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    What are the people of any nation supposed to do when their government is or becomes tyranical and anti Christ in nature? Are the people to obey, submit and fear their government because God tells them to in Romans chapter thirteen?Is it possible that the masses have been deceived due to error being presented to their minds concerning the Christians response to Government?

    These questions and more are answered on tonights radio broadcast. This may very well be the most straight forward and clear message on Government that some have heard in a very long time. Take some time to tune and listen with some friends.

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    Congressional legislation on Community Intergration

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     January 31, 2016 WE will be discusing current legislation effecting the independence of persons with Disablities. Tonight we will have Bruce Darling as our guest to discus the SChumer Bill which will more clearly gurantee the rights of people to live in the Community. 

    Bruce Darling is co-founder and CEO of the Center for Disability Rights (CDR), a Rochester-based disability rights organization and Independent Living Center.  He also serves as CEO of the Regional Center for Independent Living and All About You Home Care, a disability-led home care organization in upstate New York.  During his a career in disability rights and Independent Living that has spanned nearly three decades, he has dealt with a wide range of disability issues: fighting for access to public transportation, promoting accessible housing, creating community-based alternatives to institutionalization, and opposing physician-assisted suicide. 



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    EMERGENCY SHOW: The Hammonds, Bundy, and the Federal Government

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    HANDS ON DECK: Emergency program to discuss an Oregan family's fight against federal corruption; their people's grand jury; militia; and Bundy family input.

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    Tonight an in depth look at Romans Thirteen. We will discuss the true meaning of the Apostles call to submission to Government. There has been an underground war between some citizens of America and the Federal Government. 

    The purpose of our discussion centers on how the saints are to prepare for the end time Satanic One World Government. What are our responsibilities and to whom shall we give our allegiance? 

    This and more on tonights broadcast. Tune in and tell a friend.

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    Senate Majority Leader Sneaks Through Military Martial Law Bill

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    On this January 24, 2016 edition of Team Liberty Radio, we will be discussing the sneak through a New Military Martial Law Bill by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.  This bill could be very devasting to the people of the United States as Presdient Obama with this new war powers request "would not re­strict the pres­id­ent’s use of ground troops, nor have any lim­its re­lated to time or geo­graphy".  Join us Live at 6pm for your weekly Dose of Truth.

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    Trump trumps GOP & Congress + illegals heading 2 vote in Nov listen 2nite 6:30

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    Listent to Congress College tonite @6:30 talk about the trump-less debate, trump trumps GOP Congress plus illegal votes in Nov. Congress College is hosted by the first woman to be elected by the United States Senate to serve as the U.S. Senate Secretar for the Majority for the GOP. Elizabeth breaks thru the code talk that comes out of DC and Congress. All shows are archived on GradeGov.com under the radio tab. Thanks for listening.

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    Separation of church and state and the government official

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    This administration, via fiat has, for all intensive purposes, created law around the idea that Christians must serve Jesus as they define him. (Via bloodhounds, trumped up charges, and, subsequently,  even purposefully consuming the time of a creative type) - Get it?  Neither law, nor legislation is required to partake of the devil bidding, and, one day, reserving judgment unto whom judgement is due, it won't be the devil to pay - everything will be the Lord's.  So go ahead and refer to yourself as a Constitutional scholar if you like, totally your right, but you might be wrong.

    Should our elected officials be allowed to call on God's word while on duty?  In light of the aforementioned then, who is "fair game" - in terms of "grown up" debate resulting from official action?

    Where does Islam exist amongst our ungodly quagmire?  The Klein case should be sent back to the Supreme Court.  Why, well we are going to discuss that today.




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    I Have A Dream for Congress and the Rest of 'Em

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    While our kings and queens sit on their thrones in judgement of us all, I retreat into my mind and smile as I recount a favorite dream where the people call them out and the thrones get hot.

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    President and founder of The League of DADs and host of The League of DADs Talk Radio Christopher Smith talks about the need for women in the black arena and how they can't live without sucking that government nipple listen in.

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    Pope Francis and members of congress are narcissists

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    I call the ability to hear both oneself and others bilateral (2-sided) listening.  Narcissistic listening is one-way, listening to myself only, listening.    When differences arise, folks who do bilateral listening are pros at taking into consideration both their concerns and others'.  This bilateral listening ability enables them to routinely seek and create win-win solutions, which in turn sustains their relationships with on-going goodwill.  For instance, if you are tired, you would listen to that feeling and head for bed.  At the same time if you have just received a call from a friend who has a problem and urgently wants to talk with you, you might suggest that the two of you talk for a few minutes now, and aim to talk more at length in the morning.  Or with a more gentle, "Yes I hear that you want to talkbut I'm just too tired.  In the latter case you seemed to be hearing your friend's request, and then your but minimized, dismissed and discarded the data about the friend's need.   Narcissistic folks can be generous.  Narcissistic folks actually are often very generous.  They may, for instance, give away large sums of money to charity.  Generous giving makes the giver feel good and also feels appropriate, like "the right" thing to do.  They may well therefore pride themselves on their compassion and altruism. Often too, selfish-takeover ignites tendency to war

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    Snow won't block Hillary email outing + campaign news from Congress College 6:30

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    Listen to Congress College talk about refugee programs blocked in the Senate + agenda items. Congress College is hosted by the 1st woman ever elected by the United States Senate to serve as the U.S. Senate Secretary for the Majority for the GOP. Elizabeth Chryst uses her 26 yrs of Senate service to break down the code talk that comes out of Congress twice weekly. Mon & Fri all shows are archived on GradeGov.com under the radio tab. Happy listening.