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    Brain Injury Round Table – BRAINSTORM April 9,, 2015

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    Welcome to another episode the Brain Injury Roundtable. I am your host, Constance Miller, brain injury survivor of 32 years; author of the original brain injury owner's manual entitled From The Ashes. This innovative guidebook was featured on Super Bowl XXXIV. Miller is Managing Director of Brain Injury Resource Center, located on the Internet at http://www.headinjury.com.  Also joining us will be Tai Campbell, my invaluable contributor who is a tireless community activist, and founder of Taken Back Our Community (TBOC) http://www.tbocnow.org. Also of note he is the survivor of an incredible history of childhood brain injuries.  I'd like to thank all our listeners for bringing our voices, to your home, or your mobile device wherever you are around the world. Additionally, I’d like to give a big thank you to this show’s sponsors: Martha Marcum, mother of a brain injury survivor and author of MARTHA'S FABLES and Gordon Johnson, attorney of http://www.TBILaw.com
    The Brain Injury Roundtable is a place for Ideas, discussion, and recovery for people seeking solutions, to bridge the gap between understanding brain injury and insights on how to change live for the better so be prepared to hear some great information to motivate and inspire us and change the world. The main reason we are tackling this topic this evening is that even a seemingly minor concussion can have life-long, life altering consequences. And that is the topic of tonight's discussion. The plan is to learn from one another and to educate one another about TBI and its aftermath. We know personally just how a traumatic even a concussion can be.


  • Answers In The Stars Radio Show with Constance Stellas

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    Answers In The Stars with the Astro Phenom, Constance Stellas (Radio Show) Astrologer "Astro Phenom" Constance Stellas reads your astrological chart live on air. Call into the show live at (347) 826-9980 

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    SB Barber Morning Show - 4PMEdition, Connie Rhodes

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    PMEdition @4PM CST- guest Constance Rhodes & colleague Robert Gundy. Rhodes is a Christian mother and community advocate. She is the Founder and Executive Director of Restoration Incorporated, A premier Faith based Human Service Agency.Her vast experience in the social service arena spans over 20 years...at risk youth to working in some of Chicago's toughest neighborhoods. She has trained government agencies including the Minneapolis Health Department and the Illinois Center for Violence prevention. Her expertise includes training youth work practitioners, law enforcement and volunteers on effectively working with youth.

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    May 16-17 '2015 Stop bullying Now Movement FAMILY Forum & Concert Series', North Central University.
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    facebook@GMNLiveTv; Instagram@GMNLiveTv; Instagram@sbnmepk; iTunes@sbbarbermorningshow

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    A Metaphysical Perspective & Forensic Soul Analysis On Jesus Christ

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    On April 3rd, 2015 the Outer Limits of Inner Truth (www.outerlimitsradio.com) will do a forensic soul analysis on Jesus Christ. It will examine the life & teachings of Christ from a metaphysical & spiritual perspective and not from the perspective of organized religion. This will be an unprecedented look at one of the most celebrated & controversial figures in world history.

    Featured on the show will be:

    Peter Woodbury – Edgar Cayce Foundation
    Richard & Roberta Sutphen – Metaphysical Teacher & Psychic Medium
    Jeff Casper – Metaphysical Teacher & Energy Healer
    Stuart Wilde – Metaphysical Visionary & Author (his teachings on Jesus will be read)
    Brandon West – Project Global Awakening
    Chung Fu – Channeled Spirit
    Alec Sulkin – who plays Jesus on TV’s “Family Guy”
    Kerrie O’Connor – Psychic Medium
    Laura Lyn – Psychic Medium & Past Life Reader
    Lisa Caza – Psychic Medium & Empath
    Lisa McGarrity – Psychic Medium
    Constance Stellas – Astrologer

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    Is “Family Guy” Actually Good For Your Health & Spiritual Development?

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    On April 2nd, 2015 the nationally syndicated “Outer Limits Of Inner Truth” (www.outerlimitsradio.com) radio show will present a metaphysical analysis on TV “Family Guy.” It will feature actors from the show, national media personalities, legal experts, mental health professionals, and globally respected psychic mediums.

