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    Le NON fait bouger!

    in Spirituality

    Nous vivons tous dans un réseau ou au figuré, dans un filet! Quand nous tirons sur un fil, ça bouge! Et un NON conscient, pas égoïste, libère beaucoup d'énergie...

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    in Religion

    MANY MILLIONS were MURDERED by ROME before they of EASTERN MIND would succumb to the PERVERSITIES of WESTERN POLLUTIONS against the SANCTITY of the FAITH!    The SEVEN SEALS TESTIMONY of REVELATION 6:1-<12->-<7:2>-7:17 bear a POWERFUL POINT of TRUE REFERENCE for those who have HEART to receive it.  TODAY however due to MUCH PERVERSION of the HUMAN CONSCIENT, MOST have NO CLUE as to the SHOCKING COURSE of events which should be a POWERFUL ADMONISHMENT as declared by these words.  MOST have NO AFFINITY with the HEART of the ANCIENT SAINTS!    It is promised concerning the SAVIOR, He MUST bring ABSOLUTE DIVINE DISCRETION that HOLY KINGDOM PEACE may come.   "He shall RESTORE the HEARTS of the CHILDREN to the FATHERS and the HEARTS of the FATHERS to the CHILDREN .. BEFORE can come the BLESSED DAY of PEACE in the MOST HIGH! (Malachi 3:18-4:6)    When again He declares the TRUTH, there will be NO MERCY nor PITY upon them who REFUSE to be CONVINCED regarding the SURETY of the ONE PURE PERFECT CONSUMMATE TRUTH! (Acts 3:18-23, Isaiah 34)   Due to increased indiscriminate DEPRAVITIES, dare men say TODAY that without "FEELINGS" for the STRIVINGS of the ANCIENT SAINT of the EARLY CHURCH, and NOT CARING concerning what AROUSED such DEVOUT STRIVINGS and DISTINCTLY STEADFAST PERSEVERANCE in their hearts despite MURDEROUS PERSECUTION; that WE TODAY have COMMUNION with THEM in the MOST HIGH?

    Mankind has forgotten that YAH what the PROPHETS have SAID!   YAH sends MESSIAH because HIS ANGER BURNS like a FURNACE against ALL who in REFUSING HIS DISCIPLINE continually DESTABILIZE the THINKING of HIS PEOPLE against the SURETY of HIS SOVEREIGNTY and the EVERLASTING SANCTITY of HIS COMMANDMENTS!

    The SAVIOR did NOT give HIS LIFE that men love DARKNESS MORE than LIGHT! (John 3:14-21)

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    Nouvelles Dimensions- New Dimensions

    in Spirituality

    Dans cette épisode nous allons faire connaissance avec la Respiration Consciente qui est aussi appelé Nouvelle respiration ou la Respiration de l'Integration.
    Nous partagerons certains principes de cet outil fabuleux, des experiences, et bien sur vous aurez la possibilité de participer a une séence de Respiration pendant notre épisode.
    Vos commentaires, idées et questions sont les bienvenus a radioeveil@yahoo.fr et au chatroom pendant l'émission.

    La Nouvelle Respiration telle qu'enseignée par dr Norma Delaney est un outil simple et des plus puissants a devenir le Créateur Divin conscient ,dans notre vie ici, sur Terre. Souvenez-vous du Souffle du Créateur, et integrez le dans votre vie!