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    The Principle Of Contagion + Emotional Entrainment

    in Spirituality

    Thank you for joining me for episode 109 of HiPPiE WiTCH : Magick For A New Age.

    You can pick up a FREE copy of my eBook "HiPPiE WiTCH : Peace, Love & All That Good Sh!t" here... http://www.joannadevoe.com/p/free-stuff.html

    MUCH LOVE -xo



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    Youth Suicide Contagion: Implications for Colleges and Universities

    in Health

    Presenter: Madelyn S. Gould, Ph.D., M.P.H. ,  Professor of Epidemiology in Psychiatry, CUMC/ Research Scientist, NYSPI.  Contact information: gouldm@nyspi.columbia.edu

    Moderator:  Alison Lake, M.A., Research Scientist and Project Director, NYSPI

    Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among college students in U.S., with approximately 1,100 students dying by suicide each year.  In addition, approximately 1% of undergraduates attempt suicide and 6-9% seriously consider suicide each year. It is recognized that youth suicide is influenced by many factors; research has indicated that one such factor is suicide contagion, a phenomenon to which teenagers and young adults are particularly vulnerable. Suicide contagion, sometimes referred to as suicide modeling, is the process wherein the direct or indirect knowledge of one suicide facilitates the occurrence of a subsequent suicide. There is ample evidence to support concerns about suicide contagion/modeling; several sources of this evidence will be presented.  Given the prevalence of suicide on college campuses, and the associated risk of contagion and clustering, it is imperative that colleges develop effective and comprehensive postvention strategies. This blogtalk will present specific postvention strategies that colleges and universities can use to limit the risk of further suicides through contagion.  


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    Left Agenda & Progress Toward Democracy

    in Politics

    1st hr.--'Left Agenda w/ Stewart Alexander'
    2nd hr.-'Progress Toward Democracy w/ Brian Stetten and Ruthann Amarteifio'
    X On 'Left Agenda with Stewart Alexander', Bob Maschi joins us once again.
    Stewart and Bob will be discussing:' Subjects Frequently Missed in the State Of The Union Address'
    President Barack Obama will deliver his final State Of The Union Address this Tuesday, presenting a theatrical performance outlining a less than objective view of U.S. politics at home and the U.S. role in international affairs.
    However, Stewart and Bob will discuss the state of the union for the 1% and for the 99%.They will also speak of how the U.S. government has chosen war and aggression as opposed to achieving world peace.
    If you believe the state of the union has improved under the leadership of President Obama, the Democrats, and Republicans, you may want to miss THIS show. 
    X Daily Kos has this to say about our guest on 'Progress Toward Democracy......'
    "Tim Canova was an early critic of financial deregulation and the Federal Reserve under Alan Greenspan.  In the 1980s, he wrote critically of the federal bailout of Continental Illinois, the nation’s seventh largest commercial bank, and the collapse of the savings & loan industry.  In the 1990s, prior to the Asian currency contagion, he argued against the liberalization of capital accounts.  Throughout the Bush administration, he warned of an impending crisis in the bubble economy.  Since 2008, he has lectured and written widely on the causes and consequences of the present economic and financial crisis."
    Tim is running against Debbie Wasserman-Schultz in the 23rd District of Florida---Hopefully this will be the end of this woman being in a position of power!! 


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    Mitchell on Relationships & Resolving Conflict in Family & World

    in Lifestyle

    Listen on-line at www.abetterworld.tv or by phone! 602 753-1860.

    Wednesday, Nov. 11, 6pm EDT: This evening, Mitchell Rabin speaks about creating healing dialogues and resolving human conflict as the basis for creating peace in the family and among nations.  This is always important but especially now with environmental and institutional collapse even during the 21st century’s version of The Gilded Age that is, for 1-5% of the human population.  

