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    Knowing our Ancient Connections Evolve Us

    in Spirituality

    To learn about our future , often we need to look at our past, and the patterns and influences that have been present on our planet since the age of time. Modern tech may have its advantages , but ancient connection to source out rocks any gig , ram or beam, we can plug into today....We live in a world where being in touch with ourselves, our universal language , and our connectedness in the universe, is to our advantage individually and as a global society. We can no longer deny the subtleties of energy around us, within us and how we contribute to it. If we are commiteed to evolving ourselves, our perspectives and our world then we need to look outside of conventional means to do so. We need to look at what built thriving civilizations years ago, and the connection to source indigenous people had and many still do today. When we value connection, heart, more than progress and advancement of our wi-fi world, then we have evolved our priorites and brought hope for a thriving future.

    History Channels expert Ted Peters~Theologian and UFO Expert

    Akashic Records Expert ~Ernesto

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    Episode 32: The Opposite of Addiction....

    in Medicine

    Find out why today's guest, Dr. Michelle Robin says, “Part of wellness is being able to look someone in the eye and feel worthy.”

    Dr. Michelle Robin shared the following on her blog: “We all want love and happiness…really connectedness. It’s human nature. Yet somehow the love and relationships we seek often elude us. I’m not just talking about romantic love relationships either. We sometimes struggle with having the deep connections and comfort we desire with friends and family as well. We may even find it difficult to make good connections or attract the ideal clients and business partners with whom we want to work. Why? Maybe it’s because our focus is on seeking external connections instead of finding an internal one.” 

    She said, maybe, and I would say, yes!…Dr. Robin hit the nail on the head: we seek external connections instead of internal ones. It’s my belief that over time, we establish these external connections, these wants and desires, and we simply don’t have very much practice tapping into our internal connections. Join in as Dr. Robin and I share valuable information on how you can create healthy relationships, and learn a basic fact of life you may have never considered: what the opposite of addiction is. You do not want to miss today's show! 


  • SHIATSU To Help Raise Your Consciousness

    in Lifestyle

    I would like to welcome Allison Grove to our show! Allison will speaking about shiatsu as part of your conscious awakening.

    For quite a few of you your experience and knowledge of Shiatsu to date will be as a luxury treatment given in health spas or massage parlours.  Yes of course you may say “we know that”

    This therapy was first introduced thousands of years ago as a touch therapy to keep everyone healthy not only in body but mind and spirit and that is why I am here speaking about it to raise your awareness of the benefits of this wonderful work and how it can help you become more in tune with life.

    In western society we have lost this connectedness many of us have become stuck and our internal energy becomes weak affecting our organs, well being and Spirit. Tune into www.blogtalkradio.com/lindasconscioustalks to listen or callin and ask questions by calling (347) 850-8423.

  • Guest: Kerrie Phipps from Australia Discusses "Do Talk to Strangers"

    in Christianity

    Kerrie Phipps is an inspiring and energetic communicator whose passion is connecting and empowering Difference-Makers and Leaders. Download Speakers Kit Here! Kerrie loves facilitating new thinking - to generate insights and turning-point conversations. Creating new connections deepens learning and connectedness. The results are significant to individuals and organisations.  Visit http://www.kerriephipps.com for more information!


  • Hidden Mysteries: Ancient Deities in Modern Times

    in Paranormal

    The ancient gods, according to Edgar Cayce, were beings who immersed themselves in matter eons ago, some losing touch with their celestial nature in doing so, while others retained their connectedness, thus becoming gods. When I was a teenager, I remember spending the summer reading a book about Greek mythology and immersing myself in its tales. i was transfixed by the  stories of these ancient beings as they illustrated how the seasons came about, for example, and the origins of the world. But did they actually exist, I've often wondered, and do they have any connection to us today?

    Join us as Reverend Maria D'Andrea and I take a look at the ancient gods and how they may still help us in todays modern arena. Visit www.Mariadandrea.com or call her at 631-559-1248 to speak with Maria about the services she offers. Visit www.MQuestMedia.com for video segments of MQuestTV and articles on paranormal and spiritual topics. Be sure to take a look at Maria's most recent book on Amazon.com called - "Simple Spells with Playing Cards".

  • Be Strong with Tuned In Coaching - Special Guest - Richard I McDaniel, Author

    in Self Help

    Rich recently published his first book, The Portal To Your Inner World!  He and his wife Barb also worked with me as a Strengths Coach. Together we will discuss the impact of our work together and Rich will explain the premis of his book and his belief that; "It's not what you think, It's what you feel.

    "In 2005 my wife and I took the StrengthsFinder Assessment on our own. We shared 3 strengths in our top 5. They were Intellection, Connectedness, and Individualization. I can honestly say that although the results were interesting, it didn’t really mean all that much to us. Now, ten years later, having gone through a couple of seminars by Jennifer and engaging in her coaching and consulting services, I can honestly say understanding our strengths has had a significant impact on our relationship.

    Jennifer helped us understand just what our strengths actually meant and how they interacted with each other. Although my wife and I shared 3 of our top 5 strengths, we didn’t express them the same way. In fact when my wife was acting out of a common strength, but not in a way I would act, to me it appeared wrong. I would not be doing it that way. Now I have a better appreciation as to when my wife is doing something differently than what I would do, especially when she is approaching it from her strength. Jennifer has a wonderful way of bringing these concepts alive and how to apply them in very practical ways. Jennifer is a rock star."

