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    Ezekial 43:26

    "Seven days shall they purge the altar and purify it; and they shall consecrate themselves."


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    Total Consecration!

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    Today is the BIG day when we make our Total Consecration To Jesus Through Mary! Join Gary Zimak as he leads us through the consecration prayer and explains how our lives will change for the better.

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    "Consecration, Testing, Power, Victory" - A Sermon by John G. Lake

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    In this sermon, Dr. Lake looks at the life of Jesus from the standpoint that "He was a man just like other men.  He met every challenge of the soul, just as you and I have to meet it.  But Jesus willed to do God's Will and to know God's Will."


    How to enter the will of God - two phases.

    Jesus first dedicates Himself.

    The extent of Jesus' dedication.

    The result of His Dedication.

    "Most folks mean their consecration on the day they are baptized, and then forget it the first time that the devil appears, or they get a pain in the stomach.  It was a forever business with the Lord Jesus.  Get that forever thing into YOUR soul and spirit.  There never was a time in history when the world needed a demonstration that the Lord could keep people forever, under every condition, as much as it does today."

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         The Because prayer has to do with the whole being of a person, it can be a means of developing wholeness. When a person prays, he/she does with their whole being. The greatest benefit of praying come to who give themselves - all of themselves, all that belongs to himself - to God. This is the secret of full consecration and the king of praying that produces the largest fruit. Join us for live prayer at 6:00 AM Mon.-Fri. Dial 714 459-3963. 

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    "Consecration, Testing, Power, Victory" - A Sermon by John G. Lake Pt 2

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    Jesus functioned as a Man among men....with the same temptations, tests and trials. He met every challenge of the soul that you have to met.  But Jesus willed, in those challenges to do the will of God and to know the will of God in His every response.

    Two phases to entering the will of God:  the surrender of your will to do the Will of God; recognize yourself as God's son and man's servant.

    He provided salvation for the spirit/soul/body.  If you are fascinated by the life of John G. Lake and/or want to live the kind of supernatural life that he lived, you must take yourself out of the hands of the world, and put yourself totally over into the Hands of God for YOUR spirit/soul/body.

    Dr. Lake has observed many Christians who trust God for spiritual salvation, but then they turn to the world for their soul and body.  He is very directly challenging us to come up higher.


    "The Extent of Jesus' Dedication"



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    Consecration or Constipation?

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    Tonight, The ThinkTank will be sitting on the topic of Consecration. In many congregations across the country, pastors are persuading members to fast food, TV, social media,etc. This is in effort for God to give the members a prosperous 2014. Also, many of these fasts are accompanied with some sort of symballic offering. Here are my questions about these new year consecrations. Is it necessary to go through this? Will these actions influence God on your behalf? Or are we feeding our selves spiritual cheese that is binding up our spiritual bowels? Also, Marvin Sapp's congregation has been on a consecration fast as well. He is demanding that they fast all social media as well. It is interesting asking your members to stay off of Facebook and Twitter while one of their members is missing. Finally, I have an update on Ray Teets, the pastor caught on tape molesting an 11 year old. All this and more, join the discussion 661-449-9951. REVOLUTION!!

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    Set Apart Generation: Consecration & Santification

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    What do think when you hear "consecrate" and "sanctify yourselves"? Does a religious thought of a monk in a monastary or some burdensome feeling come? Tune in, if you would like more insight and understanding into these Christian duties. Star will delve into what Christ has in mind for His disciples when he speaks of Consecration and Santification; the purpose; the Way; and the results. 

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    In our last study we looked at the chapter entitled "Confession" in the book 'Steps to Christ', today we will delve into the chapter entitled "Consecration" and will expound it upon it deeper.

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    Sanctification and consecration are not just important.  They aer mandatory for God to walk with us, to dwell in us, and to determine our eternal destiny in Christ.

    Sanctification is separation from that which defiles.  It is the cleaning of self from all filth.  This is not enough.  There are many people in the Church who have moved away from open sin, yet they have not given themselves wholeheartedly to the Lord.  Their hearts are divided.  They are considered prostitutes in the eyes of the Lord.  God is looking for men and women who will give themselves to His Son wholeheartedly, with nothing held back.  He loved the Church to death and He demands a Bride that will also be willing to lay down Her life for Him, and love Him to death.

    This is a pre-recorded message.  However, I will be available to interact via the Chat Room.

    If you need to learn more about our Ministry, please visit our web site at http://www.newwineinnewwineskins.org.

    May God richly bless you.

    Bond Slave Hal Ngoy

    The New Wine House of Prayer

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    Set Apart Generation: Consecration & Santification (Part 2)

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    This week I will continue to discuss the topics of Santification and Consecration according to the Word of God. I am so passionate about this topic as I believe it is key to us, as Believers, going to the next level in our Lives with God. As J.C. Ryle said, " In Justification the word to be addressed to man is believe-only believe; in Santification the word must be 'watch, pray, and fight.'

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    SHIFT TODAY "Wednesday Wellness, Prayer of Consecration and Dedication"

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    SHIFT TODAY is an inspirational and engaging broadcast that replenishes your spirit, refreshes your soul, rejuvenates your body and transforms your life from the inside-out.  Host Nina Roach Life and Wife Strategist with Special Guest Holy Spirit and other Guests appearances will be releasing fresh impartations and strategies while sharing wisdom, laughter, love and real-time life experiences that will help you overcome any situation and live victoriously every day.  Get ready to be established in the Kingdom of God by renewing your mind, feeding your faith, starving your doubts and taking actions of faith today.

    It’s your time to occupy in your Kingdom Authority until Christ’s return.  Don’t wait another day to seek God’s face, learn Kingdom principles, take God at His Word and an action of faith.  On SHIFT TODAY we are convinced that God, who began this good work in us, will carry it through to completion. Connect with men and women daily who have decided to enter into God’s Sabbath rest and witness His goodness in their lives and world Monday – Saturday from 7:00 A.M. – 8:00 A.M. (PST) online at www.blogtalkradio.com or by phone 424.220.1862

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