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    Rob Myers - There's a Way to Stop Mass Shootings and You Won't Like It

    in Culture

    What makes a blog go viral? Is it the title? The author? The topic? A combination of all three?

    In the case of Rob Myers blog titled, THERE’S A WAY TO STOP MASS SHOOTINGS, AND YOU WON’T LIKE IT, we might all agree that the title draws us in. What keeps us reading though?

    I can only speak for myself that the reason I kept reading was because Rob wasn’t pointing fingers at the system or any system, saying YOU should do this or not do this. In fact, he calls the reader forth in the blog’s very first sentence. “That’s right. (It reads) You’re not going to like it because it’s going to require you to do something personally, as opposed to shouting for the government, or anyone (else) to “do something! You ready? Here it is”

    It’s a perfect topic for Voice of Evolution Radio, and yet this is the first time I’m bringing it to my listeners, for the very reason that kept me reading: it’s become a polarity conversation in which we make someone else wrong for the ills of the world, a diffusion of responsibility issue - and Voice of Evolution Radio is NOT about supporting polarity; we are all about voicing polarity for the sake of creating connecting, sustainable and compassionate conversation.

    Rob Myers is at present managing the largest single site, off-campus Student Housing facility in the country at 2500 beds. Previously, he was a Regional Manager in Gainesville, FL and a fixer for troubled student housing assets. He’s a walking Student Housing operations manual (in his own words) in a delightfully pleasant package, loving Budgets, Marketing, and Team Building, just a few of his favorite things.

    Linda Lombardo hosts. 


  • Attorney Stephen Wright talks about Foreclosure Defense in Connecticut

    in Finance

    Tonight we have Attorney Stephen P Wright from Connecticut with us because he and I have been having some conversations about the real issues that the banks keep sweeping under the rug. He has a very impressive resume. 

    Stephen went to Trumball High School, Florida State University and Western New England College of Law where he graduated in 1980. So we are not talking about a new comer in the practice of law we are talking about a litigator with experience. He is a lecturer in the Commercial Law League of America, a former faculty member of the College of the State Bar in Texas, and a current member of the Connecticut Bar and previous member of the Texas Bar. He has lectured and written on workouts, collection of judgments, debtor/creditor relations, the UCC, and bankruptcy.

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    5 Ways The Media Lies About Police Shootings & Blames It On #BlackLivesMatter

    in Culture

    Listen to The Michael Imhotep Show, Tues. Sept., 15th, 10pm-12midnight EST with host Michael Imhotep of The African History Network. We’ll discuss “5 Ways Mainstream Media Lies To You About Police Shootings & Tries To Blame It On #BlackLivesMatter”!!! CALL IN WITH Questions/Comments at 1-888-669-2281.  POST YOUR COMMENTS.  WE MAY READ THEM ON AIR.  Listen online at http://tunein.com/radio/Empowerment-Radio-Network-s199313/ or by downloading the "TuneIn Radio" app to your smartphone and search for "Empowerment Radio Network" or at www.AfricanHistoryNetwork.com.


    1) Roland Martin interviewed Dr. Ben Carson about his Presidential Bid.  Dr. Carson shows why White people like him so much.  2) Republican Presidential Candidate, Gov. Scott Walker Blames President Obama for the recent rash of Police Shootings.  3) Today is the anniversary of the 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing.  4) This date in African American History – Muhammad Ali defeats Leon Spinks and the founding of the Afro-American Council in 1898.

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    in Politics Conservative

    This broadcast will discuss the seemingly refusal of #AllLivesMatter advocates and the media in calling out white-on-white crime and demonizing Caucasian killers in mass shootings.

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    Brower Report Talking Police Shootings and Presidential Politics Live 9PM ET

    in Politics Conservative

    Brower Report Radio Show talking politics and news and views you can use!


    Join the Brower Report Radio Show for news and views you can use!  We are live from 9pm to 10pm ET.  We will be discussing Presidential politics, the war on police officers and our take on it, daycare fight club, guy pretending to be Uber driver, Chinese stock market hijinks, Arby's employee makes a bad choice, New Black Panthers calling for violence, and the feel good story of the day.


    We also will take your calls to hear what is on your mind at 347-884-8627. 


    Listen to this episode directly at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/browerreport/2015/09/03/brower-report-talking-police-shootings-and-presidential-politics-live-9pm-et


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  • The Oregon Shootings And Guest Rev. Robert Schenck Joins The Discussion

    in Christianity

    After using my Sunday podcast to talk about Christian Persecution here in America, I am following that up with a recap of the events from last week. One thing you will not hear is the name of the person who committed the horrible crimes, because I've decided to not give people who do such things any name recognition. 

