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    Mark & Debby Constantino

    in Paranormal

    Join us on Paranormal Prophecies as we talk to audio and EVP experts, Mark and Debby Constantino.  We will discuss the finer points of audio analysis, how to determine the classification of an EVP and what audio software is best when doing evidence analysis.  This is one episode of Paranormal Prophecies that you do not want to miss. 

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    O Patriota: Comentários Olavo de Carvalho + Rodrigo Constantino...

    in Politics Conservative

    Comentários sobre o Hangout entre Olavo de Carvalho e Rodrigo Constantino no canal do Lobão.

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    My Calabria Cookbook with Rosetta Constantino

    in Cooking

    Rosetta Constantino joins me on the show to talk about her beloved Calabria and the joy the food of this magnificent region has brought her and her family for generations.  Most importantly she now shares it with you through her AMAZING cookbook titled My Calabria.

    If you love Italian food, want to learn how to cook real Italian food, want to learn how to jar tomatoes, wish to learn the secrets of regional Italian cooking, or simply want to explore southern Italy then this cookbook and segment are for you.

    This is without a doubt one of the best cookbooks I have had the pleasure to read and cook from for regional Italian cuisine.



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    Full Spectrum Radio Debby and Mark Constantino!!!

    in Paranormal

    Join Hosts Matt Maziarek and Dennis Estlock of CPR as they discuss not only the paranormal but subjects including everyday life issues!  Join Live! Join us as we talk to two of the GREATEST EVP specialists in the business!!! Debby and Mark Constantino from Ghost Adventures!  PLUS we have a SPECIAL announcement tto share with everyone that you will NOT want to miss!!!

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    MMA DieHards Radio: Kevin Randleman, Mike Constantino, Ryan Dickson

    in MMA

    What happens when you mix an MMA legend with an up-and-comer plus a touch of MMA management?  You get tonight’s edition of MMA DieHards Radio.

    At 9 p.m. ET, tonight, hosts Jason Kelly (Twitter: @JayMMADieHards) and Joe Rizzo (@rearnakedchoke) welcome MMA royalty in Kevin Randleman, show promoter and manager Mike Constantino, as well as Canadian propect Ryan Dickson.

    9:15 p.m. – Dickson (@rydmma) is a Canadian welterweight who is set to compete against TUF 16’s Michael Hill at WSOF Canada on Feb. 21.

    9:45 p.m. – Constantino (@AMAFightClub) is the owner of AMA Fight Club, which houses UFC combatants such as Jim Miller, and he recently took over the reins at Cage Fury Fighting Championships.

    10:15 p.m. – Randleman (@themonstah_) is the epitome of a mixed martial arts legend.  Being a pioneer of the sport that stood toe-to-toe with some of the greatest fighters we’ve ever seen, Randleman will be one of the few guests that can talk about the past, present and future of MMA with a unique insight.

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    ILPRS Radio - Mark and Debby Constantino

    in Paranormal

    Join J as she speaks with Mark ahd Debbie Constantino!  Over the past several years, Mark and Debby have been channeling most of their time and effort into receiving EVP on a consistent basis.  They believe there is a process that allows us to reach our loved ones, giving closure to the dead as well as the living.  Mark and Debby have been featured on television shows, "Ghost Adventures," "Paranormal State," and "Dead Famous."  Join us!

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    AMH Welcomes EVP Experts Mark and Debby Constantino

    in Paranormal

    The paranormal field is filled with people who call themselves "experts," but these two are the real deal. Mark and Debby Constantino are a husband and wife team who have made a name for themselves with their work with EVP (electronic voice phenomenon).
    The Constantinos are paranormal researchers who have pioneered the study of afterlife communication using EVP. They are the "go-to" couple when it comes to capturing and recording spirit voices with audio recording devices.
    Mark is a certified parapsychologist and Debby is a multi-faceted sensitive, with the ability to see, hear, and feel spirits.
    The couple is often called upon to assist investigators, and they have worked with the most well respected people in the paranormal field. They have been featured on countless radio and television programs including Ghost Adventures, Paranormal Challenge, Paranormal State, and Dead Famous. 
    The Constantinos work requires them to travel all around the country speaking at paranormal conferences and gatherings. They demonstrate interactive real time communication techniques, allowing others to actively participate in speaking with the dead.
    The Constantinos view their work as a tool that can allow us to reach our loved ones, and provide closure for the living as well as the dead.
    I have had the pleasure of seeing this dynamic couple in action at one of America's Most Haunted locations (Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield) and was blown away by the consistency and accuracy of their EVPs.
    It is a great pleasure to welcome the paranormal's most intriguing Mr. and Mrs:
    Mark and Debby Constantino!

