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    The Bible in Conjure

    in Spirituality

    Hi Everyone,

    The Old Style Conjure Radio show is back on air in full motion and stronger than ever. We will talk about the power of God in Conjure. Tune in because we have some exciting news.

    To understand Almighty God and how his power works we will turn to his Word in the Scriptures. The Bible is the heart of traditional Conjure/Rootwork.It is this power in God's Holy Word that we turn to for guidance, strength, direction, and most important change for a better outcome! 

    Take a trip with us into the Biblical past and learn what traditional workers are doing with works hidden in the old stories...


  • 01:31

    The Conjure Crossroads Core Conjure Kit: Essential Items for YOUR toolbox

    in Spirituality

    With all the information available on techniques and tools for conjure and root-work; it can be hard to discern what is absolutely necessary and practical for basic good life-supportive work. What are the "must-have" items that support the basic needs of a worker and their work? What are items and works that you should and could take on the road with you if you are a traveling worker? In this show the Conjure Crossroad Conjurers will share with you their insights on what, from their experiences, they would advise you to have in your core kit. We invite callers to call in their questions and their "most-used" tools and techniques too. After all, if Conjure can't help you meet your simple needs, why work it? If Conjure isn't practical, why do it?

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    Papa Lou Georgia Conjure Man

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    "Papa Lou has been involved with the Georgia rootworking community for 20 years (this is true in the sense that I watched my gmama and stepdad work and went with them to rondo's), he is the former host of "Working with the Spirit" on Atlanta's Incredible Radio AM 1570 which was the only show on conjure airing on Georgia radio. Though internet appearances are rare, Papa Lou quickly gained a strong local following for his no nonsense yet compassionate approach to the work in Georgia. Now branching out to blogtalk radio, Papa Lou hopes to further his community and faith based work outside the confines of local radio."

  • 01:59

    Traditional Conjure

    in Spirituality

    This is our first show, Dr. Love Bug my cohost and I will be speaking about Traditional Conjure. This topic will cover politics in Hoodoo, selling and making your own products. The selling of Blackhawk as a product and much more. This first show will cover many area's of conjure work. In these 2 hours we will cover many hot topics concerning Conjure today. Don't miss this show. We look forward to speaking with Y'all. Starr

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    Fixing Items in Conjure Work

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    Starr, Orion, and the announcer will be discussing how to fix items in Conjure work.  We will talk about how traditional and old school conjure workers of the past and present turn their everyday living into “work” because Conjure is a way of life; not a 9-to-5 for old workers. We will have a special guest appearance by Deacon Millet, a gifted astrologer and spiritual worker known for his honey jar spells and newly released book “Hoodoo Honey and Sugar Spells.” Tune in the show and learn how to fix your life with Old Style Conjure!

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    Working the Waters of Spirit in Conjure

    in Spirituality

    There are many ways that the potent power of the spirit enters into our world, and water is a major one! If you don't believe us, then see how well your life works without it. The use of water and waters in root-work is an-age old  and often overlooked practice. We can pull this power to us and our work through the use of natural waters from springs, rivers, the ocean, swamps or a stagnant pool to name a few sources. They all have power and work in different ways. The conjure-power changes based on whether it is setting-still, moving, salt or fresh and it is a reservoir to be taped. Join the Conjure Crossroads family as they talk about many ways to works the ways of water and deepen our conjure.

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    Core Skills and Knowledge in Potent Conjure

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    Why does Conjure Crossroads do these Blog Talk shows and their two annual education and community events including Conjure-Con? Well, the answer is simple. Because we are committed to promoting and healing and helping benefits of conjure and root-work. We do this by providing forums for accessing sound information and practices from workers who are seasoned, competent and ethical. In this show, we will talk about some of the core skills that an effective worker will want to develop, These skills are a life-long learning process. An aspect of this conversation will include how to use the knowledge gained in events and books focused on knowledge such as, but not exclusive, to those provided by Conjure Crossroads and its partners. This discussion should prove useful for the new and seasoned worker alike! 

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    Dollies, Image-Candles and Conjure Doll-Babies

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    The use of dolls and wax images is powerful aspect of conjure and hoodoo practices. Whether it be for housing spirits, healing the afflicted or harming and oppressor; these tools are invaluable to the worker. In this show, the Conjure-Crossroads family will share their knowledge of how these work, recipes for potent image working and practical  ways to work a dollie to get results!

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    Burying or Disposing of Your Tricks in Conjure

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    Where do you put your works either while they are in progress or after you are finished? This is a broad and fascinating topic because it addresses "hiding the trick" so it is not found, feeding it while it grows and releasing it when it is done. And....the hardest part of the work is...KEEPING THIS STAGE OF THE WORK TO YOURSELF AND NOT TELLING ANYONE". Like the old folks used to say "nothing succeeds like a secret" In this show, the Conjure Crossroads family will discuss the many ways and places for laying the trick to grow, keeping it going and undisturbed and letting it go. 

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    Roots, Remedies, Tips and Tools: Conjure Work that Supports Health

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    Our health should be top priority in everything we do. Our spiritual and magical work is no exception to this recommendation. But, interestingly, few people talk about how they set lights, work the root, pray or otherwise pull power to uphold health. Most discussions are about love, money, justice, protection and other worthy worldly pursuits. But, the enjoyment of success in these areas can be thwarted or minimized if we don't feel well. Listen in and join our chat as the Conjure Crossroads family discusses the conjure-work and other magical means that they use to strengthen, support and protect our most valuable asset....our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. 

  • 01:11

    Celebrating Another Great Conjure Con and new surprises for the Folk Magic Fest!

    in Spirituality

    There were so many magical moments, spiritual transformations and deep insights shared and revealed at Conjure Con this year. With unique, useful and thought provoking workshops and direct experiences; the Conjure Crossroads teachers encourages deep sharing, powerful technique application and conjure and craft work that filled up everyone toolbox. The special event on Monday left people transformed. After all, how often do you get a chance to do powerful fire work in a redwood forest under a blood-moon eclipse? The magic and spirit was palpable! Join the Conjure Crossroads family as we reflect on Conjure Con 2014 and reveal to new treats coming for our Folk Magic Festival. We encourage our community to call in and share your favorite experiences. We treasure them...we treasure you!