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    Enjoy A Green Home With Non-Toxic Pest Control

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    If you are like me you want to be green and healthy, but you also don't want pests overrunning your household! While terms like natural, organic, non-toxic, or "green" products are thrown around commonly in the pest control industry, many pest control tactics are anything but green!

    Join me as I interview Stephen Tvedten, author and acclaimed integrated pest management (IPM) expert as we chat about the safe alternatives to chemical poisons, and how to reduce contaminations to ourselves and the environment


    Stephen is the author of "The Best Pest Control 2"a manual for enzyme-based compounds suited for the environmentally conscious person.

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    Explains to us all about food safety.  Do you know whether or not the food you're eating is safe?

    Do you eat out a lot?  What contaminations are you eating when you dine out?

    Does Memphis & Shelby County have any FDA Food Regulations?  If so, are these regulations being monitored or enforced?  

    A lot of questions, and Chef Malcolm will be here to answer all of our questions and inform us on how to prevent getting food poisoned.

    And as promised our team of new RADIO PERSONALITIES will grace the show with their segments.

    Radio Personality Larone Woodard will inspire us with his "Inspirational Broadcast"!

    Radio Personality Sharon Coleman will be talking about the youth of today, and will have several young people calling in sharing, and participating in the segment.

    So tune in, as you do not want to miss this show!

    Friday, October 10th, 2014  @ 7:00pm

    This show will be rated PG due to the nature of one or more of the topics.

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    April 2013 Bible Prophecies in Review...(Part 2)...

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    Its that time again, time to do, the month in review! As we learned in the month of March, it took (3) episodes to cover all the major prophecies that transpired during those (30) days. Likewise, it appears that April Activities will require more than one episode to summarize all the major headlines! ...Thats right!... There are that many to talk about!... So, we dip into our ongoing files and see what has happened in the month of April on the Topics:  Pestilences, Mutations, Man-made Monstrosities, Radioactive Contaminations of our Land/air/sea, Cosmic Signs, Massive Sinkholes, Distressful Nations, Wars & Rumours of More Wars, Isreal -vs- Iran/Syria/Egypt,  Kings of the East Stirring Up,  Christian Persecutions, As the Days of Sodom were,  More Terrorism in America, Gun Control or Drug Control?, False Christs & False Prophets Rising Up, One World System of Global Government (Babel Revived), One Language & One Speech of Babel Revived, Age of Humachines(Cyborgs & Robots), Obama: The History Maker, Lincoln Election/Obama Connections of 1860, and more! ... On this monthly summarized episode of UNDERSTANDING THE FINAL ENDTIMES with your Host, Steve Siler, the Singing Bible Scribe...DONT MISS THIS SHOW! ITS JAM-PACKED WITH TONS OF TOPICS! ...So catch up on what you might have missed from the mainstream media...GET IN THE KNOW!...STAY INFORMED!... from the heart of East Tenn Fishing country!  

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    ALTERS~PARANORMAL POWERS/Dr.Pat Holliday/Dr.Sabrina

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    What are "alters"; are they demons? The word “Alters” is just a term invented by mind programmers that are actually demons and called programmed sleepers. I've ministered to many people under the powers of mind controllers that through mind manipulation have destroyed their lives.
    Subconscious contamination occurs when being controlled by a mind handler (witch or wizard)uses hypnosis and demons to control a person or masses of people’s minds. The conscious mind  that normally controls the person’s WILL. When a mind handler hypnotizes a person, they open the door to the subconscious part of the mind and implant demonic enmities there they call alters... power of suggestion . . . (hypnosis). 

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    AVENUES OF CONTAMINATIONS http://www.miracleinternetchurch.com/ebooks
    Marriage and Sex Charts
    Ruler Spirit
    Asmodeus Principalities — Osmodeus rules in sexual matters — referred to as “the genius of matrimonial discord and jealousy,” he has remained a relatively unknown spirit; masqueraded in many forms, deceiving people and taking them captive., “If you will serve me, you will never want for anything. I will take care of all your needs and you will never need a husband.” It sounds almost like the Lord speaking, but it is a (demonic) spirit. Once open to receive this spirit’s characteristics, it will cause overpowering tendencies to rage, lust, impurity, impetuousness and psychic activities.
    Due to NOT repenting of sins and willful disobedience in life, the demonic world now has the opportunity to allocate demons to the victims. Once the hedge and bulwark built around a child of God is broken by sins and iniquities, then a serpent (demon) shall bite him. (Eccl. 10:8) When King Saul disobeyed God, the devil quickly took over and allocated him with the spirit of occultism. I Sam. 16:14.
    The spirit husband (incubi) wife (Succubae) has been allocated to so many people through sexual immorality.

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