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    THE WORLD ACCORDING TO GERRY RADIO PROGRAM was set up and comes to you as with a consevative bend. We want to give the people of this country a place to voice they're concerns about the direction of this country, our rights and our place on the world stage.  We would love for you to call in and talk to us. My co-host, KERRY KELLY, https://youtu.be/eeDvVt8AEcY, who is also my Vice Presidential running mate would love to hear from you. our party is "THE SHUT THE HELL UP PARTY              ,https://www.facebook.com/theshutthehellpartyPLEASE, go to our facebook page and like the page.  

    Meanwhile sit back and enjoy the program


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    State Sovereignty: Mike Moon and Tom Martz

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    It's not about Right and Left. It's about Right and Wrong!

    We start off tonight with our weekly handshake with Representative Mike Moon and the Legislative Update. We'll also congratulate Mike on his appointment as Vice-Chair of the powerful House Ways & Means committee.

    Then we will talk for a bit with Tom Martz of Locke & Smith foundation about the upcoming legislative calendar and L&S annual meeting.

    We are pleased to announce that, beginning next week, we have an addition to the weekly lineup. Join us for exciting news about our newest host and his programs.

    Join BlogTalkRadio featured host Dave and his trusty sidekick Mike Slack for this exciting hour at 7PM Missouri Time. You may call and participate with our guests at the studio line 347-677-1835.


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    QARLive: Liberals Turned Conservative; What Was Their Motive?

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    Join hosts, Jason Taylor/Randy Hahn @StQuagmire & Watson Prunier @StPrunier this coming Monday night at 10:00pm EST here on qarlive.com

    TOPIC: Liberals That Have Turned Conservative; what’s Their Motives? Or do they have some sort of angle? Did they make the jump to the GOP for money, or were their intentions solid and true.

    Because from where I’m sitting most of the ones causing trouble are former liberal progressives, some come from very extreme backgrounds in the Democratic Party.

    Watson Prunier will be hosting BATTLE4FREEDOM every Tuesday night, 9:00pm EST. Watson is a Strong Christian Conservative, with powerful words and a calming voice. And check out his incredible website Battle4Freedom.com.

    Call in: speak with the host and guests. 347-989-1665 

    The Parody spots we play during the show are not the actual person; they are an actor’s voiceover. 

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    The Libertarian Rantings Of A Southern Consevative - The Marshall Culpepper Show

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    Host Marshall Culpepper rants on the ideals of liberty, South Carolina politics and the fight aginst tyrrany. 



    Like Marshall on Facebook and follow on Twitter!

    => Facebook/CulpepperSC  => @CulpepperShow



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    The Ed Springston Show

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    Listen daily from 7-8pm at The Ed Springston Show. Also visit Louisville Politics for more details and in depth coverage of local political and news issues.

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    LatinoTalk Texas 2014, 0023 Activist George Rice

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    LatinoTalk Texas is America's only independent political analysis daily talk show presented in English for all to hear.  Today, George Rice, a political activist from the Rio Grande Valley called to discuss the political happenings in that politically interesting place of Texas.  Initially, George complained that young Democrats had called a "Meet the Candidate" function but "stacked the deck" and only invited one Republican candidate and when confronted lied about inviting others.  I reported that is the nature of politics and it is not fair but that it is independents like myself who can see the unfairness each or all poltical parties are routinely involved with.  We continued our discussion of the unique political dynamics in south Texas that involve Latino voters.  They consistenty vote Democrat but remain conservative and a recent Latino Pro-Life Democrat candidate for Texas Governor beat out Hard line pro-abortion Democrat Wendy Davis for the votes in those south Texas counties.  Now, Republican Attorney General Greg Abbott running for Governor is trying to win those same votes.  Furthermore, and I've discussed this on my show many times, is the fact that Abbott seeks these votes but is himself anti-Latino and supported past anti-Latino measures like SB 1070 and will also support other anti-Latino measures.  George and I discuss also and he and I both lament the crypto-libertarian movement into the GOP and how it has driven leaders like George and myself out of the GOP although George remains a member his group was destroyed.  


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    The Signalis Show: The IRS and the Atheists vs. The Pulpit

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    Consevative talk on today's news and current events that affect all Americans.

    First Hour:

    Once again a small minority is trying to impose it's will on the majority. This time it's the atheists trying to silence members of the clergy from any and all speech pertaining to political speech of any kind within the church. It's time for traditional christian values to trump the malcontents known as the Freedom from Religion Foundation.

    Last Hour ( as time permits)

    Continuous Wave: better known as Morse Code. Why it's still relevant and why every radio operator needs to learn the code at at least a nominal level.

    I urge everyone to visit this website and help if you can? It's worthwhile to all our service men and women. Owner Marlene greatly will greatly appreciate your help!


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    Obamacare, Bumble-care, What's the Cure?

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    With local elections done, it's time to open the lid on the smelly ACA rollout. You can bet that the GOP irrationally hopes for a failure. That's unilkely at best. Yet the faster the POTUS and his minions get millions signed up, the better.

    We'll kick around what's possible with House Republicans determined to thwart any fixes. We'd both love to see a real single-payer solution instead of this cobbled consevative approach. We are with the Prez though in seeing this as a first step, a giant step, but the start. 

    What's the sked and outlook for healthcare now that it has finally started?


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    Money as Debt , Part 2 were dose money come from

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    1) Intro to Program followed by O, Canada.   2) Wellcome to Part 2 of our Program on were does Money come from. This is the continuation of Part 1 were does money come from with refferance to the Canadian Eccomony . - In part 2 the Student will interview th former and present MPs. -In Part 2 they investagte who prints the money for Canada . - That the Bank of Canada does not do the printing but a privately owned company called Giesecke @ Devrient BA International .This company is owned by Germany. -At the end of the sound track of this vodieo they talk about how the Bank loans are backed by nothing but your hard work and Issues money as Debt plus Intrest. Then they ask the Question why can we not Issue Debt Free money. -Then they talk the Bank of Canada Act that the Bank of Canada is owned by the people of Canada and has the power to Issuse money at 0 % intrest. But the Consevatives and the Liberals sold out to the private banking system to Issues money as Debt plus Intrest. - That is the reason Canada and most people in Canada are in Debt and are a slave to the Banks all there Life. This is the list of People being interview in the Sound track of the Vidieo.   -Jim Flaherty ,Consevative Finnance Minister
    -Quotes from people in history.
    -Jerry Ouelltte Conservative MP
    -Collin Carrie Conservative MP
    -John O,Toole Consevative MP
    - PM Harper on TV before the 2008 Election
    -PM Harper  on TV afther the 2008 Election
    - Former Prime Minister Paul Martian
    - MP Mark Holland
    -John Turner , liberal
    - MP Dan Mcteague , liberal
    - Elizabeth May of the Green Party.
    - Jack Layton former NDP   

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    Money as Debt, part 1 were does money come from ?

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    1) Introduction with O Canada 2) Introducing the O Canada Vidieo This is part 1 of the Sound Track of the Vidieo called O Canada. They interview Students , MPs from Liberal and Consevative Partys of Canada. Former Prime Minister Paul Martian , Finnance minister Jim Flaherity. and talk about how private banks create 95 % of the money Supply. 3) people interviewed are - Students - people on the street - Paul Martin  - Mark Holland MP - Dan Mcteague MP - Jim Flaherity Finnance Minister -Collin Carie MP         - A Quotation for Proverbs 22:7 4) Finnal Comments 5) Finnishing Them song O Canada lyics.