    Featured guests on the program include:

    •    Kevin Biggins – Co-Executive Producer on “Family Guy”
    •    Alec Sulkin – Actor & Producer on “Family Guy
    •    Steve Kim – Columnist for UCNLive.com 
    •    Kate Delaney – Host of the Nationally Syndicated “America Tonight with Kate Delaney” 
    •    Scott M. Behren, Esq. - Civil Rights & Workplace Attorney
    •    Dr. Frieda Birnbaum – Research Psychologist
    •    LeslieBeth (LB) Wish, Ed.D., MSS, MA - Psychologist
    •    Elaine Rodino, Ph.D. - Psychologist
    •    Dr. Carole Lieberman - Psychologist
    •    Debra Mandel, Ph.D. - Psychologist and Author
    •    Richard Sutphen - Metaphysical Teacher & Author
    •    Kerrie O'Connor - Psychic Medium
    •    Lisa Caza – Psychic Medium
    •    Constance Stellas - Astrologer



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    Cali Gilbert - 4 Steps to a Life of Bliss!

    in Self Help

    Join Constance and her guest Cali Gilbert, Author of It's Serendipity: Four Steps to Manifesting a Life of Bliss. Tune in and learn about the 4-step formula, how to deal with fear and loss, the power of gratitude, how to surrender and how to take action steps in the midst of difficult situations. Cali will share how she attracted her dream home and published 7 best selling books.



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    Lisa Marie Jenkins - Wake UP Beauty - It's Not About the Prince

    in Self Help

    Lisa Marie Jenkins is the author of Wake Up Beauty, Its Not About the Prince. You will learn why women go to sleep on themselves and their own passion, purpose and worth once they find their Prince Charming. Women will learn how to play big, Let go of what no longer serves you, how to retrieve and shine their authentic selves, how to reclaim vulnerability, the path to Freedom and How to Create an engaged and powerful life, with or without a Partner. www.LisaMarieJenkins.com

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    Constance Arnold - Manifesting Change

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    Join Constance as she is interviewed by Jaden Sterling.  Constance will share her own journey of Success.  You will learn how to overcome personal struggles and create opportunities from difficult situations, faith and its’ role in success, how a small baby step can lead to big money, the power of creating general intentions and simple universal principles that you can implement into your life.


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    Find Your Soulmate This Spring - Get A Free Astrological Chart Reading!

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    Today at 6:30 pm EST, Answers In The Stars with the Astro Phenom, Constance Stellas (Radio Show) Astrologer "Astro Phenom" Constance Stellas reads your astrological chart live on air. Call into the show live at (347) 826-9980 


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    What Is The Meaning Of Your Dreams? LIVE Call-In Show

    in Spirituality

    What are the meaning of your dreams? Are they trying to warn you about an imminent event or reveal a deep life lesson?

    Featured guests that will be taking your calls include:

    Justina Lasley, M.A., is founder and director of the Institute for Dream Studies. She’s the author of several books on dreams, including “Wake Up! Use Your Nighttime Dreams to Make Your Daytime Dreams
    Come True.” She’s appeared on numerous TV and radio programs and in USA Today and other publications.


    Internationally known, Master Visionary Clairvoyant, Kerrie O’Connor (http://kerrieoconnor.com/), has the extraordinary ability to “Read” your unique energy field, and like a tuning fork, help you raise your vibrational level so that you can finally attract your heart’s desires. With the help of her Guides and yours, the Angels, Ascended Masters and departed loved ones, Kerrie can tap directly into your soul to allow you to realize and achieve your purpose and passions in life. With loving compassion, Kerrie will work with you to identify and release energetic blocks and imbalances that have kept you limited, and can assist you in letting go of fear and negative thought patterns(both conscious and unconscious) so you can truly live your most joyous and fulfilling life. 


    Constance Stellas (www.constancestellas.com) has been an astrologer for over 20 years. She is the Resident Astrologer for UK women’s glossy Scarlet and the monthly astrological columnist to ValleyLife magazine. Constance’s book “The Hidden Power of Everyday Things” has gone into a second printing and has been featured in the Illinois Star, The Star Ledger, The New York Times and the Bernardsville News. 

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    Part Two of Legacies A Guide for young black women planning their futures

    in Christianity

    Greetings to all God's people for your continue support of the ministry just know we are praying for you.A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of having two amazing women to the platform Constance Gipson and Dr.Hazel Mahone we discussed the heritage of African American women who has made an impact in our world which most history books leave out.The book is entitled "Legacies A Guide for young black womnen planning their futures." Please join us as we dig a little deeper into our history and culture. We look forward to sharing the platform with you.Remember Always God loves you with an Everlasting Love.

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