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    Resurrecting Hope and Conquering Fears

    in Spirituality

    Resurrecting Hope and Conquering Fears with Dawn DePasquale

    Dawn DePasquale is the clinical director for Bell Mental Health Associates in Swansea, MA, and works with children, families, and adults on a variety of mental health disorders.  She often jokes with her patients that their chief commodity is hope: without it, nothing can change and your problems just continue to metastacize into unseemly, unmanageable messes that feel uncontrollable.  In Dawn's battle to resurrect hope, she gives free seminars in her community and is a published author and nationwide speaker.  Dawn feels like every little bit counts.

    Dawn recently finalized plans to release "A Year of Fear", an informative workbook that is devoted to embracing your fears and conquering them in order to live your best life.  She also recently authored "Bats in Your Belly" a children's book about anxiety (Children's Corner show on Aug 5th) and is featured in the compilation book, "Share Your Message With the World" due out in July 2014. 

    For more information visit: https://bellmentalhealth.com

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    TREATMENT and RECOVERY: Conquering our Fears, Insecurities, and Inadequacies

    in Self Help

    Show Topic:  In the TC model, but not limited to this model, are five integrated core competencies that must be addressed while going through the treatment experience. Today we're going to to discuss three aspects within the Emotional / Psychological competency that must be identified, examined/validated, addressed, and resolved, PRIOR to leaving the treatment setting. We're talking about ones Fears, Insecurities, and Inadequacies. We'll disucss why this particular competency is integral to overall success in Recovery, and some tools for initiating the process.

    Show Segments:  Happy Recap, Show Topic, Recovery Support Time

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    MyNDTALK - Finding Meaning , Facing Fears

    in Psychology

    Finding Meaning, Facing Fears
    ... Our autumn years are the ideal time to reexamine our lives. Often spurred on by a 50th birthday or the last child leaving home, it becomes important to question who we are in the larger scheme of things, to wonder what we really want from our lives. Dr. Jerrold Shapiro, author of Finding Meaning, Facing Fears discusses the many opportunities this time of life presents: opportunities to stretch in our capacities, to face and conquer old demons, and to meet new challenges with greater resources than were available to us before. ...

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    Facing Our Fears with Saskia Stallings

    in Self Help

    Fear can stop us right in our tracks and keep us from moving forward. Did you know that fear can even shut down parts of our brain? Learn how to face your fears and move forward with faith and conviction. Learn how to re-program your brain for results that conquer the fear and propel you towards your goals.

    Saskia Stallings is a Certified SimplyHealed Practitioner, mentor, teacher, social service worker, and presenter. Saskia has been working with people for 15 years in helping them set goals and get positive results out of life. Because of Saskia's intuitive gifts she is able to understand the needs, cares and fears of others. She loves inspiring others to step into their purpose and find true meaning to life. She is a fun and dynamic teacher who teaches with passion and love for all those she works with. When she isn't working she's enjoying her family, she's the mother of 7 children and grandmother to 1.

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    What Scares You? Your Darkest Fears...

    in Spirituality

    What really scares you? Everyone has fears or phobias, but what scares you MOST or is your BIGGEST fear? Are you afraid of the dark? Scared to be alone? Have a fear of heights? Scared of ghosts? Afraid of spiders, tornadoes, clowns, flying, footsteps in the dark? Share your darkest fears..whatever they may be! Call in #347-633-9648.

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    The Fears of Counseling

    in Self Help

    Many people need and want counseling, but not without a handful of fears.  Counseling can be a scary thing. It’s a huge step for people to step into a unfamiliar territory. Know this -- real people go to counseling.

    At some point in life one could say - I’m all messed up - in a sense. Many times the people who really have problems are the ones who don’t think they have any problems – and that’s a problem.

    Putting an end to the needless delay of counseling is key. So let’s address the pros and cons to counseling and how to get started.

    BONUS INTERVIEW:  Kenneth Lord of Disciples of the Christ


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    SEASON 7 PREMIERE: Conquering Fears

    in Entertainment

    We're BACK! Yes, season seven of TD Radio will be coming to your airwaves soon. Be sure to tune in Monday, August 24th at 9pm ET as TD Radio hosts Aeshia, Moiba and Brianna kick off a brand new year! Also, you won't want to miss The Hollywood Trainer, Jeanette Jenkins, as she announces her position on the Teen Diaries Foundation board and our Sweat Makes Cents campaign!

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    Conquering Infertility

    in Health

    How to overcome infertility and get pregnant. 

    Host Dawn Davenport, Executive Director of Creating a Family, the national infertility & adoption education and support nonprofit, interviews Dr. Ali Domar, a leading expert in mind/body medicine, Director of the Mind/Body Center for Women's Health at Boston IVF, and Assistant Professor of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Biology at Harvard Medical School.

    For a discussion of this show, go to our blog tomorrow http://creatingafamily.org/blog/. 

    Creating a Family has many free resources related to this topic on our website at www.CreatingaFamily.org. 

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    Minorities Conquering the World of STEM

    in Education

    The educational gap that is present within urban communities is causing a steep divide within the overall STEM industry. A lack of exposure, academic support and resources are hindering the possibilities of minority youth within the STEM industry. President Obama has noticed the void and gap and developed an initiative to combat it.Highlighting the notion that if America wants to compete with other countries our youth must be able to embrace a technological, scientific, mathematic and engineering platform to ensure our place as a world trailblazer. Tonight we are going to address why there is a gap within urban schools and how we can enrich youth with opportunities to advance within STEM.

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    Forgiveness and Forgetfulness And Five Points for All Our Fears

    in Christianity

    Join us Monday 11/09/2015 as we discuss these great articles 

    Forgiveness and Forgetfulness And Five Points for All Our Fears




    The conversation starts at Noon....  don't miss it!!!!!!!


    "Taking The Limits Off Radio", A non-traditional radio show with a vision to spread the Truth of God's Word; that inspires and encourages you to have a meaningful relationship with Christ, through biblical teaching and relevant information. A talk show that "breaks the chains off the norm" to promote a realistic conversation with God and his people.

    You can also watch the simulcast on Ustream at


    Live from the Brand New "Taking The Limits OFF Studios"

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    Will the Real Me Please Stand Up - Turning your Fears into Faith

    in Motivation

    My show will be dedicated to all of those in Paris who are attempting to turn their fears into faith since the attack.

    Fear can paralyze us but faith can move us forward.

    It is our choice everyday of our lives.