    And in the other corner of the ring is the upwardly-spiraling, dazzling brilliant, bright lights of thought, love, compassion and empathy, creative, comic genius ascending so high others catch the contagion simply by bearing witness to the beauty, brilliance and vitality of a large group of human beings in service to the greater good, exploring the outer and inner dimensions of consciousness and how it can be applied–instantly–to eclipse the darker forces so dominant on the planet at this time. Yes, this culturally creative, spiritually-oriented group wouldn’t be in a corner, but in the center, working with the subtlest spaces of mind, heart and spirit to shift and transform anything unlike love, imagination and good will and cheer into itself..

    Tune in tonight and hear holistic thnker, stress management consultant and President/CEO of A Better World Foundation speak about creating peace in the family and in the family of nations.


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    The Unknown Zone: Melting Ice - Ancient Microbes

    in Paranormal

    Ancient microbes long trapped in their frozen tombs of the Arctic, Siberia, Greenland and Antarctica may soon see the light of day and may be cause for real concern.  Recent scientific investigations have shown that microbes as old as 750,000 years can be revived intact and then able to reproduce.  Coupled with an enormous biomass 1000 times the biomass of the entire human race, the warming of the ice sheets may cause a real life "Andromeda Strain" or "Contagion."

    Judy Sellins and Dave Turco will banter about the possibilities of climate change and how plausible this scenario really is.  Oh and summers are going to get a whole lot hotter due to the melt off.

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    Conservative Refuge Radio: October 12, 2015

    in Politics Conservative

    On tonight's show:

    We have an extended Pro-life update with the latest on the efforts to bring physician assisted suicide to Maryland.  I will also share more information from our friends at Maryland Against Physician Suicide dispelling more myths of proponents.
    Another visit to the "Nut Ball Box" this time for some vegan protestors demonstrating at a steakhouse.
    For some fun, we share a list of 9 linguistic "Ignoratisms" that even sticklers like your host have come to accept.

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    Live GeekCast from Contagion

    in Gadgets

    We will be broadcasting live from Contagion here in Omaha NE at the Qwest Center. They got everything from Transformer Cars, Walking Dead actors, Star Wars, and more. Catch our 1 hour show as we walk through everything that we are seeing. We might even grab some guests to jump on the show. 

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    Episode 63

    in Lifestyle

    Continuing our discussion from last week, the "FX" looks at ways to dealing with stress, focusing on the positive aspects of your life while still navigating through social media and it's emotional contagion, and finally diving deeper into the plague of violence that continues to infect Chicago and it's community. Instead of talking about the problems that exist, the "FX" will start finding ways to take action.  We'll look at grassroot movements that are taking action and ways to formulate stradegies to combat the violence... We invite everyone to call in to 818-691-7412 and let us know what has been happening and working in your neighborhoods.

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    Picktainment Movie Podcast: Contagion, Warrior

    in Movies

    The Picktainment crew reviews new films Contagion and Warrior. 

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    Best Deals Radio (More stock market craziness: 442-point Dow rally vanishes)

    in Current Events

    Fear continues to rock the U.S. stock market.

    A 442-point surge for the Dow vanished at the end of the trading session Tuesday, the latest sign of how anxious markets have become about the health of the global economy.

    At the end of yet another wild day of trading, the Dow actually ended with a loss of 205 points as fears continued to mount over China's slowing economy and its contagion effect on the rest of the world. Just in the last six trading days, the Dow has lost a total of nearly 1,900 points, or 11%.

    Volatility remains elevated, signaling that more turbulence may lie ahead. Just look at CNNMoney's Fear & Greed Index, which is currently flashing "extreme fear."

    "There's still fear around the edges. You need some signs that the market is stabilizing to reassure people it's not going to roll off the edge of a cliff and go tumbling down further," said Bruce McCain, chief investment strategist for Key Private Bank.

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    Ep. 114: Contagion; Warrior; Fall Preview Show

    in Film

    Summer kicked off like a bolt of lightning(Thor) and went out like a wimpy punk with a dull blade(Conan the Barbarian). But now the fall season is here, when we'll be treated to the films that will be on all of our minds when the Academy Awards roll around. We'll take a look at the most anticipated movies of the fall season, as well as bring you our reviews of Contagion and Warrior! Join us this Sunday night at 7pm eastern for another great show!