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    Sim Standard Radio - Episode 45

    in Video Games

    Welcome back Sim Gamers! We have another great show lined up for you this morning. Listed below is a brief description of tonight's topics. 


    Joe Montana Football 16 speculation - How do we feel about the recent screenshot? Does the screenshot confirm the game being available on consoles? Does it confirm whether or not the game will have an NFL license? What did we like about the screenshot?


    Dumbing down expectations for Joe Montana Football 16 -  We will be discussing how some community members seem to be dumbing down their expectations for the game. Some are even saying they prefer the game to not have an NFL license. We will be discussing how no NFL license will ultimately affect the game's chances of returning in the future. 


    Simulation Football League -  We will have the Commissioner of the SFL Cameron Irvine on the show. He will tell you guys what SFL is all about. We will also discuss how this is the way you represent your community. 


    In the second hour we will open up the line for callers. We look forward to your calls, comments, and thoughts. See you guys at 8 PM EST. 


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    Dark Society Entertainment talk LIVE Gaming takeover

    in Entertainment

    Dark Society Entertainment Talk LIVE takes over the Gaming world every Saturday night with host Keith "The Don" Tomasso and co host Daniel Ocean. The topic is everything gaming from todays games to yesterdays retro era of gaming and reviews of the great games to come. All consoles from Atari to next generation PS4 and Xbox One and more. 

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    2 years later: Was Microsoft right? plus: Wonder Woman gets fully clothed!!

    in Entertainment

    in 2012 Microsoft unveiled, rather clumisly their plans for their next gen console. Discless, Online all the time, Media Hub. Then the gaming world took a shit all over them. 

    Since then Sony has been thrust into the #1 spot in the hearts and minds of games for doing nothing more than being the opposite of what Microsoft wanted to be. So, Sony won right? 

    The battle may've been won but Microsoft may've been ahead of the curve. With video games sales proving not to be bullet proof and more hardcore gamers going for PCs and Mobile options the question has to be asked: Are gaming consoles fading away? 

    Plus the internet loses its shit over Wonder Woman covering up her boobs and legs for the first time i bajillion years.... take a quick guess on which topic we'll spend the most time talking about! 

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    New Grindhouse Mashup, Courtesy of Afronerd Radio Airs Saturday @6pm EST!

    in Politics Conservative

    It's amazing that there's only 47 days, 20 hours and 40 minutes as we're draft this episode description until Avengers 2 hits the theaters, but who's counting?  Welcome to the latest episode of Afronerd Radio's Grindhouse Mashup where the worlds of geekdom/blerdom, politics and current events collide and more importantly, the "uncanny" Daryll B. sits in for the show's entirety. The topics scheduled to be atomized are: Playstation's Powers TV series hit the net and the ubiquitous game consoles last week and we give our impressions; our thoughts about DMG Entertainment purchasing the film rights to Valiant Comics' intellectual properties; just what is all the hoopla over the Apple watch and can anyone below the late Steve Jobs' pay grade afford it?;  a few geek incidentals to chop up (TV's Supergirl costume, Preacher casting, SHIELD, Arrow and Flash predictions, Fish Mooney exits Gotham, the Daredevil Kingpin centric trailer) ; Dburt plays devil's advocate (shocker!) regarding credit scores being used for screening job applicants; Chappie and Focus reviews; Univision host compares FLOTUS to a character in the Planet of the Apes (wow); in more #BlackLivesMatterOnlyWhenWhitesAreInvolved news-a young Oakland mother is gunned down while trying to shield her kids from gunfire and lastly, #BLACKBUFFOONERYTRUMPSWHITECRIMINALITY-Dburt notices that the NY Daily News provided a front page spread for a brutal Black girlfight in a Brooklyn McDonalds but the Mafisoso 55 kilo drug bust story was relegated to a small mention on page 10! (continue watching Empire at your own peril, folks).  Call the hosts live at 646-915-9620.   

