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    DUI Laws continue to get tougher, and the ramifications of getting caught operating a vehicle after drinking are reaching new heights  (or depths.)  

    This week,  veteran trial attorney in NJ and PA, SAUL SEGAN, discusses at length the more recent practice of both states in insisting on an ignition interlock device to test drivers before they get behind the wheel.   And he does it  with Robert Ramsey, Esq. of Trenton,  a true legal scholar, who is responsible for educating lawyers in developing trends in the law. There are a million reason  why people should NOT take the chance of driving under the influence or after drinking or taking narcotics, but here is another ugly consequence to further dissuade drivers from combining the two or more activities.  This program will help DUI lawyers as well as potential offenders avoid disaster.


    Wed  at 8PM  -   IT's YOUR LAW



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    "Black Woman, Listen Up: Black Men Speak Out On Black Relationship Barriers"

    in Lifestyle

    SPONSORED BY MARK PITTMAN--Endless discussions, complaints, excuses, and finger-pointing  have been exchanged among us highlighting, if not full-page advertising, the utterly dismantled state of African-Americans. Many suggestions and "down-the-line" plans have been sketched out, but unfortunately, the bickering remains in surplus while our time to rejuvenate and restore is running out. There's an age-old favorite pastime that has been virally reactivated--The Slaughter of The Black Innocents"--which is claiming the lives of our children without reason and without consequence. The modern-day version of this game is more vicious and callous, and since our precious youth has taken on their killers head-on without their protectors, we must do some fast-track damage control so we can resume our much-ignored roles and protect what's left of them. What happened to that unique, sacred and once-impenetrable force field of safety our people valued and refused to negotiate away? The regal unit known as the Black family..headed by the Black Kings and Queens who held each other down no matter what the outsiders threw at them? Tonight, Black men speak out to Black women on the roles they play in the destrcution of the Black relationship,. as well as their own secret struggles that prevents them from verbalizing to their women, hence further broadening the fatal gap. Join in tonight at 10:30 pm EST at 347-327-9967

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    Star-Crossed - "Some Consequence Yet Hanging in the Stars" TV Recap

    in Entertainment

    *TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES in the intro clip, after the Castor clip and before the promo clip. We aren't quite as advanced as the Atrians it seems....*

    Join VRO radio hosts Brancey and Daphne as they host this week's Star-Crossed show! They will be recapping episode 1x09 "Some Consequence Yet Hanging in the Stars" Got some comments or questions you want us to talk about? Tweet them in to @VROBrancey and we will discuss them! Spread the word and show support for Star-Crossed and The VRO!

    Find The VRO in the following locations:

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    Brancey: @VROBrancey on twitter 

    Daphne: @D_plusR on Twitter

    Fan of Star-Crossed? Go to the following page run by VRO host Brancey for fan-interraction, games, campaigns and even merchandise! 


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    Special Edition Eric Garner , Michael Brown Verdict

    in Culture

    Tonight we will address what is is is be a person of color in the United States and our Justice System . How we as peolpe of color can lose our life with no consequence in the hands of those who are suppose to portect us . If this system called justice only applies to us ( People Of Color ) .. How can we as people of all races receive equal justice according to the laws of the land .  Take time to voice your oppinion concerning this quality of life issue . Call in at 602-753-1535

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    The Enduring Phenomenon Backburner Relationships W/Special Guest Michael Weston

    in Romance

    Joining us tonight Michael Weston from Maintaining back burner relationships—potential replacements, to be clear, for your existing one—may in fact be considered almost normal today, assuming that the young men and women in this study were aware that their peers were in fact maintaining them. Unfortunately, that is a question that was not asked.

    And so we are left to wonder: Is the back burner phenomenon a consequence of secrecy, or a reflection of a new reality that everyone does (and everyone else knows it)?

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    "No Justice - No Peace!" - KINDRED SPIRITS LIVE with Giles Warren & Ed Smith

    in Current Events

    The FERGUSON Affair and the Michael Brown case will be the topic of this discussion with hosts, Giles Warren and Ed Smith.

    The family of Michael Brown released a statement Monday, November 24, 2014 in response to a grand jury's decision not to indict the police officer who fatally shot Brown in August.

    The statement urged peaceful protest from their supporters.

    We're profoundly disappointed that the killer of our child will not face the consequence of his actions.

    While we understand that many others share our pain, we ask that you channel your frustration in ways that will make a positive change. We need to work together to fix the system that allowed this to happen.

