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    The Persecution & Prosecution of Ted Taupier in Connecticut Family Courts

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    How do you know when a state has no crime and not enough work to justify their budgets ?  When this is the best show in town; when you make up crime like [breach of peace] as a felony worthy of a state and its tax payer budgets.

    Cromwell, Connecticut resident Ted Taupier found himself embroiled in a nasty divorce and a monumental battle for his rights to his children.  In a series of escalating charges, one more ridiculous than the next, Taupier became the target of another corrupt family court system in Connecticut. 

    In one instance:

    "Edward Taupier recklessly created a risk of causing T***** Taupier inconvenience, annoyance, and alarm by offensive conduct that annoyed and
    interfered with T***** Taupier" so reads the complaint against Ted Taupier. 

    Just imagine, now you can be arrested and charged with a felony just for someone saying you annoyed and inconvenienced them and this alarmed you.   Of course, in order to invoke these idiotic statutes, you must be well connected to those who participate in the court, or, be part of the court system itself.  These statutes were enacted in virtually every state to reduce the standards necessary to prosecute individuals who might be trying to blow the whistle on corruption or, misuse of the system by "special" friends of the court.  Of course YOU can't use them unless the court sees a benefit for itself by doing so.  Otherwise, court dockets would be stacked to the ceilings with pending cases against judges, attorney's, and others who routinely annoy, inconvenience and alarm most of us.

    Join us tonight as we discuss the persecution and prosecution of Ted Taupier!



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    The Connecticut Connection

    in Family

    Brother Alan,Brother Raj and Sister LaTeta Will Discuss "The Connecticut Connection"...How this Will Effectively Affect Our Children...Kick Your Shoes off Family...Welcome Home!

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    NFL Draft Podcast featuring Carlif Taylor, Southern Connecticut, DL

    in Football

    Bringing the next generation of tomorrows NFL stars to you today on the College2Pro.com Players Platform Show. Join host Bo Marchionte along with special guest Carlif Taylor. 

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    Kiev, Caracas are in crisis, and Connecticut gun control hits a snag

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    Technical note: The platform crashed about 12 minutes into the program, dead air and distorted portions have been deleted, but the conversation may not flow as well as we intended around this mark. ;-(

    Police in Kiev attempted heavy handed tactics in an apparent attempt to bring Ukranian protests to an end. The attempt didn't go as well as police might have expected.

    In Caracas, Venezuela, massive protests have also errupted. Perhaps living under a government where toilet paper is a scarce commodity gets old after a while. 

    And here in the U.S., there's a less showy, more underground form of protest that's receiving notice this week. Somewhere between 20,000 and 100,000 gun owners in Connecticut are said to have snubbed a new state requirement to register their gun mags and "military style" rifles.

    They risk felony prosecution by so doing. 

    The Georgia House of Representatives this week joined the Georgia Senate in advancing a call for an Article V constitutional convention. We have an expanded segment in the second hour. 

    Don and Doug discuss these and other topics beginning at 1:00 pm EST on Friday. Your participation by phone or chat is invited.

    Update: Georgia's House may take up the Convention of States proposal on Thursday. If it does, we'll have an update on Friday's program. 

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    Hey Connecticut-"Hannibal is at The Gates"

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     Hannibal ad portas, Hannibal is at the gates, Roman parents would tell their misbehaving children this, invoking their fear of Hannibal. We need to be doing the same thing now. Hannibal it seems, is at the gates again.

    With the current push for gun consfication in Connecticut, we are entering into a very dangerous area. With almost 80% of the states firearm owners refusing to register their firearms and risking having the state start going door to door and confiscating folks arms the state is on the verge of a serious and dangerous situation.

    Anti gunners yell about pro gun folks resistence to registering their firearms, but this is the exact scenario 2A folks fear. I would like to hear from listeners about their opinions of the current situation in Connecticut.

    Call in number is 347-308-8790

    Hope to see you there!


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    in Politics


    Discussion of the states UNCONSTITUTIONAL GUN Laws and how it will affect not only those whom live here but the rest of the Republic also.

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    Highlights from Connecticut Education Network Conference

    in Technology

    Juniper Network's Deen Thomchick visits with the Modern Network and shares highlights from her presentation on next-generation firewalls at the recent Connecticut Education Network (CEN) Conference. Next-generation firewalls offer full packet inspection, greater contrl and deeper levels of security.

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    Slavery, Freedom and Reunion in a Colonial Connecticut Town

    in History

    "Slavery, Freedom and Reunion in a Colonial Connecticut Town" with Grant Hayter-Menzies, Daryl D'Angelo and Donald Roddy In June 1759, Norwich, Connecticut businessman Benajah Bushnell sold Guy Drock, a slave of African ancestry, to Sarah Powers, the  Caucasian woman Drock had possibly married. Ironically, this deed freed Drock from Bushnell’s control but not from slavery. In March 2012, descendants of Guy and Sarah Drock and of Benajah Bushnell came together in Norwich for the first time in over two centuries. Drock descendants Daryl D’Angelo and Donald Roddy—who when they began their research years earlier did not know they had African ancestry, and Bushnell descendant Grant Hayter-Menzies—who thought only his Southern ancestors were slave owners—met to try to understand a legacy they did not know they shared. In the town where their past began, they sought to explore the personal impact of their ancestors’ intertwined histories, how the past has shaped them, their research and their interactions with one another today, and the relatively unknown institution of slavery in early New England.
    Grant Hayter-Menzies is an internationally published biographer and journalist . 
    Daryl D’Angelo is a wife and mother, photographer and writer, and lives in a small town in southern New Hampshire.
    Donald Roddy is a 78 year old retired Airline Pilot.

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    Connecticut School shooting

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    As gun control advocates cheered President Obama's call to action on gun violence, the White House began to weigh its options Monday on how to fulfill the president's vow to use all the power of his office to prevent future mass killings. The most likely initiatives following Friday's Connecticut school shooting — efforts to tighten gun show sales, for example, or to reinstate a ban on assault weapons — are laden with political pitfalls and challenges. Although several members of Congress indicated they were newly open to gun control measures, opposition to stiffer gun laws is expected to remain firm, particularly in the Republican-led House.
    Taking on another uphill legislative battle would scramble an already full agenda for the White House, which is embroiled in fiscal negotiations and hoping to start Obama's second term with a focus on immigration reform.

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    Connecticut Elementary School Shooting

    in Current Events

    Stephen Anderson reports live on the Connecticut shooting.
    Follow Stephen: @andersonstevem

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    Thanksgiving Show and Connecticut Wrappers

    in Culture

    Happy Thanksgiving! This show was pre-recorded so we could spend time with our families. I am sure they would prefer the 4 of us go do the show so they can enjoy the holiday but too bad for them!
    We will (or did already) smoke a few of Vince's favorite Connecticut Wrapper cigars. Even though we all lean toward fuller bodied cigars we will tell you our opinon and hope you may agree with us.
    We also talk about family traditions on this holiday and Graham will explain a new event for men called "Carcas Party"

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