    To learn more about Rich and his new book go to www.storedfeelings.com

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    Birth Affirmations with Susan Singer on The Authentic Woman with Shannon Fisher

    in Women

    Shannon Fisher interviews artist and author, Susan Singer, about her book for expectant mothers, Birth Affirmations. Susan wrote and illustrated the book, filled with positive statements to help pregnant women develop an empowered, positive mindset for giving birth. The Birth Affirmations book guides pregnant women through creating and accepting their own personal birthing experience, making it perfect for her - whatever that might mean.  


    They will discuss Susan's inspirations for the book, both the text and the illustrations, and the manner in which women can use these affirmations to strengthen their connectedness to themselves, their child, and the world throughout pregnancy, during delivery, and following birth. 


    The Authentic Woman is a weekly radio show hosted by women's rights leader, Shannon Fisher, offering perspectives on the female experience in America. The show delves deeply into the worlds of writers, artists, celebrities, and community leaders. Shannon Fisher on the web: Facebook - Twitter -  Links to Previous Episodes of The Authentic Woman. Podcast by the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network LLC.

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    Learning to Connect in a Disconnected World

    in Relationships

    May 28, 2015 - LIVING A RICHER LIFE ~ Life Changing Talk Radio

    THEME: Learning to Connect in a Disconnected World

    INTERVIEW GUEST: Dr. Nancy R. Harris, DSS

    Dr. Nancy R. Harris is an Intuitive Psychotherapist specializing in helping highly sensitive, intuitive, gifted people find inner peace and harmony in their lives and relationships. She also helps women, men, and couples quickly and easily release and re-program old trauma, emotional blocks, fears and anxieties. She is internationally known for her unique and transformational training programs and private intuitive counseling. She is also the author of Take Two Cookies and Call me in the Morning: How to Connect in a Disconnected World.


    Most of us think of love as the wonderful experience of feeling connected. But, have you ever been in a relationship where you felt it was the other person’s responsibility to make you happy, to meet all of your needs, to understand you and know what you want without asking? Or have you been on the other side of this scenario? You were the partner expected to fulfill the other person and manage their happiness. Either situation is perpetually frustrating and not the "connection" you envisioned when your first met your partner.  Is it possible to learn to connect learn how to find and create loving connections in life? Is there a recipe? Can you learn to connect in a disconnected world?

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    Change the Interaction, Change the Outcome

    in Relationships

    Louise and William's new book, Being Relational, details seven ways of being in relation to others that capture the heart and soul of all that is self-help, grounded in method, and supported by relational conflict theory and brain science findings. The ways of being that promote quality face-to-face dialogue and lasting positive change are rooted in teachings from many sources and are also inspired by the experience of thousands of people for whom the Senfts have mediated, fostering personal strength and connectedness through quality interaction. In this program, Louise and William will share insights into their practical and inspiring approach that the listeners can immediately apply to their stressful interactions as well as, check in on and grow into, as a way of being in relation to others.

    Louise Phipps Senft and William Senft (Baltimore, MD) are business and law professors, mediators, lawyers, entrepreneurs, parents of five children, and in William's case, youth sports coach and clergy. In their many years of experience at their firm, Baltimore Mediation, Louise and William have gained a unique perspective on the ways that leaders and others manage conflict, experience conflict, manage themselves in conflict, solve problems, build relationships, and make their way in the world. They are the founders of the nonprofit ORANS: The Campaign for Relational Leadership and the ORANS Institute for Relational Leadership.

    Stephen Kotev is a Washington D.C. based conflict resolution consultant offering mediation, negotiation and facilitation services, conflict coaching, training and somatic education to private and government clients. He holds a Master of Science degree from George Mason University’s School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution and a black belt in the Japanese martial art of Aikido.

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    "When you combine Vision, Mission, and Passion you can change the world!"

    in Spirituality

    Guests: Merry and Burl Hall!!!

    "Our mission is to co-create a resilient, equitable and spiritually fulfilling future for humanity in community with the Earth. By spiritually fulfilling, we do not mean to adapt to any specific creed or religion. Rather, we mean a sense of connectedness—of oneness with the universe, our loved ones, our ancestors and posterity, and within ourselves. We are awakening the realization that we belong to the cosmic All."

    Come and join their community-http://www.envisionthismedia.com/home

    Envision This! Radio

    Connecting listeners to visionaries of a more resilient, abundant, equitable, and Earth-friendly future-http://www.envisionthismedia.com/envisionthis-radio

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    In Home Skilled Nursing San Diego, 619-220-7600

    in Health

    San Diego In-Home Skilled Nursing  http://www.FirstatofSanDiego.com Best Home Nursing Care in San Diego including Homecare, Skilled Nursing, Caregivers. Trained, Certified, Licensed Nurses, 92154, 92126, 92105

    Senior Health: 3 Tips For Prolonging Vitality
    Taking steps to prolong senior health is a worthwhile goal.

    For families with aging loved ones, learning how to maintain physical and mental health into the golden years is a smart, sensible strategy. Here are three tips for prolonging senior health and vitality.

    The Benefits of Exercise Are Real
    Regular physical activity makes it easier to maintain a healthy bodyweight, can improve sleep, prevent falls and has even been shown to boost mood and confidence. 

    Encouraging Social Involvement
    Social participation can decrease feelings of isolation, depression, and help aging seniors maintain a sense of connectedness and well-being.

    In Home Skilled Nursing Services
    Professional in-home skilled nursing services provide the tools and resources seniors need to live independently. They offer help administering medications, performing daily activities, running errands and more.

    People wanting to learn more are encouraged to pick up a copy of our free guide… “Critical Questions You Must Ask Before You Hire a Home Care Provider" Just give us a call 619-220-7600 or visit our website at: http://www.FirstatofSanDiego.com

    In Home Skilled Nursing San Diego