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    Hard Starboard Radio: The Crumbling Climate Change "Consensus"

    in Politics Conservative

    Climate change tools rally to demand authoritarian control, while a "former Obama official" reinforces that REAL climate change consensus that climate change is not, after all, "settled science"; Greenstremists' rhetoric "heats up" as their case falls apart; Where Katherine Tempf lives in East Harlem, the environmental extremists are doing more harm than good; Barack Obama's delays, retreats, and inaction have allowed ISIS to metastasize - almost as if he has been on their side all along; The solution for a world plunged into completely unnecessary chaos?  More U.S. defense dollars - now; and has Obama already won his "fundamental transformation" game?  Dr. Laurie Roth and I disagree.

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    Hard Starboard Radio: The Horror Of Bipartisan Consensus

    in Politics Conservative

    "Kickoff is a touchback.  First play, Russell Wilson throws a dime to Marshawn Lynch on the left sideline, just over midfield.  A couple of incompletions later, he throws another to Jermaine Kearse at the ten yard line that doinks off of every part of his body without his losing his concentration and falls into his hands.  Two Lynch runs and the ball is on the one yard line.  Bill Belichick calls his first timeout in anticipation of having to mount a last-ditch field goal drive.  Second and goal.

    And then what my cousin on Facebook called "Dumbest call ever - why didn't Wilson override it?....this is historic bonehead and will be remembered as long as the Super Bowl is played....The best one-yard back in football and three tries" - and offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell calls a pass".

    Why Obama needs to pretend the Taliban aren't jihadists; The Left realizes too late that political correctness is a virus - an now it's eating their movement from within; Scott Walker rejects the "go along to get along" premise, and not a moment too soon; which is precisely why Democrats will not cease in their attempts to destroy him; and imagine an America where the White House and Congress got along — and all the terrible things they would do to us.

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    Consensus Reality And The Brain

    in Self Help

    Everybody knows that......you should not show emotions in a meeting. Everybody knows that.....you should look after your elderly parents. Everybody knows....... well, you name it. The shoulds, assumptions and expectations that create our consensus reality are examined and discussed in a light-hearted way in this thought-provoking episode. 

    We will aadd some neuroscience and consciousness aspects to the mix and this will be an episode you won't want to miss.

    Join Ann and Ursula for lively discussions and interesting conversation on the subject of neuroscience, consciousness and coaching.

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    Untangling Our Neural Pathways--Part Two, Consensus Reality/the Quantum Field

    in Self Help

    Join us as we continue our conversation about entangled neural pathways and how this can limit our effectiveness. In this episode, we'll explore the pervasive impact of consensus reality and even how we become entangled with other on the quantum level. We'll go more in-depth to HOW you can help your clients (and yourself) dis-entangle. 

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    Building Consensus - Your Most Important Product

    in Business

    Leadership is the art of getting people to do what you want because they want to do it. It is the most vital skill required of leaders.  It is also the leader's ultimate challenge.  Host Bart Jackson invites Darrell Gunter, CEO of GunterMediaGroup, to help him lay out a consensus-building strategy for CEOs and supervisors alike.  This show profiles specific tactics for uniting your team and proven techniques for inspiring individuals to invest in the group goals.  If you are seeking a way turn the elusive ideal of motivation into a defined business process; if you want to get everyone on your team finally pointed in the same direction, this is your show.  Don't miss it.  


  • 00:33

    GCS - Green House Incubator - Consensus Energy

    in Environment

    Steve O'Neil, MSc, has twenty years of professional experience with environmental-related organizations including executive management, adviser, corporate governance, and founding entrepreneur.

    Steve founded Applied Energy Conservation Systems in 2007, which has since become Consensus Energy, a commercial and industrial energy-savings consulting firm based in Atlanta.  

    Mr. O'Neil has served as Executive Director of the Chattanooga Nature Center, in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Executive Director of SouthWings based in Asheville, NC, and SE Regional Director of Center for the Restoration of Waters @ Ocean Arks International. 

    Mr. O'Neil has also held Board positions with the Chattanooga Nature Center, the City of Chattanooga’s Climate Action Plan Executive Committee, the Tennessee Advanced Energy Business Council,  and the Dogwood Alliance in North Carolina (past Chair).

    Steve holds a BA from Sarah Lawrence College and a Masters in Environmental Science from University of Dublin, Trinity College, in Dublin. 




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    Detroit Sports Rap

    in Sports

    We discuss the Tigers Tailspin. Who's to blame and can they come back? UM/MSU are getting ready for camp. What are the most important Position battles to watch. We discuss the Lions and possibly some impact rookies for them. We discuss the decision to Uphold Tom Brady's suspension. What does this mean to NE and could a court battle ensue. Fantasy football, how does the suspension of Tom brady effect the NE skill position player. Does LeVeon Bell's suspension reduction make him a consensus #1 pick. Deep Deep sleepers, guys who may surprise if given a chance. 

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    Overall, how would you describe how Blacks/AA feel about EACH OTHER?

    in Education

    Let's forget talking about how whites or other races feel about us, or the injustices, slavery, white supremacy etc I wanna discuss how we feel about each other. Over the past few months, I've been reading a lot of literature that appears to display a lot of anger, hate, fear etc that Blacks/AA deal with, amongst each other. Whether it's from male/female romantic relationships/marriage, not supporting each other economically, or just lacking unity etc, so I'm curious to know what's the general consensus about how we feel about each other. There is a cliche out there, that states that  "you can't love someone else until you love self", so how do we get into loving self? Or is that cliche' even true? Let's talk about it on Darryel's Daily Dialogue, "where positive words, manifest positive action."

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    GroupThink - The Maze of Ways to Consensus

    in Business

    Somewhere between herding sheep and herding sharks lies the manager's most effective method of gathering his team into a motivated decision-making process.  Host Bart Jackson is joined by guest John Sarno, author, professor, and CEO of the Employers Association of New Jersey.  Together, they discuss the workable practices for sparking the best of your team's little gray cells, and avoid letting the solutions-seeking effort fall into GroupThink default.  In a humorous back-and-forth banter, this and other topics from John Sarno's upcoming book will provide leaders with a load of guidance and a lot of fun. 

  • 01:02

    Convivial Atmosphere

    in Education

    We will discuss how to create, and maintain, a convivial atmosphere that encourages consensus and a successful outcome.

    As usual, we will also discuss two delicious recipes for sharing.The "safe" recipe will be Orange Almond Chicken, and the "adventure" recipe will be Seafood Stew. 

  • 00:31

    Truth Is Not A Consensus

    in Self Help

    Reality and truth is the same yesterday, today and forever. The dominating consensus or public opinion does not determine truth.