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    Computer America - Cloudbuilt ; Ed Zarik

    in Technology

    Computer America

    Hour one: Coilworks. Anders Davallius, Creative Director/Programmer of Coilworks.

    Cloudbuilt sees quick wits and even quicker reflexes become your closest friends as you carve your own path through the mysterious floating ruins high above the clouds. A game of speed, precision and freedom, use your rocket-powered exoskeleton and manipulate the laws of physics to avoid fatal hazards, dodge hostile robots and reach not just the finish line of each stage, but the top of the worldwide leaderboards too. Packed with progressively challenging levels, as well as all manner of shortcuts and secrets to discover, Cloudbuilt’s fast-paced competitive action will push the limits of gamers seeking a challenge time and time again.

    Hour two: Zarick Industries / EdsJunk. Ed Zarick, Professional Hobbyist.

    Ed Zarik, has been building custom portable units of the next gen consoles and other tech projects.  Evidently, Ed has cracked the code and has come up with the all in one PS4 & Xbox One portable gaming uber-laptop! After all, why have just one, when you can have two at twice the price? Hear what he has to say about all of his work in this hour.

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    Battlefield 4 Revealed, Next Gen Consoles, upcoming games

    in Video Games

    I discuss The official reveal of battlefield 4, we talk about what next gen consoles will be bringing to the table,  also the upcoming games that i am most excited about before The next gen consoles arrive.

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    The Hangout

    in Entertainment

    Tonight's episdoe of The Hangout introduces officially announce a new addition to The Hangout family. We will talk about the movies released this past week. We will also talk about the Lifetime Whitney Houston Biopic. We'll go over this month's free games and re-releasals on both consoles. The latest in technology and anime news. So sit back and relax in The Hangout.

    If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for The Hangout send them to thehangout@twosidesofthestory.com. Don't forget to become a part of the official Hangout group by clicking on the link here.

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    ACO Alien Contact Org TEAM

    in Spirituality

    Interesting topics here on  BLOG TALK RADIO. It's time to educate the people in our clever ways of sharing our hobbies in the alien contact world of interest with our topics of STAR TREK, STAR GATE, CONTACT, ET, and other movies which we can share along wih future UFO sightings which lead us to TODAY! Future is NOW! TJ 

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    Sony Sells 10 Million PS4 Game Consoles

    in News

    Twitter tests a sponsored video feature, your public library may be the best e-book service, and Sony sells 10 million PS4's. WSJ's Tyrone Johnson has those stories and more.

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    Computer America - Bitdefender ; News!

    in Technology

    Computer America

    First Hour: Bitdefender. Hear all about Bitdefender's BOX. It's not just for your computers. It's for everything. Once connected to the Internet, every device, even Smart TVs, smart appliances like fridges, thermostats or gaming consoles are vulnerable to malware that silently does its work. BOX protects everything else that’s in the home: PCs, Macs, Android and iOS tablets and phones alike. It's just like an antivirus for your home network!

    Second Hour: Craig and Ben do Computer and Technology News, brought to you by Slimware Utilities, the Official Optimization Software of Computer America, and answer your computer questions!

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    Sim Standard Radio Episode 36

    in Sports

    Welcome back guys, hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday Season. We have some great topics lined up for this week's show to kickoff the year, listed below is a brief description of each topic. 


    Damon Grow released a screenshot for Joe Montana 16 showing off player faces, does this confirm that the game will be on consoles. 


    There is a new editor in the works for All Pro Football 2K8, will you support it? How do you feel about the new editor idea?


    In the Lions/Cowboys game there was a very controversial flag picked up after the Ref announced PI on the defense. Dez Bryant also ran out on the field to protest the call without a helmet but was not flag, what are you thoughts on the officiating?


    At times is seems like companies, devs, and community get sensitive of constructive feedback, why is that?


    A judge has granted a lawsuit against EA SPORTS for player likeness, what are your thoughts on that?


    In the second hour of the show we will open up the phone lines. We look forward to your calls and hearing your thoughts!