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    My Darkest Hour Radio on LiveParanormal.com

    in Paranormal

     My Darkest Hour Radio on LiveParanormal.com


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    Unknown Paranormal Radio-Mark & Debby Constantino

    in Paranormal

    Join Kevin, Jeff, and Martin as they discuss with guests topics of paranormal, spiritual, and the unknown and unexlained. Come join us for an in depth discussion of the paranormal world.  This week, our guests are Mark and Debby Constantino.  Over the past several years they have been channeling most of their time and effort into receiving EVP on a consistent basis.  They also work with haunted items. Dolls, antiques, almost any object has potential.  Debby has the gift of attracting spirits. She considers herself born with the natural ability to see, feel and hear spirit. She also feels she vibrates on a level to glimpse into the nature realm. She was born and raised in a haunted house, and to date all the places we reside remain active and will probably stay active. Mark grew up with a strong belief in the Afterlife, but never experienced anything until he met Debby.  They lecture at paranormal conferences around the country sharing their thoughts and techniques on how to successfully record for EVP, along with examples of EVP they have recorded over the years. They also participate in live ghost hunts geared specifically to interactive EVP sessions with groups. Their media appearances include the television shows "Dead Famous," “Paranormal State” and "Ghost Adventures" as well as countless radio programs.  Join us LIVE!!!

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    Electronic Voice Phenomenon w/Mark and Debby Constantino

    in Paranormal

    One of the most rewarding things about paranormal investigation is communicating with the other side. To have that confirmation that there is something more than what we can see and hear with our own senses is like finding gold…we have all searched for that one recording, that one EVP that answers us as we question who or what is on the other side. Mark and Debby Constantino are a husband and wife paranormal research team specializing in EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena). Considered to be the best at what they do, this couple has been featured on television shows, such as Ghost Adventures and Paranormal State, radio and print.  They get EVP’s like no one else…some that will convince you there is something beyond this life as we know it. They have traveled and investigated some of the most haunted locations in the country with some of the most prominent people in the field and they will be returning to Paranormal Review Radio next Friday night. Please join us as we welcome back two of our favorite guests ever…Mark and Debby Constantino!

    Call In To The Show: 661-244-9831

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    Vendetta Pro Radio - 3/11/15 w/ Jesse Hernandez

    in Wrestling

    Vendetta Pro Radio 2K15 returns with co-hosts Joseph Duncan and Billy Blade. Joining them will be former AWA & WWF Superstar and Referee, Co-Founder of the former head NWA school, the School of Hard Knocks and former NWA Affiliate, the Empire Wrestling Federation, Jesse Hernandez!

    Jesse is a legendary trainer in Southern California, having trained many stars in Professional Wrestling, including Louie Spicolli, Bobby Bradley, Tom Howard, Tim Patterson, Rico Constantino, Frankie Kazarian, Christopher Daniels, Joey Ryan, Awesome Kong, Shelly Martinez, Rocky Romero, and many, many more!

    Plus, this last weekend, Vendetta Pro Wrestling made it's debut in Torrance! Was Little Cholo able to retain his title against the challenge of Brian Kendrick?

    The thoughts and opinions expressed by the guest of Vendetta Pro Radio does not necessarily reflect those of Vendetta Pro Wrestling, it's sponsors or affiliates, or those of the National Wrestling Alliance, it's sponsors or affiliates.

    Vendetta Pro Radio 2K15! Broadcasting live and worldwide, 8pm Pacific!