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    1/2 Hour of Hell (from the RV)

    in Sports

    CANELO/COTTO!!! I recap the fight, and put a little twist on it. It's NFL Week 11, and it seems to be moving week. Vikings look to take control of NFC North when the Packers come to town. Can the Vikings continue their winning streak, or do the Pack get off the snide? Should be a good one. Patriots look to remain perfect Monday night against the Bills. Last time these two met was week 2, at Buffalo, and the Pats whooped that ass. Do the Bills have the season's biggest upset, or do the Pats send Rex home crying like usual? Also, Indytries to get things moving, and stay in first (with the Jags? nipping at the heals) against the Falcons in the ATL. Should be a high scoring affair, since both their D's suck. And Cincy goes to Arizona on Monday night. Arizona, aside from the Pats, may be the NFL's next best team. And after the Bengals embarrassing loss to the Texans last week, they'll be sure to test the Cards.  Tune in, or tune out!!

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    Hell SHALL NOT Prevail

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    THE HOLY SCRIPTURES ON deck that Prove That Those Who are IN CHRIST JESUS WILL ALWAYS Come out VICTORIOUS!!! JESUS said, THE WORDS that I speak to you are SPIRIT and They are LIFE! Hell SHALL NOT Prevail!

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    Back to the Future Day on Hell No! the radio show

    in Education

    Call us and join in the discussion! (718) 508-9419 + option #1

    Discussion  topics:

    Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi hearings begin this Thursday;

    Ebola predictions and questions that have been coming to light in recent news;

    Biden is out and Trump is still up, election poll updates;

    Today is the day Doc Brown and Marty McFly went into the future;

    The decrease in the monarch butterfly population and planting milkweed for their return;

    The origins of dogs, meanwhile owners of 7 dogs are robbing banks to feed them;

    Sporting activities pertaining to water such as kayaking, wakeboarding and fishing;

    Documentaries: Peace Officer, Terry’s report about police and society;

    Music: Fairport Convention’s ballad of Tam Lin

    About our program:

    Hell No! the radio show is a socially conscious water cooler talk show about what’s going on in the world as we feature guests and callers who express their thoughts. Hell No! is friendly, funny, real and focused on empowering the truth. We give a voice to people left in the dust. This program is not democratic, fascist, politically correct or a place for sacred cows. We do advocate peace, critical thought, education, reading and social awareness.

    Email us! HellNoRadioShow@gmail.com and to find other episodes you can play on demand anytime, please Like us on Facebook.com/HellNoTheRadioShow and Follow us on Twitter @HellNoRadioShow

    Call us and join in the discussion! (718) 508-9419 + option #1

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    Raising Young Women with High-Functioning Autism (with Eva Angvert Harren)

    in Women

    Eva Angvert Harren is the creator of The BEAM LiFE Process that uses body-centered healing and recovery techniques to help people ‘Release, Restore, Recover and Come Alive'. Her techniques help individuals find relief from anger, anxiety, stress, addictive behaviors and thought patterns. Today Eva and I will be talking about how many young women (and some adults) might be struggling with high-functioning autism (HFA) and not even realize it. Most individuals diagnosed with HFA are have average or above average intelligence but may struggle with issues related to social interaction and communication.

    Eva's techniques have been highly effective when working with many people who fall within the high-functioning Autism spectrum. While Eva is NOT an ‘expert’ on either Asperger’s or Autism, she has teamed up with http://wwwAspergerExperts.com to offer well-received and well-attended workshops around the country on these techniques. 


    Plaid for Women radio is produced to give you information, advice and resources to manage “The Business of Life”. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals, get connected, and be heard. 


    Plaid FB: http://www.Facebook.com/PlaidforWomen 

    Plaid TW: http://www.twitter.com/plaidforwomen


    Eva Angvert Harren

    BEAM LiFE International

    Castro Valley, CA

    Beam Life Coaching


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    Opening the Gates of Hell,Only a Kala Nation will survive.

    in Politics Progressive

    Tonight we will discuss the world crisis of extremism and hatred festering and threatening to engulf the world into all out war.I wrote a post saying it is human to have empathy for the French citizens just like it is human to question France's past colonial and racist role.

    The Movie Chiraq,I do not know what to say about this coonery.It seems Hell is on Earth as we have given up fighting for a better world.Does this make my case for a new nation?A fresh start?A Genesis?A Kala Genesis?Why is Obama bringing Syrian refugees into this country?Why is he letting illegals into this country?What about the Black people of Baltimore who have nothing?Do they think people are playing games?America is headed for major social unrest and upheaval.A fire and brimestone sermon from the Kalagenesis.

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    The Outsiders With Heels and Mr Prez

    in Entertainment

    Upper Echelon madden 16 connected franchise online league talk show with Heels and Mr Prez

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    The High Road Show 11/20/15

    in Spirituality

    Join us this Friday afternoon for an evolving conversation around astrology and....

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    McTucky Fried High Special Guest: Rob Carnilius with Anna DeShawn & the QCrew

    in Entertainment

    McTucky Fried High stands as one of the only openly LGBTQ animated series to date. While popular network cartoons like Steven Universe, Adventure Time, andThe Legend of Korra can be progressive for LGBTQ media, they still face censorship that limits their discussion on sexuality and gender identity. McTucky Fried High is helping to lead the wave of animated media that affirms LGBTQ experiences.

    As a web cartoon, McTucky is accessible to anyone with an internet connection. Season 1 had 5 episodes that discussed coming out of the closet, bullying, body image, gender identity, and sexting. You can watch Season 1 here!

    Season 2 of McTucky Fried High will have 7 episodes and will introduce new characters and topics like religion, feminism, race, STD's and intersectionality. We will also have complimentary curriculums for each episode!

    Our first season accumulated 36,000+ views on Youtube, was screened at numerous film festivals worldwide, and was recently dubbed in Japanese with a collaboration with students at Aoyama Gaukuin University in Tokyo,  Japan.

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    Welcome to the #1 uplifting online radio show thru BLACK SATIN RADIO! Here with your host Sarah "The Elite Poet" Johnson and King Judah you will have the chance to share and listen other believers on the Love of Christ! This week's topic will be on Heaven and Hell, discussing the importance of both in the bible! The top three questions we want to dicuss are: 

    1.The purpose of Heaven and Hell 
    2.Why the book of Revelations plays a huge part concerning both places. 
    3.How important is it for people to understand The Gospel when thinking abut Heaven and Hell.

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    Do you have high expectations for your child?

    in Entertainment

    Are you someone or do you know someone that has high expectations for their child? Many parents expectations of their children when they are young do not match their talents when they are of age. So what do you do when you have a child that does not meet up to the expectations that you had for them when they were young? Chime in this Tuesday November 24 9AM EST.