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    The ZPoint Show with Grant Connolly

    in Self Help

    In todays show we interview Sophie Sladek from Switzerland again for the 3rd time.
    The purpose of the show is to allow the listener the opportunity to hear the difference in Sophie's life after using ZPoint for the past few months.
    Listen as she speaks candidly about her life and her experience moving forward with the ZPoint 21 Day Live Program. 

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    Interview with Jack Connolly

    in Music

    For Jack Connolly, the song is everything. Free of pretensions or pomp, his Country folk-tinged tunes are all about vivid storytelling, and this talent shines on his latest album, Great Big Soul.

    The Toronto-based songwriter has been involved in the Canadian music scene for more than a decade. Having grown up playing coffee houses on Vancouver Island, he released his debut Indie album Open Stage in 2001. His sophomore full-length The Empty Cafe followed in 2004, and its rootsy full-band sound earned Jack the title of Songwriter of the Year at the Vancouver Island Music Awards.

    Seeking new experiences, he relocated to Toronto in 2009 and quickly took part in the vibrant local music scene. In addition to regularly performing his own songs around town and on the road, he formed the country 'covers' group the Gas Station Cowboys covering Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Garth Brooks and others.

    He drew on these influences - in addition to old favourites like Bruce Springsteen & Tom Cochrane - when penning the songs that make up his latest full-length, Great Big Soul, on Country label Curve Music. The album began as a batch of barebones demos recorded in a church basement in downtown Toronto, and Jack eventually fleshed them out at the Tragically Hip's Bathouse Recording Studio with producer John MacArthur Ellis.

    Jack was one of six jury-selected finalists from across the country who participated in the Canadian Country Music Association's (CCMA) prestigious 2013 Discovery Program, and showcased his material at the CCMA's in Edmonton in September to rave reviews.

    Also on the show, Ontario Country artist Chelsea Crites is here to talk about her new single Doing To Me.


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    Final Two — Connolly

    in Politics Progressive

    Surviving a scrum of a dozen canidates, John Connolly is one of two in fhe final for the Boston mayoralty. He joins us.
    He'll discuss how he'll differentiate h himself and maybe whether he is up for the new and sudden nastiness the battle has shown. What's the same and not in positions? What would he stress beyond schools? What are his big goals for the city?

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    Grant Connolly - Z Point For Peace and Financial Freedom

    in Motivation

    Grant Connolly will be joining us to discuss his world-renowned clearing technique "Z-Point".  ZPoint is a Meditative Healing Process that can quickly bring you to a place of inner peace and emotional balance on virtually any subject or issue that may be upsetting you.

    It does this by gently releasing your attachment to difficult or stressful feelings associated with difficult memories, situations, circumstances, relationships, ways of being or areas of life that aren't working the way you want them to.

    It lets you move on with your life, to stop thinking about the things that bother or upset you.  ZPoint allows you to experience true peace of mind.  

    On this episode we will talk about ZPoint approaches helping people earn more money by releasing their attachment to all the ways they resist having it. We will take our listeners through a short demonstration on how to release your attachment to all the ways you resist having money. 


  • 12 For 12s Radio w/Paul Beyer: EP#64, Guest ~ Ollie Connolly of UKEndZone

    in Sports

    "12 For 12s Radio"

    Paul Beyer <FaceBook>brings you his unique combination of X's & O's analysis w/12th Man love for the Seattle Seahawks. 12 topics for the 12th Man..You will hear everything a menmber of the 12s needs to know..but LOUDER!

    The NFL regular season is over and it's Re-Pete time! To celebrate the occasion, I've brought in heavy hitter, Ollie Connolly of UKEndZone, website owner & voice for multiple podcasts. Even though he's from the other side of the pond, his passion for our game is 2nd to none. We'll talk about the playoff picture for both conferences, as well as the Seahawks road back to Super Bowl XLVIX.

    Go Hawks

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    The Cichlid Life - Festae with John Connolly

    in Hobbies

    Join Sam Garcia Jr and Conway Stevens as they have special guest John Connolly to discuss one of his favorite fish, the Festae.

    John is a central and south american fish lover with his focus being on his prized festae.

    John's bio;

    John is also a Gutairist for the Hard rock band SevenDust as an original founding member of the band since 1994. Johns a song writter and also has another band called Projected.

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    Wisdom Keepers: Exploring The Untapped Asset of Our Elders with Teri Connolly

    in Lifestyle

    My guest for this episode is Teri Connolly, a beautifully seasoned wisdom keeper herself. Teri has been a soul care practitioner for over 20 years, embracing and embodying ancient wisdom from her ancestors and teachers both earthbound and from the stars. Her wish is that -- through her work -- others can heal from the story of their lives, embrace their dreams and live fully engaged. Teri is currently based out of Missoula Montana but works with clients all over the world.

    And... she's about to launch her own program, an internet based show called Fireside Chats with Crones: conversations focused on drawing the wisdom of crones & elders back into our daily lives. 

    Learn more about Teri at www.TeriConnolly.com. Be sure to sign up for her mailing list to stay apprised on the launching of her wonderful new video series. 


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    Connolly Goes Bold on Schools

    in Politics Progressive

    Announcing long before Boston Mayor Tom Menino decided not to run again, John Connolly campaigns on the biggest, toughest issue — fixing the city's schools. Education is the majority of the massive city budget. It's huge too in keeping families (a.k.a. taxpayers and voters) happy and in town. He'll talk about his other planks too, but we'll ask how he figures to be the first person to get a high-quality school in every neighborhood.

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    Dr. Christopher Connolly: The Nervous System of Bees

    in Environment

    Although the regulatory agencies continue to register new agro-chemicals which are contributing to the global decline in the population of our bees and other pollinators, the scientific community continues to prove the devastating impact on the health of these insects. In this special series called “The Neonicotinoid View”, hosts, June Stoyer and Tom Theobald will talk to Dr. Christopher Connolly, from the Division of Pharmacology and Neuroscience, University of Dundee, about his research about the effects of miticides and pesticides on the nervous system of bees. Stay tuned! Today's show is brought to you by Eden Foods the most trusted name in certified organic clean food! Shop online at EdenFoods.com and enter the coupon code “ORGVIEW” when prompted during checkout to receive 20% OFF any regularly priced items (excluding cases). For other promotional offers, please visit TheOrganicView.com’s website. If you are not receiving our most recent interviews, please re-subscribe to our new Official RSS feed on iTunes, Youtube or you can visit our podcast archives at www.theorganicview.com. ©2014 TheOrganicView.com. All Rights Reserved.

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    Author2Author with John Connolly

    in Writing

    Bill welcomes suspense writer John Connolly to the show. Join Bill and John as they discuss the books we write and the lives we lead. Don't miss it!

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    Connolly Goes Hunting

    in Politics Progressive

    At-large Boston City Councilor John Connolly is an impatient man. As a friend of the show, as they like to say, he's always been candid with us here. He joins us to talk about his biggest step yet. He;s announced that regardless of what longest-serving Mayor Tom Menino decides, he's going for the office. 
    His huge issue is improving the so-so public schools. They've improved slowly...far too slowly for him. He and his wife has two school-aged kids and are serviouslyl devoted to public ed.
    Listen in as John tells us what made him jump and how he expects to beat all comers, particuarly if the popular mayor goes in for a sixth term.