    After my account of the events, Rev. Robert Schenck will join me and we will discuss his views on the topic - which differ from my own. 

    If there is time left, I will share other current events that are happening around the globe. 

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          After the school shooting in Roseburg, Oregon, there have been other shootings, some drive bys, and a RECENT SCHOOL SHOOTING that at the time of these writing had one person killed several injured with the shooter in captivity, Ben Carson said Roseburg wasn't going to be the last one.

         Funny thing about POLITICAL POLLS - if one of the popular regular political figures was doing well in the POLLS, they would be head-over-heels about them, but because they are not in favor of the LIFE-ER candidates, the Presidential hopefuls in the lead Trump, Carson & Fiorina are leading, the POLLS don't matter - so WHY EVEN TALK POLL TALK?  Do the POLLS matter?

         AND there was a public figure, escapes me at the time, but said, if BEN CARSON won the Presidential election, it would be the REAL FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT of the United States - and I thought the first one, was Bill Clinton - IJS - 347-205-9366, you calling in?

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    The Catholic Geek: Tom Knighton on shootings, Marina Fontaine on Dean Koontz

    in Current Events

    Host Declan Finn (Honor at Stake) interviews author and former Corpsman Tom Knighton  (Bloody Eden, Bad Moon on the Rise, and more) on mass shootings, including the recent slaughter in Oregon.  

    Marina Fontaine will discuss Catholicism, horror, and Dean Koontz.

    T.L. "Tom" Knighton is a former Navy Corpsman, a journalist, blogger, husband, father, and writer living in Albany Georgia. He is also a contributor to SamePageNation.com

    Marina Fontaine is an immigrant from the former Soviet Union, a proud American and an unrepentant book addict.Because of her background, Marina especially appreciates an opportunity to discover, share and support pro-freedom art in all its forms. She is a co-founder of Conservative-Libertarian Fiction Alliance group on Facebook, runs Small Government Book Fan Club on Goodreads and has a blog on Liberty Island. Marina lives in New Jersey with her very supportive husband, three children and four guinea pigs, working as an accountant by day and an aspiring writer by night.



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    Tim Black At Night Show 11/23/2015

    in Entertainment

    New Orleans Shooting Leaves 17 Injured - New Orleans Shooting Leaves 17 Injured - What's The Answer to Random Shootings? Tim Black At Night Show airs everyday 9P Est. Lets talk about it here on Tim Black At Night (323) 870-4064 Tune In!  https://www.youtube.com/c/DCNewswithTimBlack1/live

    *Sponsorships and Promotion Opportunities*
    On my Patreon page you'll see a breakdown of my sponsorships and promotion packages.  http://www.patreon.com/timstakelive You can also PayPal me at: tim@timthebartender.com 
    If you have any questions email me at timstake2@gmail.com

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    The split about the split second decision!

    in Current Events

    It is in the wee hours of Thanksgiving morning and I am wide away. This show has been on my mind to do since I saw the awful video of the murder of Laquan McDonald. I paused at the beginning of the show because I think it has been said that all of this went down in 30 seconds meaning from the time the officer arrived on scene and fired 16 shots in LaQuan who was already down from the first few shots. But as usual you have those who see nothing wrong. On CNN I saw one of their regulars who come on during police shootings and he had the audacity to say that the killing of African-Americans involving police is not an epidemic. I sat here shaking my head as of last year there was Eric Garner, Tamir Rice and the awful not guilty verdict of Micheal Brown that was happening last year around this time. I can remember almost feeling guilty to sit at my Thanksgiving table being happy when I knew that The Brown family had an empty chair. The officials of the Chicago were forced to release that video and they were forced to arrest the officer involved. But their lenghthy investigation stinks to high heavens. I have tried time and time to again to give Rahm Emmanual the benefit of the doubt but the writing is on the wall. This cannot go on! This young man had a hard life and the system have not only failed him once but twice. I have been watching the coverage of the protests and I thank those on social media who have kept me up on everything happening. So as all of this plays out think about what you are thankful for?

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    Hands Up, Don't Shoot! Reactions from the struggle on the streets!

    in Culture

    Hands Up, Don't Shoot! Reactions from the struggle on the streets! Please feel free to use this platform to connect the people around the world to the struggle in the streets. #BlackLivesMatter

    Call in and share your perspective about police shootings and the death of black people at the hands of law enforcement.

    This is a non-scripted show.