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    Live Coaching with Constance Arnold

    in Self Help

    Join Constance as she takes calls from listeners and shares strategic principles and advice in all areas of their lives including career, relationships, health, wealth and purpose.

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    Constance Arnold, Find Your Soulmate

    in Self Help

    Tune in as Constance shares about how to attract your soulmate and sustain your current relationship. This show is for anyone who is currently in a relationship. Constance will teach from her new book attracting Genuine Love. You will learn how to identify and deal with old behavior patterns, how to position yourself to receive love, how to identify who you need to become to attract love, how to become clear about the kind of relationship your desire, how to use your words, thoughts and visualization to attract love and what action steps to take to bring more love into your life.


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    "Not Going Gently" Author Constance Vincent on Healthy Aging

    in Caregiving

    Burke Allen speaks with Dr. Constance Vincent, the author of "Not Going Gently."

    Not Going Gently is a non-fiction memoir that contrasts her mother’s touching and dramatic story with the author’s own normal age-related memory changes and research into the disease. You’ll learn:

    the risks, warning signs, diagnosis, and stages of Alzheimer’s disease,
    how the brain creates and stores––or loses––different kinds of memories,
    the latest research into the causes of AD,
    better treatment ideas for protection, offering hope for the future,

    and most importantly, you’ll learn:

    groundbreaking prevention plans for the individual that include nutrition, essential lifestyle changes, and building a cognitive reserve,
    advice for family planning. 

    Although Not Going Gently contains a significant amount of information, it is easy to understand, warmly emotional, and openly expressive on the themes of love, aging, and loss.

    Learn more about "Not Going Gently" and Dr. Constance Vincent online at www.drclvincent.com


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    Alex Bratty - Getting Unstuck

    in Self Help

    Alex Bratty will give you the tools to get unstuck, take back control of your life and go from Chaos to clarity. You will learn what is keeping you stuck, how to reprogram your mind for 2016, how to embrace the present and the future while being open to all possibilities. Constance will also share on how to break down your intentions with micro steps.


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    Keeping Score in 2016

    in Lifestyle

    Constance Carter is a Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur, Author, Whose made it her life’s mission to introduce everyday people to wealth building opportunities.  One of the most critical pieces to building wealth is having good credit.  Of the thousands of individuals I have helped become homeowners, a great amount did not understand the value of credit or how to decipher a credit report.  It’s the boogeyman in the closet that no one wants to deal with.  What they don’t understand is that it’s not as scary or hard to understand as they think. And it’s certainly not as hard to repair and maintain. While there are truly legitimate credit repair companies out there, others have made a fortune in doing basic credit repair functions that a consumer has the ability to do themselves. She does not have a quick fix credit repair book.  "Keeping Score" was written to help you understand how credit works, and gives you tips on how to improve and maintain your credit.

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    A Metaphysical Analysis On Comedy Legend George Carlin

    in Spirituality

    The Outer Limits of Inner Truth proudly presents the first ever metaphysical analysis on legendary comedian George Carlin. It features an interview with Carlin’s daughter Kelly who shares some of her fondest memories about her Dad. The show also features interviews with Comedy Historians, Psychologists, and Metaphysical Teachers.

    Guest Line Up (In Order of Appearance)

    04:00 – Kelly Carlin
    15:00 – Bill Kinison
    21:00 – Jim Mendrinos (Comedian & Writer)
    32:00 – Jim Serpico (Founder of Apostle Productions & Comedy TV Producer)
    38:00 – Chris Mazilli (Owner of Gotham Comedy Club NYC)
    41:00 – Jeffrey Gurian (Comedy Writer & Performer)
    45:00 – Jeff Haarman (Filmmaker)
    51:00 – Dr. Frieda Birnbaum (Psychologist)
    55:00 – Psychic Medium Kerrie O’Connor
    1:13:00 – Astrologer Constance Stellas
    1:26:00 – Energy Healer & Metaphysical Teacher Jeff Casper
    1:31:00 – Psychic Medium Lisa Caza

    George Carlin was born on May 12, 1937, in the Bronx, New York. After dropping out of high school and enlisting in the Air Force, Carlin began taking radio jobs, eventually (with partner Jack Burns) attracting the attention of Lenny Bruce, who helped get them appearances on The Tonight Show with Jack Paar. Carlin went on to become a popular stand-up comedian, author, and film and television actor. In 2004, he placed second behind Richard Pryor on Comedy Central’s list of “Top 100 Comics of All Time.” On June 17, 2008, just five days before his death, it was announced that he was being awarded the 11th annual Mark Twain Prize for American Humor.

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    Ending the Death Penalty in my Lifetime:

    in Women

    Ending the Death Penalty in my Lifetime: Meeting the dynamic and amazing woman leading this charge: the awesome Constance Waddell

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    That's What SHE Said Sports - Panthers, Broncos, Super Bowl 50

    in Sports

    WELL the stage is finally set for Super Bowl 50 - Cam and the Carolina Panthers and Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos - this is going to be a great super bowl. Bee Gee has lost a bet and of course our beasts and busters! 

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    Midwest Mix featuring some of the best out of the MIDWEST!!!

    in Music

    Make sure you are tuning into the show that keeps the MIDWEST STYLE FLOWING OVER THE AIRWAVES! Tonight we will be playing music from Raw Gee , That Guy Soda , Dutch Rugar , Rxmedy, Crisis Fresh and more! Make sure to call in live at 718-508-9559. Press 1 to go live anytime for a shoutout, birthday wish etc! Artists if you are looking for interviews text the word INTERVIEW to 612-314-MNTC

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    Artist Homelessness And Wigmaking

    in Entertainment

    Welcome to Beauty Chat Radio


    9pm #Dancehall #artist #M-gee #Delilah #Gullybop

    9:20pm convo, #wigmaking #wigs Talina teaches a host of extension techniques, but not limited to Malayians, Mekani, Custom bonded Wigs, sewing machine wigs, and Detachable sewn weave (DSW). Talina’s healthy hair philosophy is the guiding principle at Talina Christine Salon. She focuses on hair health and continually improving her clients’ knowledge and attitude about their hair. Talina provides the highest caliber of service and treatment for her clientele. She is extremely knowledgeable about hair health, weave, and custom wigs. Talina is a tireless student and educator. She travels to various states to do classes and provides regular webinars to offer her areas of expertise to schools and professionals. Regardless of your desired look, color, or style Talina wants you.


    9:30pm #catertothehomeless #event #ATL

    Bookings/questions www.rosasresources.biz

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    The Only Show That Matters: Episode Twenty-One

    in Entertainment

    Before "the Heartthrob" is joined by Joe Wedra to discuss the NFC/AFC Championship Game Match Ups - the Gee, let's an 8 year old kid and a nobody wanna-be activist chick have it over the soon to be released "Deadpool" movie. He also discusses how 50 Cent is done (really though this time) and pays tribute to the late Glenn Frey.

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