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    Connecting Women

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    Faten Abdallah will interview Donna VanLiere, author of Finding Grace. In a bit, Betsy MacKinnon, VP of Marketing and Communications of Inquisix, will discuss Web 2.0 business networking dedicated to connecting businesses to MORE business. Call (646) 595-3653, or email connectingwomenradio@gmail.com.

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    Connecting Women

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    Faten Abdallah and Raina Kader will interview Connecting to Give founder Gynne Lacey. Dr. Tomis Kapitan, of Northern Illinois University, will be discussing the crisis of Gaza. Call 646-595-3653, or email connectingwomenradio@gmail.com.

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    Connecting the Dots Social Media Q&A

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    This week I am answering all your Social Media questions and helping you to Connect the Dots online!
    Let's look at Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube ... whatever you need help with ...
    Like this question ...
    How can I use Facebook to get more business so I can eliminate my enormous monthly (offline) advertising bill? 
    Please send your questions in to Emily and they will be answered live on air :-)
    To find out more about Social Media and to get your free download templates please visit:

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    King Connections - Connecting with Intent - Connecting with Lydia Harris

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    King Connections - Connecting with Intent - The strategy for developing Strategic Partnerships

    Your Hosts:

    Christopher King (King) - who goes by King is the President of the DC Chapter of Conscious Capitalism and author of a new book titled" Connecting With Intent - Why Social Capital is more Valuable than Financial Capital". He is the founder and CEO of King Connections.

    Willis Victory

    CEO/FOUNDER of Willis Victory Enterprise, which consist of numerous companies. Willis Victory Enterprise is home of the Global Victory Capital Investment Firm, Phase 7 Media Group Inc. and the Stars of Victory Entertainment Group.

    Today's Guest:

    Lydia Harris

    Co-Founder of Death Row Records, Entertainment Guru Lydia Harris has taken entrepreneurship to HIGHER LEVELS expanding into 5 distinct specialty areas:

    LADY BOSS ENTERTAINMENT (entertainment company),
    Author & Publisher - LB Publishing (published "Married To The Game”),  
    Lydia Culinary Career Inst,
    Literary Foundation
    Life Coach

    Lydia Robinson Harris owns a small restaurant in Texas, dotes on her daughter LyDasia, believes in God and family – and has spent most of the past two decades living a life that the rest of us would have a very hard time imagining.

    As the wife of convicted drug dealer Michael Harris, she once divided her time between courthouses and prisons, a series of elegant homes in California, and her office at Death Row Records. For a small-town girl of simple tastes, she managed to survive some amazing extremes!

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    Connecting Women: Joan Lunden

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    Faten Abdallah interviews Joan Lunden, former host of Good Morning America, and a mother of seven children.  Lunden introduces her line of cookware.  Email connectingwomernadio(at)gmail(dot)com.

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    Connecting on Talk-N-Angels Radio Show

    in Spirituality

    Millions and millions of people connect in every second using technology like the internet, cell phones, and satellites.  We are constantly connected to our world, to other people, and to machines.  In this physical world, we are connected and are connecting with every breath, to the natural world, to the organisms and elements that make up the Earth.  We breathe and we connect.

    Let's talk about the ways in which we connect with each other, with the planet and then go deeper to uncover how we connect within ourselves to our own higher-selves, our bodies, our sub conscious minds and our souls. And then go from the deepest part within our selves and reach up to connect with our angels, guides, ancestors and other highly evolved beings.



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    Introduction to Connecting Women

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    This is the introduction to Connecting Women. Here we will discuss the format of the talk show and take in listeners' opinions.

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    Victory Over Diabetes and the Products that Help

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    Nautilus Nutritionals started out two years ago when our founder, Greg Gomez was working in a career that was totally unrelated to this business. With a busy routine to follow and the same run of the mill 9 to 5, he knew it was time for a change.  A change that would create positive energy. With physical and mental energy a person can achieve the most difficult tasks in the world.

    Knowing that his younger brother was being besieged by the devastating effects of diabetes, he knew he wanted to do something to make a difference. It was then that Nautilus Nutritionals was conceived.

    Leaving the industry he spent over 20 years in, Greg started off with his own business of creating energy and health related food products and nutritional and dietary supplements. He was committed to making products that followed a very strict set of standards. To learn more please visit them online. 

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    Connecting threw the artist's path may be a universal experience.

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    CUTV News Radio spotlights Joss Rowlands of It’s All About Connecting

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    Calgary, Alberta – As creative people, we often start a business because we enjoy our craft, but the business side can be much more difficult, more left brained. Long hours trying to master the numbers, or make sense of ‘foreign’ concepts, can slowly drain the passion from your business.

    Joss Rowlands is the co-founder of It’s All About Connecting, a coaching practice dedicated to helping creative individuals build successful businesses. It’s All About Connecting melds creativity and pragmatism, ideas and finances, into a business development program custom designed to help you build a business that sustains your life. If you’re entrepreneurial, you have a creative idea and you’re serious about it, you are the kind of person that It’s All About Connecting wants to help.

    “Everyone we speak to is naturally creative,” says Rowlands. “You don’t go to a coach unless you need a new perspective. We give our clients complete permission to be who they are because that’s when they are strongest.”

    From a neuroscience perspective, the right brain governs emotional response and idea generation; the left side of the brain governs logic and quantification. According to Rowlands, creative people typically don’t enjoy the structure of the traditional industrial environment.

    “We help individuals who are more right-brained deal with what needs to be done on the left side,” says Rowlands. "You hear horror stories. They tell you it’s not fun having your own business. It’s just hard work. So what is it about the business that you really love?"

    For more information on It’s All About Connecting, visit http://www.itsallaboutconnecting.ca

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    Connecting With The Voice Within

    in Spirituality

    Your Spiritual Journey - Episode 3 - "Connecting With The Voice Within"

    What does it mean to connect with The Still Small Voice within? Every artist throughout history knows this one. That Voice is one's personal connection to the Divine, the source of all Inspiration, where inspiration literally means "to be filled with spirit". It doesn't get any clearer than that.

    Most of us feel that such an ability is only for a select few, where in fact hearing that voice used to be commonplace. Being connected to the Divine was natural in earlier times, back in the 5th dimension of consciousness.

    That's where we're returning at this point. Connections to spirit still have to be intentionally engaged in at present; they have to be chosen and committed to. But soon that ability to connect with Source will be natural again because we are accelerating up the vibrational scale back to where we were before The Fall. We are leaving 3D limited consciousness and returning to 5D capabilities.

    In the novel The Voice - A Mythological Guide to Mankind's Ascension, a group of volunteers are recruited to attend a spiritual training program, somewhere off planet. They are there to learn about this connection to The Voice within and secure it for themselves. They chose this mission to acquire that ability so they could become trainers and teach their fellow human beings.

    The Voice is a spiritual sci-fi adventure that is  occuring now to awakening humans across the planet. Ascension Earth is fully underway as scores of seekers and lightworkers find their place in this ever evolving dynamic. Are you feeling that tug? Because thousands of us now are.