    Join with us in our campaign to ensure that every police officer working the streets in this country wears a body camera.

    We respectfully ask that you please keep your protests peaceful. Answering violence with violence is not the appropriate reaction.

    Let's not just make noise, let's make a difference.  #HandsUp

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    Putting on clothes of Thankfulness !

    in Christianity

    We want to aplogize for not having a show last week. Wild Bill's work schedule had him with just enough time at home to get some clean clothes and he was back out the door again. Like many of you we are still trying to get back to normal after Thanksgiving.  When Wild Bill says normal,he means where he can button his pants again! There have been so much darkness in the news of late.  We wanted to bring you a show that we felt fit this time while having fun.  Like many of you, we are all looking at what is happening in the St Louis area.  The police shooting and the riots that followed and the officer not being charged with a crime has earned national attention. The discussions that sicken us here, are the people on television and radio who did a great job of provoking the public.  We all heard reports of how this young man was shot in the back, and was still being shot after he was on the ground.  Three seperate investigations into the physical evidence were conducted. One by the family, the state, and the federal goverment all proved this was not true!  Yet, many people on the radio and television used people to put this information out as fact that it did happen.  They got paid, their ratings went up, and they have no consequence to the crimes they helped to provoke.  This should change!  We found where a couple of preachers set the stage for a fun show.  The title of putting on clothes of thankfulness.  Wow, the depth of just the title stirred us.  How many of you go out of your house without brushing your teeth, and washing your face?  Do you wear your Pj's to church?  Do you go in some dirty clothes that you pulled out of the hamper?  We hope you answered no!  Think on these things as you hear this message tonight and think of how this message should apply to your life.   

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    nWo Truth Radio - Late Night Show

    in Education

    nwo truth radio "Reconstructing Yesterdays "news" Sustaining The Generation After Next"  nWo Late Night Tell the world that aggression, concern, & or express that fear without consequence 805-830-8329 
    "SPIN" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlJkgQZb0VU
    PSYWAR - The Battlefield of The 21st Century Is The Mind https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSh6qtoQkmU
    How The Iraq War was Fake - Weapons of Mass Deception https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wkkAXkhKg98
    SOURCES > https://www.facebook.com/groups/whileyouweresleepingnwo/ 
    nwotruthradiomedia.com <under construction> 
    "stay vigilant stay informed we R the new world order!" 
    nwo late night show converges with the audience & host from various other shows to investigate, cover's topics, current events, propaganda, weather, tech news,anything else the local & national MsM won't cover! 
    Broadcasting history of tomorrow Today! 

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    in Spirituality


     From years of his own contemplative practice as well as his experience working with people on the contemplative spiritual journey, Gerald May came to recognize that a spiritual awakening often is accompanied by increased sexual energy. He offers an explanation, along with a warning:

     Spiritual growth—the growth of appreciation of meaning, purpose, belonging, and loving in life--requires the opening and freeing of spirit and therefore of sexuality. But as with everything else a balanced middle ground must be found. … This is an especially difficult problem for people who have led lives of considerable sexual repression and then find themselves opening to increased passion in the course of their spiritual practice. … people can spend months or years displacing their spiritual longing onto interpersonal sexuality… when a person begins to evolve greater liberation of sexuality as a consequence of spiritual growth, or when spiritual awakening occurs in the context of interpersonal loving, one often feels caught as to what to do, how to express the tremendous surge of loving, living energy that has so dramatically come into awareness. The answer is certainly not to be found in channeling all one’s spiritual energy into sexuality. Time and again throughout history human experience has shown that this is bound to result in confusion and despair. But neither, do I think, is the answer to be found in attempting to channel all one’s sexuality into spiritual expression. …







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    A Conversation with Two Healthy Kitchens

    in Cooking

    TwoHealthyKichens.com is the brainchild between mom friends Shelley and Gretchen (no last names required – like Madonna).  These self-proclaimed foodies love a delicious, nutritious meal, but they know how to get it done in a hurry.  That’s why we reached out for help during our 30-day Meals @ Home challenge.

    An unintended consequence of the Meals @ Home challenge is I’m making better food choices.  I enjoyed the conversation with the ladies of Two Healthy Kitchens because they shared how to spice up mealtime without spending your life in the kitchen. Tune in and be inspired!

    Join #teamdebtfree on Facebook and find a community to help you dump debt and regain your fiscal sanity!

    You can also join us on Twitter or Pinterest.

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