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    Strategy Investigation: The Genetics of Content Marketing

    in Entrepreneur

    What resides at the very core of content marketing? Why has content marketing become a staple for today's most highly visited, most engaging, and most collaborative web sites like Entrepreneur, Forbes, and LinkedIn? Understanding how an effective content marketing strategy works and how you can adopt such a process on behalf of your digital marketing efforts is our focus on this edition of, “The Strategist Radio LIVE."

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    Video Content Marketing in Content Events

    in Marketing

    Listen is as Andy and Maria Awes discuss the importance of production value in creating top-tier content marketing events.

    Learn more about ion Leap's video content marketing approach here - http://www.ionleap.com/agency-services/content-marketing-videos/

    I first met Andy and Maria on a production for the History Channel's H2 called Holy Grial in North America. I was blown away by how many takes they shot of each scene, plus how much B-roll footage they created. When the episode aired, I understood their approach. It was mesmerizing - an editor's dream project.

    We will discuss how to manage a large-scale project from conception to editing. And not just to manage it, but to make sure that every step of the way is produced perfectly and leads to your company getting return on investement for your content marketing investment.



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    The Power of Content Marketing

    in Business

    You may have heard the phrase “Content is King”. Content can bring traffic and establish your expertise… but without a plan, content may not do much for your bottom line. You’ve got to have a plan and specific goals you want to achieve with your content. In this episode you'll discover why content is so powerful and how to find out what your tribe wants in the way of content. You'll also learn how to come up with an endless supply of ideas and ways to deliver your content. You don't have to always create your own content. You'll hear some of the different ways you can come up with content for your business.

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    Understanding the Value of Content Curation in Your Marketing Strategy

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    Content curation is the process of discovering, gathering, and presenting content surrounding a specific topic digitally. Don't confuse it with content creation, but rather compiling relevant content from different resources and delivering it in an organized and easily understandable format.

    Content curation can be presented in different formats including RSS feeds, blog links, social media newsfeeds and online news mashups or digital magazines. We all know that the internet is abounding with content, so much so that it can often be difficult to keep up so many of us depends on successful content curation. Good content curation will include only the best and most relevant information because it helps a user sift through the information overload that they are faced with on a daily basis.

    So how can you use content curation in your marketing?

    Content curation and aggregation are causing major changes to the publishing industry and your business can take advantage of that. Think of content curation as a way to supplement, complement and expand your original content. By compiling the best information out there around your specific industry and creating a news hub you can become the go-to expert that people come back to for the most up-to-date information. Content curation also has an added benefit which is helping you with your own search engine marketing.


    People who should listen to this show are entrepreneuers, home-based business owners, career coaches, bloggers,

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    Video Blog Marketing - It Doesn't Have to Cost a Lot!

    in Marketing

    Video Blog Marketing – On the Cheap!


    And don;t miss our free training series on video

    “Video blog marketing” is a catch phrase that describes the use of an authoritative blogging platform that’s enhanced by the personalized  power of video presentation.  And “on the cheap” is a term that describes the way a lot of us like to do effective things!  Put them together and what do you have?  An effective video- personalized blog that people identify with, and one that doesn’t cost you a lot!

    Today we talk about getting started making affordable self promotional videos.  Getting past the reluctance to be on camera, getting past the reluctance to figure out how to accomplish the technical details, and just plain getting past reluctance!


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    Content Marketing with Corey Post

    in Internet

    Today we are talking to Corey Post about maximizing content marketing.

    Corey is the founder of Agile Leverage, a firm that helps small to medium sized businesses dominate their market through engaging content. Corey has an illustrative career spanning all the way back to AOL in the early 90s and Legal Zoom in the 2000s to now owning and operating Agile Leverage.

    Corey has spoken at SES Chicago and Internet Summit among other conferences. And he’s written for KISSmetrics, AWeber, and FeedFront Magazine.

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    How to Use B2B Content Marketing to Acquire New Customers

    in Marketing

    B2B content marketing can help you boost your online visibility and attract more customers to your website. Marketing writer and expert Jeanne Grunert from Seven Oaks Consulting shares tips, expert insights, and action steps for using B2B content marketing to acquire new customers. It's all part of words that WORK - to boost profit, acquire customers, and grow your business.  

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    A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words: Visual Content Marketing Trends

    in Marketing

    The old cliche, "A picture is worth a thousand words", is very true with online marketing. Great images help your content stand out and boost your chances for viral marketing, social media sharing, attracting search engine traffic and more. But how do you ethically and legally obtain images for your B2B content marketing needs? What do you need to know to take or choose great images? And what other options are there for visual content besides images? Marketing writer Jeanne Grunert from Seven Oaks Consulting shares tips for choosing great images to boost online content marketing efforts and offers insight into visual content marketing trends.

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    Learn To-Content Marketing for Podcasters

    in Marketing

    Teresa Maron, the "LearnTo" Queen is Helping You, So You Can Help Others. Join her and her Guest Collaboration Partners for insider secrets on Content Marketing, product development and Podcasting.

    Amy Domestico, marketing guru and charter member of BlogTalk Radio's original team, shares her guarateed success tips for radio show hosts and entrepreneurs who want to start one. Tune IN!

    Contact Teresa at LearnTo.us  and sign up for Free Training, Content Marketing, Podcasting Tips and more.

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    Get Maximum Results From Your Content Marketing Strategy

    in Business

    Per Google, content is still king!  And now, what you write about and how you use it can make or break your article or content marketing strategy.  You can write a slew of random posts trying to drive up your rankings or you can repurpose high quality content and get more results with less work.

    In this episode of the Small Biz Big Shots, hosts Steve Smith of GrowthSource Coaching and Ken Rubin of High Road Data will provide a wealth of understanding about how to use quality content over and over again to attract and build the business audiance you want.  Here are some of the show highlights:

    Why content marketing is so critical for rankings
    What constitutes quality content
    How to repurpose your content
    What to do with the content you create

    If your business is dependent on developing relationships with prospective customers and you want to separate yourself from everyone else who does what you do, this is a show you won't want to miss.



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    Content Marketing and Your Small Business Blog

    in Marketing

    Whether it's blogs, white papers or YouTube videos, original content is a crucial component of every small business marketing strategy and this month's guest on The Marketing Mojo Show will help listeners with a key component of this content marketing - the blog.  Kristi Hines is a professional blogger and social media strategist and she will provide insider insight to help listeners set up, sustain and succeed with their small business blog.  

    Why should you blog?  Is Wordpress the way to go?  What are the must-have plug-ins?  Where can you to find inspiration for blog posts?  If you find yourself asking these questions, you won't want to miss Kristi Hines' visit to The Marketing Mojo Show.


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