner? Are you certain you know the best way to do things? Do you think you are usually “right” in the relationship?

    If you can answer yes to these three questions, you may be too controlling. #HoneyHush

    Although I'm not one to eavesdrop on anyone, I couldn't help but hear (here here) the guy next door to me talking to his girlfriend.  I thought it was a girl, I couldn't hear the person on the other end of the phone, but the guy was right next to an air duct vent that was shared by the both of us.  My goodness, the things he wanted that other person to do, I was shocked, he had a list of things, and I figure it was disgusting - It was dirty the way he was screaming what he wanted the person to do - gracious!  Turns out it was a guy.  It was his father - he wanted his father to pay his rent, his light bill, cell phone bill, and he was running low on grub - (WHAT WERE YOU THINKING????) ha ha ha ha ha ha Oops! I meant LOL.

    HONEY HUSH YA'LL - HONEY - Stephanie Beard IN COMMAND - 347-205-9366.

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    Witchcraft church controlling leadership

    in Self Help

    This Show is to bring Awareness of Witchcraft church: Controlling Leadership. Run out of the church, forgive, release, contact us for healing and deliverance at rosalynjennings@yahoo.com

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    Dr. Jerry Brown and Marvin Bishop Last Weeks was on Controlling your Thought

    in Business

    Dr. Jerry Brown and Marvin Bishop with Peter Mingils discussing the power of Work...

    You can learn more about what he does on: www.DrJerryBrown.com.

    Check out all the archived radio shows in the future on: www.buildingfortunesradio.com hosted by Peter Mingils.

    For more ways to learn how to build your business check out: www.networkleads.com. 

    Dr. Jerry Brown is a dynamic entrepreneur and he blends God's work with network marketing to create an interesting opportunity for all types of people. Find him here and also on www.mlmwhoswho.com

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    Psyche, Gemut, Desertification, Climate Change, Controlling our Thoughts

    in Spirituality

    The earth human being is particulary expert at clothing matters into words and terms which are inappropriate and completely false. As a rule, this happens due to a complete ununderstanding and the misinterpretation of the actual connections and the facts of reality. The actual decisions and deeds of every human being are only partially based on fully conscious considerations. The greatest part stems from the area that is withdrawn from the immediate influence of the will, the subconsciousness.

  • Episode 40: In case the Lord tarries/controlling our tongues

    in Christianity

    Hello, and welcome to Ezekiel 33:9 We will discuss; the bible, Jesus, and end time prophecy,dreams,visions,testimonies etc, 9 Nevertheless, if thou warn the wicked of his way to turn from it; if he do not turn from his way, he shall die in his iniquity; but thou hast delivered thy soul So Please Join Sis Amy,Bro Shannon, & Sis Jessica As We Glorify GOD During These End Times The Chat Room Will Be opened!! Fridays 4pm pst 6pm cst 7pm est .Call in number 929 477-2387


    With all of the focus on September being the month of the rapture just in case the rapture dosen't happen this month and the Lord tarries will we remain faithful until he comes even if it means being persecuted?


    Also, What does the bible teach about controlling our tongues so that we do not speak evil against others?


    What is slander, gossip, rumors, tale bearing, and backbiting?


    How important are truth, motives, and proper attitudes in our speech?


    Does bible teach about meddling and slander mean we must not rebuke people or tell them they need to repent of sin or error?

    How pure is your speech?

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    The Joe Beam Show - Is Your Spouse Controlling You?

    in Relationships

    In this episode, Joe will be tackling one of the top issues facing marriages today.


    Whether you are being controlled by your spouse or your spouse has told you that you are controlling, you won't want to miss this episode.

    Control destroys marriages. It is the silent killer. It can linger for years and years while people lay in misery...wishing so badly for things to be different. Until one day, it just explodes. And the controlled spouse just can't take it anymore.

    Maybe your marriage hasn't exploded yet. Or maybe you are now in extreme marital crisis because control has overtaken your marriage.

    Either way, it can be saved. If you have a question or want to know more about how to change your marriage from being controlling to being loving and companionate again, don't miss the opportunity to call in your questions from 7 pm to 9 pm CST.


    in Romance

    Team Dirtyredz is back on the air each and every WEDNESDAY NIGHT 8-10 PM EST. We have the same cast of characters and we've added new ones. We have Cadilac Phil producing the show in studio.REV. Rob and SKEEKTER 'GOING TO HELL. AK., with the FROM THE SISTERS FILES  Da Professa, "OLD SKOOL" CAPTAIN CAVEMAN and SON and of course You, the fans, are the ones that make the show what it is. Either chat live with us on the air or get the ultimate experience of calling in to the show @ 310-742-1853. We are coming at you each and every Wednesday Night from 8-10. Don't miss out

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    Confronting A Controlling Person, Unconfrontationally

    in Relationships

    Today on HELP! Realtionships 102, we candidly open up 

    the controlling person's tendency to control through the use of emotionally intimidating confrontation!

    The irony is that as confrontational as the controlling person might be, he can be as defensive and disliking of being confronted as much the people he may try to control through confrontation. Indeed, the misuse of confrontational behavior can sometimes— seemingly at first, yield forth the desired results but, ultimately it can result in the break down in the communication of a relationship, which almost always segue into the over-all destruction of that marriage!

    Join us as we address the unaddressed issue of conquering the confrontational behavior of a controlling person!

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    Into the Light - Leaving Controlling People Behind

    in Spirituality

    Join Sue Graywolf, Sharon Rainbow Eagle and Jim Graywolf for Eaglewolf Radio this Wednesday, June 25 at 1 PM MST, 3 PM EST, 8 PM London and 10 PM Israel time as we talk about ways to leave the energy of controlling people in our lives. We will also look at ways controllers also use guilt when we step out of their control. And how we deal with this.

    There is nothing more freeing and beautiful than stepping away from the control of others - especially who do not understand or accept us. Those stepping onto the spiritual road have to be especially ready and prepared to leave behind the control and guilt of those around them.

    Bring your stories if you like. And your comments and questions.

    We are choosing topics for the family of Ciracle Radio Shows that allow for discussion with the listeners around subjects that are sometimes controversial; but that we feel need to be aired. We hope to have people who follow diverse spiritual paths join us on air. All thoughts and opinions will be presented for discussion and debate.

    Join us! We will see you soon.

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