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    Spiritual Connections Radio with Pamela and Mark- Mon, 8pm EST

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    The Main Show- Spiritual Connections Radio

    Mark Rawson and Pamela Latour,  Monday 8:00-9:00PM EST each week:

    No guest tonight, our hosts will have a special show tonight

    On the show this Monday, Pamela Latour and Mark Rawson will talk about  

    The ego and how it serves us.

    Becoming that which we already are.

    What is permanent and what is temporary and who we really are.

    What is written before we come here and what is re-written along the way.

    Pam’s Web Site- http://pamelalatour.com/

    Mark’s Web Site- http://www.markarawson.com/

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    Sober Connections - Pilot Show!

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    This Show will be our introduction to Blog Talk Radio!
    We will be discussing Sober Connections History, Achievements, and Future goals. 
    We will also be discussing our Upcoming Events (locally) as well as the events we will be going too, as well as volunteer positions we need help on.
    We will also be discussing Future shows, with different formats, DJ's and possible upcoming Guests we will be hopefully interviewing!
    Feel free to call in with your Questions, Ideas, and Deep Knowings!

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    Angelika, Spiritual Connections Radio, Monday, Dec 8, 8pm EST

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    Our guest will be Angelika

    During the radio show she is going to talk about

    1. How did she discover sacred music?
    2. How does she use music as a healing modality?
    3. What does she see as the most helpful tools/techniques and attitudes to navigate these intense
    energies on the planet?
    4. She will lead us in an example of one of these tools?
    5. She will share a healing prayer song with us?

    Angelika is an internationally acclaimed composer/musician of sacred music, recording artist, inspirational speaker and seminar leader. She was born and raised in Germany and resides in Northern California. She sings uplifting original songs, ancient prayers from various cultural backgrounds, Mantras in different languages, from meditative to upbeat music, accompanied by a 50 string custom Tamboura Monochord and 12 string guitar. Her passion is to help herself and others find ease and inspiration through the gift of healing music, alternative life styles, insight into the nature of the human condition and connecting with our deepest inner wisdom.

    Music links
    Flowing into one- http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/angelika6
    Benediction- http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/angelika3
    Gifts from the heart- http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/angelika8

    Website link- www.angelikahealingmusic.com


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    Stripes Connections

    in Lifestyle

    Come be a part of this experience on Stripes Connections Thursday from 10am-11am!

    Let's talk about...

    -Songs that describe you..

    -What app would you create and why..

    -Why it's important to make that call to someone because you never know when it will be the last chance..


    Hope to hear you call in!


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    Stripes Connections

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    Business Connections - Karol Taylor

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    Karol Taylor, Taylor Your Career, is my guest for this show. Business Connections is all about YOUR business. We discuss different ways in which to promote your business, how to find and keep customers, how to get referrals and much more. Stay tuned each week for more details as we have sponsored guests and people calling in to ask questions  Please help spread the word and tell your friends and family and share on social media, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Cindy Freland, Maryland Secretarial Services, Inc, is the host of the show. http://www.marylandsecretarial.com, cindy@marylandsecretarial.com, (301) 352-7927

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    Stripes Connections

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    Carey Stokes, Spiritual Connections Radio, Nov 3, 8pm ET

    in Spirituality

    On the show, Carey is going to talk about-

    1) What type of work he is teaching these days?

    2) What trips are planned for 2015 and what is it like to go on them?

    3) What is the big difference he has seen in the area of his work over the past year?

    4) What type of work is his wife doing these days?

    Carey is Certified as a Master Practitioner of Energy Medicine and a recognized Shamanic Teacher in the US and Abroad for children and adults.  Native American in Lineage, and with deep respect for the Earth and all her life forms, he was innately drawn to study the ancient indigenous healing ways of living in balance and harmony with all life.

    For many, many years he has spent treasured time with the Q’ero Andean Shamans of Peru in sacred sites, rites and ceremonies, alone and with groups he leads there to Machu Picchu, Sacred Valley, Lake Titicaca, etc..  He also has spent precious time with respected Native American Wisdom Keepers of the Americas in sacred sites and ceremony. He leads groups to South Dakota to experience first hand the beauty and ancient ways of the first peoples.

    Through the traditions of the medicine way he helps create sacred space and support for ones own personal empowerment, growth and healing. Carey teaches, lectures, holds workshops and retreats, has a private practice in Energy Medicine South Florida,  He is Founder of  The Medicine Way University “Exploration, Studies,Trainings & Retreats in Indigenous Energy Medicine of  the Americas”

    Website- www.careystokes.com

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    Terry Pappy, Spiritual Connections Radio, Mon, June 2, 8pm EST

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    The main show called Spiritual Connections Radio, this is where it all started

    Our guest Monday is Terry Pappy

    On the show Terry will talk about-

    1.  Her professional creative background.
    2.  What is Compass Playbook and why she turned it into an online courses and coaching program.
    3.  What do people get out of doing the program.
    4.  What is the future vision of the program.

    Terry Pappy is an award-winning professional designer, writer and creative coach. She is the CEO and Chief Strategist at Better3, a creative consultancy based on Orlando, Florida. She is also the author of Compass Playbook and creator of Compass Playbook’s online courses and coaching programs. Compass Playbook empowers people to more potently achieve their goals in the areas of money, work, relationships and health. Compass uses fun, creative exercises to help people deeply clarify goals and align their thinking so they can achieve what they want more quickly and with greater satisfaction. For more than 30 years, Terry has helped individuals, business leaders and change makers gain more confidence, connect with their true callings and achieve the things that are most important to them. Her style is fun, lighthearted and filled with love. 

    Website- www.compassplaybook.com


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    Sober Connections Show8 Curtis Half Moon Sober Festival 2013

    in Self Help

    We will be Interviewing Curtis Wilson from Half Moon Sober Festival.  Curtis will be discussing the History, Goals and Mission, Music and Lineups, as well as their NEW Location this year at: Cheshire Fairgrounds 247 Monadanock Highway Swanzey, NH 03446   Come join us and feel free to call up and ask him your own questions! We are excited to have him, and we are Definitely excited to be going again this year as Sober Connections in the Serenity Circus Tent!   We will be bringing A TON of FREE Books again this year as well, so bring a couple of Bags!   Feel Free to check out their website for more info!   HalfMoonSoberFestival2013

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    Spirit Connections with Intuitive Psychic Medium Donna Marie Crawford

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    Are you are seeking spiritual guidance about a particular life challenge you are going through? Join Intuitive Psychic Medium Donna Marie Crawford as she shares the guidance and messages she receives from Spirit and from your loved ones who have passed. Donna Marie will be offering mini readings live on the broadcast for those who wish to connect.

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