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    Confused Branding Is Costing You Money - Mom Biz Solutions Show

    in Entrepreneur

    I've had the pleasure of serving as a judge for a small business contest recently and wow--I have learned so much! There are many inspiring success stories--entrepreneurs who have taken a great idea, turned it into a business model, turned that into a profit, and had the tenacity to persevere through the ups and downs until that happened. On the other hand, there are brilliant, innovative entrepreneurs who may have the best thing on the market, but their branding is simply repelling customers rather than attracting them. On today's show, I'll explain the trouble with confused branding and give tips on how to fix it.

    Lara is an author, speaker and business coach. Hire her when you need the clarity and confidence to make big decisions and changes in your life or business, or have her speak to your group. Learn more at www.LaraGalloway.com or www.MomBizCoach.com. Grab a copy of her book, Moms Mean Business: A Guide to Creating a Successful Company and a Happy Life as a Mom Entrepreneur, just published by Career Press at www.MomsMeanBusinessBook.com.

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    Let's Not Be A Confused People

    in Religion

    When people come together with the same mind they get a lot done and unity stands no matter what goes; on they even work out disagreements among themselves. Nothing can stop their goals and today we talk about coming together for a common goal of man kind. Example a good deed, ending war, fand ixing the country's economy. lOOK AT Genesis 11 ;1-7

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    Cross-Dressing: A Confused Society

    in Lifestyle

    Cross-dressing is the act of wearing items of clothing and other accessories commonly associated with the opposite gender within a particular society.  Cross-dressing has been used for purposes of disguise, comfort, and as a literary trope in modern times and throughout history.

    Nearly every human society throughout history has expected distinctions to be made between males and females by the style, color, or type of clothing they are expected to wear, and most societies have had a set of social norms, views, guidelines, or even laws defining what type of clothing is appropriate for each gender.

    With social media we have the ability to view variables of cross dressing from men wearing women’s clothing, wigs/weaves, and even the bold and outlandish application of cosmetic make-up.

    On this episode of Hot Topics Talk Radio, we’re going to examine and discuss what many have dared to speak about… Cross-Dressing and how society views those who choose to dress and present themselves as the opposite sex.

    Join us on Wednesday, April 1, 2015, at 8:00pm PST/10:00pm CST/11:00pm EST

    The live on-air number to listen and comment by phone is (646)200-1348.  Or listen online from your computer at http://www.hottopicstalkradio.com/hottopicstalkradio.html.  Or listen and join the chatroom here on BlogTalkRadio.

    *The Hot Topics Talk Radio Network is sponsored by Shades of Afrika (Corona, CA & Long Beach, CA). Visit their website at: www.shadesofafrika.com.

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    COLORISM.. WHAT IT IS AND WHO IS CONFUSED... cause i think it is us...

    in Entertainment

    light skinned

    dark skinned..



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    Dazed and Confused With Big Bad Bean and KJP

    in Comedy

    In this funky episode we talk about the stuff that makes us Dazed and Confused like the pizza pocket gut of Fatkinson, or something mysterious.  Tune in for a hell of a ride!

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    2015 Confused by Conventional Wisdom Yet

    in Motivation

    you know I dont do titles well. I'd just call it goood shit to be honest. I ain't getting paid here. Just sharing the love :) Namaste

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    LIVE! with Cathi---Why can't MEN OPEN UP---Part 3

    in Fitness

    What do women want?  SEX, SCHMEX, JUST TALK TO ME!

    Women feel they're being locked out of men's emotional lives, they complain that men want them only for sex and housekeeping, not for love or friendship.  Women are forced to turn to other women for the care and concerns of true friendship.

    Men may offer physical intimacy and sexual fulfillment, but not emotional intimacy or personal fulfillment.  Women and frustrated wives are "standing at the gates, alternately trying to pry them open and banging to get in."

    Some men feel threatened, confused by women's demands for honesty and openess.


    JUST TALK TO ME...etc.

    For a happy sexy marriage...etc.

    Men hold themselves at a...etc.

    Men/women must give and...etc.

    Man's struggle to open up is...etc.



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    Grown Folks Talk With Shaun Upshaw

    in Relationships

    The world is changing. Relationships are changing. Women are more independent and taking the lead in realtionships now. Some men are confused on how to handle such independence, but on the other hand some men know exactly how to handle the independence. Nevertheless, this Tuesday June 2, 2015 Grown Folks Talk brings another topic to the roundtable that warrants serious discussion. 

    Tonight's subject matter is "“The Truth Behind What a Man Really Need and Want From "The Independant Woman" in a Relationship Part I." Join this explosive dialogue as we dive into the minds of men on this topic. Dial (347) 324-5327. Or go to www.blogtalkradio.com/taylorkennediemedia 

    We would be glad to have you&n

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    Thinking: How Self-Talk Becomes Your Reality

    in Spirituality

    We talk to ourselves at the rate of 150-300 words per minute or nearly 50,000 thoughts per day. This suggests that what we say to others is not nearly as important as what we are saying to ourselves. Tune in this week as Lisa Jones and I discuss creating the reality you desire versus the one you’re THINKING.  This week we remember the distinction between feeling and emoting and how each affects our internal conversations.  We uncover a little understood truth in psychospiritual growth—the intensity of our emotions fuel or energizes our thoughts. So, what does this say about our feelings? Tonight’s show expands on the insight few understand—feelings represent a ‘feedback loop’ for the quality of our thoughts. Once the loop repeats often enough with the same thoughts, we form an imprint or emotion. This means we can literally choose how to feel! Are you confused? Join us for what I’m sure will be a wonderful discussion. 

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    PART 2--"MEN" We Need You BACK in Leadership-with Evangelist Andre Beam Sr

    in Religion

    PART 2---"-MEN" We Need You BACK in LEADERSHIP!!

    National Gospel Recording Artist/Nationally Loved Minister of The Gospel Evangelist Andre Beam Sr. is our NEXT FEATURED GUEST on "BonaFide Talk"

    AMERICANS of ALL NATIONALITIES!!!  The MALE ABSENTEE RATE in families across the country is at a STAGGERING RECORD HIGH!   The MALE ABSENTEE RATE in The Church across the country is at a STAGGERING RECORD HIGH!

    Could this be a CONTRIBUTOR to MUCH of the chaos today?  Why soooo MANY people are confused ACROSS THE BOARD??