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    Royal Consorts and the Sovereigns who love them

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    Prince Philip recently became the longest serving royal consort in British history. A look back at other royal consorts.

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    The Author's Talk Show with Ben Cherot (novelist of "Tropic Squall" and more)

    in Books

    Ben Cherot is an accompished published author of mystery novels (Naw'lins, Tarpits, and Calypso). His newest novel, Tropic Squall, is his first adventure novel.

    DEVASTATION lies in the path of a tramp freighter out of Miami steaming in the Caribbean during August of 1992 in the path of Hurricane Andrew, one of history’s most violent and destructive storms.

    Few recent books deal with the world of tramp ships and the people who own and man them. Generally ignored is the unique society that rows to the tune of a different drummer – a diverse group who have over the years devised their own parameters of behavior and interaction -different than lands-people.

    A woman cargo-shipper takes passage on the tramp and during those three days from Miami to Haiti she consorts with the cocky deck officer. Neither intends for it to be more than an ephemeral joy ride, and are disturbed by the relationship intensifying into an endearing romance. Battered by a hurricane the ship sinks, making survival a test for the hardiest. Four of them share a rickety lifeboat through a storm-lashed night. In the face of disaster the protagonist realizes how deeply he loves the woman and battles to save her.

    Tropic Squall deals with dreams and aspirations, as well as tribulations. Struggle for survival and striving for betterment are universal. Love is the strongest emotion we experience and this book sweeps readers through the highs and lows of desire, fear, determination, and raging storms.

    Learn more about Ben, his previous books, and his upcoming novels at www.bencherot.com!

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    Join TNCw/TG and guest Collease Ntchrt Rennent for a view on Matriarchal Polygamy & Overall Society.  Stay tuned and be prepared as the areas of interest and discussion will include::
    What Is Matriarchy & Polyandry Defined Lawful Polyandry Practiced In Matriarchal Societies, Clans & Tribes Benefits Associated w/ Matriarchy & Polyandry Being A Component The Construct Of Harmony, Economic Advancements & Social Conformities ...The Great Mother Goddess Erected The Rise & Fall Of Matriarchal Ruleship Throughout History Also joining the panel will be Genius Movement - one of Collease's consorts.
    Ooh Chit ya'll, I can't wait!
    Disclaimer: This show shares adult content and is rated MATURE.

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    Voices To Contend With- Guerilla Pamphlets First Anniversary

    in Poetry

    In my life as a poet, artist and whatever... I see many, many literary type zines and journals, and blogs, and mags, chaps, and books and ad ininitum. None have been as kind and as noble to the true idealistic heart of a poet than Guerilla Pamphlets . Originally with the mission of smashing the closed minded and limited ways of thinking in the small community from where the editor hails, he and a small staff of consorts have become an impressive collection of some of the best contemporary poets and artists out there today. The mission has been to carry the words to the streets, and to let the art speak for itself. A goal met with force each month for the past twelve months. Join us tonight as we throw a party to celebrate the first year of Guerilla Pamphlets with reads by some of the contributors, and as Archey Caane, the editor shares with us the story of Guerilla Pamphlets.  

    Come along as we take this trip, and bring your poems with you. We want to hear them, they need to be aired. They were born and now they should live and breathe...

    In preparation please visit     
    and download all twelve volumes .
    You will be glad you did.
    Watch This Space for Updates on Guests.

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    Marguerite Rigoglioso/When God Was a Virgin Mother & Eleusinian Mysteries Illuminated

    in Spirituality

    Marguerite Rigoglioso, author of Virgin Mother Goddesses of Antiquity we will discuss evidence that Goddesses were once understood to have been virgin mother creatrix deities and how goddesses originally did not need male consorts. We'll delve into parthenogenesis, the Gaia Hypothesis (the earth is a living entity) and was Gaia an actual goddess? We'll talk about the older Athena, the one not born from the head of Zeus. We'll delve into Marguerite's original analysis of the Eleusinian Mysteries and the Thesmophoria (rites of Demeter and Persephone) and how this myth encodes a story of female self-replication. We'll delve into the argument that Persephone's rape by Hades was a huge cosmic event that marked the interruption of the parthenogenetic capacity of the goddesses and more....tune in. You won't want to miss this entire show dedicated to Marguerite's work.