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    Good morning, and welcome to your Hump Day!!! It's hard to believe it's the middle of another week...

    Hammer, me, Executive Producer, Ellen Johnson, along with the rest of the wild and crazy morning crew, are glad you have joined us for another fun-filled, roller-coaster ride. We have a great show today, filled with fun and laughs; but, today, the show is going to be informative, and we hope, helpful to all of our listeners.

    Today, Hammer 96.7 welcomes into the studio, tech expert, Murali Chemuturi. If you have computer issues, problems with your cell phones, software---basically anything electronic---Murali is here to help. Here is a little taste of his qualifications:

    Murali Chemuturi is an IT expert who authored five books on IT topics, one book on personality development, one translation of Indian epic Raamayana and one translation of Hindu holy book Bhagavadh Geetha besides contributing chapters in four books. He is 65 years old, maried and has two sons and five grandchildren.

    If you have an issue, and would like advice, you can come into the studio; the number is 646-595-3032. And, everyone who comes in, and asks Murali a question, you will be put into a drawing to win a $50 gift certificate from the Mvp On Demand store. To be eligible for this drawing, YOU MUST ASK A LEGITIMATE QUESTION PERTAINING TO COMPUTERS AND/OR ELECTRONICS.

    Today's show is brought to you by the Williams Law Group LLC and also by Loretta's Authentic Pralines---home of the world-famous sweet potato cookie.

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    Computer America - David Perry; News!

    in Technology

    Computer America

    Hour one: Computer America Correspondent David Perry.

    David Perry has been in the computer game for over 30 years, doing everything from Tech Support to being the Educational spokesperson for companies like Trend, Ahn labs, Symantec, Cybermedia and so many more. These efforts have made him one of the country's LEADING anti-malware experts! David is now a consulting computer security guru!! He is also an official Computer America correspondent! They are the few, the proud and the very different!


    Hour two: News, brought to you by Slimware Utilities!

    Craig and Ben do Computer and Technology News, brought to you by Slimware Utilities, the Official Optimization Software of Computer America, and answer your computer questions!

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    Computer America - IONU; NextGen Interactions

    in Technology

    Computer America

    Hour one: IONU.  David Bennett, CTO.

    Freeing data from the limitations of perimeter and threat-centric security, allowing it to flow freely and securely, while being safe from compromise – anywhere! Sometimes, you need to step away from the way things have always been and ask yourself, why? Why are things the way they are? You need to step beyond the thinking that formulated the status quo in order to create the new order.  At IONU, they are excited about driving a fundamental change in the way that data is protected. Their Data-centric Security Platform allows data to flow freely and securely, anywhere it needs to travel or reside, without the need for plug-ins, the use of proxies or gateways or requiring changes in user behavior.


    Hour two: NextGen Interactions. Dr. Jason Jerald, Founder and principal consultant.

    Need help in bringing your Virtual or Augmented Reality concept into true reality? Have a Virtual or Augmented Reality system that needs tweaking? Not sure where to even begin? NextGen Interactions offers a variety of services to help you reach your technology goals.  Here to explain what those services are and how they may help you is Dr. Jason Jerald.  He is the Founder and principal consultant of NextGen Interactions. 

  • Mad Dog Dynasty League - Week 3 Review - Week 4 Preview Show

    in Football

    Join the Commissioner of the Mad Dog Dynasty League, Rick Gureski as he recaps Week Three of the 2015 Mad Dog season before previewing and predicting Week Four.  Topics will involve statistical analysis of Week Three games as well as commentary regarding the computers predictions (and our own) for Week Four. 

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    Hebrew bible reading and interpretation

    in The Bible

    I read and explian hebrew bible.Interpreting the scriptures as i go along reading them to you.I use the complete jewish bible to read from.The tanak or original version the king james version was interpreted from.I go into detailed explanation of scriptures that i read from.Telling the hebrew names of characters as well as english.I use all of Gods holy names in my readings as well as jesus christs.I relate scriptures to modern day experiences and actions of listeners.Driving home a point of the old to the new life experience in christedom.Christianity is the life of the original hebrews passed down generation after generation to none isrealites.To help support these ministries please shop at one of our online stores instead of making a donation.Productadvertisements2014.com for clickbank store products.For clickbank products like arts and entertaiment,computers,employment,green pods,home and garden,P2P,reference,alternative,betting,cooking and food,health and fitness,languages,parenting,self help,sports,business,E-business,games,education,mobile,politics,software,and travel go to productadvertisements2014.com and for vehicle auto body supplies,parts and mechanical parts for model 1900-2014 go to partsautomotive.biz.For some good spiritual music to worship to go to http://www.songcastmusic.com/profiles/roderickwhite .There is a first time live musical performance by me of my two albums "Dark glow in my heart"and "Righteous Sayings".At the Abbey 3420 W Grace Str Chicago,Illinois 60618.Tickets sold http://www.aftonshows.com/roderickwhite.Enter promo code RODERICK013 for $2 off ticket price.Good until September 12.Concert date October 4,2015.

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    Computer America - News; The GizWiz!

    in Technology

    Hour one: News, brought to you by Slimware Utilities!

    Craig and Ben do Computer and Technology News, brought to you by Slimware Utilities, the Official Optimization Software of Computer America, and answer your computer questions!


    Hour two: The GizWiz is Dick DeBartolo!

    Dick is Mad Magazine’s Maddest writer and he joins us on every last Wednesday of the month with exciting and different gadgets and gizmos!

    Tonight’s topics include:

    IIT Jumbo Telescoping LED Flex-Head Flashlight & Magnetic Pickup Tool with Mirror Attachment, The Sound Machine, the Blah Blah Button, an external battery charger with a neat extra feature, the Key Buoy, the World's Smallest LED light, the Infini-Key, and so much more!

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    Computer America - ReelSonar; News!

    in Technology

    Computer America

    Hour one: ReelSonar.  Jim Cardillo, Product liaison/Marketing advisor.

    You'll hear all about the amazing new iBobber!  Attach a fishing line through the eyelet of the iBobber and cast where you want to see under the water, or where you want to begin to map the contour of the waterbed. The iBobber turns on upon contact with the water, and "sees" fish, water temperature, and depth via color. To map the contour of the waterbed contour down to 135ft, all you do is tap the app to the Waterbed Mapping screen, tap to begin, reel in the iBobber at a slow rate, tap to stop, and you've got a contour of the waterbed. Couldn't be easier. And even better, the iBobber can be used from shore, boat, or dock! 


    Hour two: News, brought to you by Slimware Utilities!

    Craig and Ben do Computer and Technology News, brought to you by Slimware Utilities, the Official Optimization Software of Computer America, and answer your computer questions!

  • The Beating Drum

    in Sports

    Tune in 10/1/2015 at 4:30pm PST on your phones/computers into the link below for the inaugural episode of "The Beating Drum" a first of it's kind live internet radio dedicated to the preservation of Native American heritage. The call in number is (516) 387-1502

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    Waking the Spirit with Mary Burger

    in Spirituality

    As you walk down your path in life, you may at some point discover that it is turning in a direction that you did not anticipate.  For many, discovering a spiritual path comes as a surprise.  Navigating that path, especially when you are new and fresh to it, can be a challenge.  Join Mary Burger as she talks about the direction her path took her, and offers information and insights about resources to help you understand and navigate your own spiritual journey. 

    This show is shaping up to be all about healing, and the power of the Chakra system.  You don't want to miss it.

    If you have any questions you would like answered on air, please feel free to send an email to askme at wakingthespirit.net.  Or, head to our website and submit your question on the Contact page.

    Mary is the owner of ComputerDiva, a computer consulting firm in the Pacific Northwest.  She has successfully managed to incorporate a level of spiritual tools into her computer practice, in order to fix and heal computers.  You can find Mary at www.wakingthespirit.net, andwww.computerdiva.biz

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    Forgive One Another

    in The Bible

    This Bible study helps believers better understand the doctrine of forgiveness. For many, this is a difficult and confusing topic. What the Bible says about forgiving those who have wronged or hurt us will be explained, as well as the benefits of practicing biblical forgiveness.           

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    Week 4 NFL Preview: Cards best team; Dolphins Drowning; Ravens finally win?

    in News

    We have your fantasy picks.

    We look at some 3-0 teams.  Are they for real?

    And is the NFL becoming like Major League Baseball and the trade deadline?

    Eric Snyder, our NFL expert.  He is the author of a book on the Raiders and Raider Nation.  You can also hear him on the Power Hour on Fox Sports Radio 1340 in Vegas.

    So, let’s begin with tonight’s Thursday night tilt.  Ravens vs. Steelers in Pittsburgh.  Ravens could go 0-4.  But the Steelers lose Big Ben for at least 4 weeks with a knee injury.  I got the Ravens in this one over Michael Vick and the Steel Curtain.

    Jets and Dolphins play across the pond early Sunday morning.  It’s a confusing time and a confusing game.  Jets gave the Eagles their first win last week.  I don’t know if Eagles were good or Jets sucked.  And the Dolphins get beached by the Bills in a trouncing last week.  Lots of talk of Joe Philbin, their head coach, may be gone soon.  I got the Jets.

    Giants go to Buffalo.  I think the Giants have turned the corner.  But I think the Bills are real – if Rex would stop obsessing over Belichick and the Pats.  I got the Bills.

    Raiders are 2-1 at the Bears.  What a gift for Oakland fans.  Although their Defense was a bit suspect vs. the Browns, I still love their offense.  And Bears are getting less talented.  I got Raiders.

    Let’s touch on something here with the Bears.  They are acting like a baseball team at the trade deadline.  They trade Jared Allen.  Now there is talk they may dump Matt Forte in a trade.  Is the NFL getting like MLB in this way?

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