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    Facing Your Fear of Confrontation

    in Relationships

    "Avoidance is NOT resolution." ~ Kimberly Rinaldi

    One of the most vital elements of any healthy relationship is the art of confrontation. Not confrontation for the sake of one-upsmanship, but confrontation that is constructive, respectful, and productive. What does that look and sound like, and why do so many people avoid it? That's what we're talking about today. The right way to face what and/or who you've been afraid to confront.

    Relationships are two-way streets and when there's a breech in the road, it impedes from getting the true benefit of the relationship. So, if you really care and want to set some things straight but you're either too afraid or don't know how, this is the time to tune in. Get the courage you need to finally have that conversation, ask that question, and uncover the truth. You know you need to!

    Call in to 646-716-6910 and give us your questions or comments. We also welcome you to chime into your chatroom during the LIVE broadcast.

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    No Confrontation With Documentation

    in Education

    Brother Robert X is a well-studied African Master Teacher who has over 30 years of acquired knowledge from ancient spirituality to the results of global African genocide.  Brother Robert X often says, "No confrontation with documentation." He has collected years and years of documentation on the New World Order, government policies and their attack on the Black communities, ancient African philosophies and its presence in today's media as well as the 1 percent's plan regarding population control.  Brother Robert also discusses the need to breastfeed, create our own schools, and divert our children's attention away from television and film.

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    Confrontation Is Essential To Your Happiness

    in Self Help

    Hesitation to voice our opinions is a form of insecurity. Have you ever sent a serious text message to someone and buffered your feelings with casual text speak or emojis? Do you pretend you’re tipsy when you are voicing strong opinions and blame it on the alcohol? Sometimes the things we want to shout from the rooftops are not things that other people necessarily want to hear. Living in fear only creates distance, which affects the foundation of relationships we have already established.



    Joshua-Paul Angell has been an activist in the areas of animal rescue, animal welfare, animal rights, LGBTQ rights and political issues since 1999. He is the host of a syndicated radio show, “The Joshua-Paul Show” which airs live 5 days a week. Starting his show initially as a podcast, he has taken it to new heights and the show is now available on several different options and reaches 110,000 listeners. Angell initially gained political notoriety while working on several different civil rights issues while living in Austin, TX. Touching fame as a fashion designer; his high profile status began to allow him a platform to inform the public on what many would consider the “tough” issues. He has worked with several celebrities including Betty Buckley and Gloria Loring. On his radio show, he promotes several activists, animal rescues and as he describes “the movers and shakers” of America.


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    Y'shuah's Confrontation In The Temple At Jerusalem

    in The Bible

    We will look into the confrontation at Jerusalem that contributed to the arrest and capital execution of the Messiah Y'shuah's sacrifice was laying his life down for justice and equity, (Isaiah 11:4 But with righteousness shall he judge the poor, and reprove with equity for the meek of the earth: and he shall smite the earth with the rod of his mouth, and with the breath of his lips shall he slay the wicked.) making war against the powers of satan (empire/commercialization, oppression etc.) .                                           

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    Can Dr. King's Strategy of Non Violent Direct Confrontation End Gang Violence?

    in Women

    Televised scenes of white police demonstrating overt hatred for peaceful protest marchers attacking them with police dogs and high powered water hoses moved many indignant citizens to join the Civil Rights Movement. Here was hatred that was visibly expressed, and it was easy to confront it with non-violent protest marches and draw it out in the open. Dr. Martin Luther King's strategy to expose and defeat open and violent racial hatred was successful. Today, as the Nation celebrates Dr. King's life and work, we ask the question, Can Dr. King's strategy of non-violent direct confrontation end gang violence? There are often peace marches after someone is shot down, but no one confronts the or exposes those responsible. How would Dr. King's strategy work in drawing out those who are mired in battles for gang turf, their senseless killings creating more fear and danger than white racists ever did? Who would march unarmed through gang turf? Who would march up to the front door of known gang leaders and have a "sit in" on their front porch and pray and sing hymns until they called a truce? Would marchers include women and children like in Dr. King's time? Would we call in television cameras to observe the community's reactions? Do we use the same tactics against police brutality? What about those police officers who are known to be agitators, who harrass innocent citizens in the name of "fighting gang crime?" Do we march to their homes and "sit in" or "pray in" until they resign from their jobs? Dr. King's strategy was very aggressive and very personal in exposing those whose actions were hateful and destructive. Can we successfully use those tactics to address the problems of crime and violence in our community today? If so, how? If such a demonstration were organized ould YOU be willing to participate? Participants in the 1960s Civil Rights Movement reflect on this question.

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    How Do You Deal With Yourself When You Do Not Get Along With Another Soul?

    in Motivation

    One of our biggest challenges is when we are faced with the fact that there is someone we do not get along with that is in our everyday life in one way or another. How do we handle ourselves and not put ourselves in a compromising position and learn to see what it is ours and what is not. Difficult situations that we cannot control on one end, being where we have to be, is still in our hands on our end. How do we best handle these circumstances and still feel we are OK in that setting and in our lives. Tune in and Join the Conversation Tomorrow Morning at 5:30 AM, PST! 

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    THE BATTLE WE FIGHT 2 Cor. 10:5/Dr Pat Holliday/Dr Sabrina Session/Marshal Perot

    in Religion

    Amazon.com: Pat Holliday kindle - Kindle Edition: Books

    THE BATTLE WE FIGHT (2 Cor. 10:5)  amzn.to/1tmYt28

    The Christian lives in confrontation a faithful fight. No one could miss this in even a superficial reading of God’s Word. We are to fight eternally that outside us opposed to the gospel and to fight internally that within us opposed to the lordship of Christ. We are energetically reminded to “put on the armor of light,” (Rom. 13:12) and “to put on the full armor of God” (Eph. 6:1). Paul commands us to “fight the good fight,” (1Tim. 1:18:6:12). “Behold, the whirlwind of the LORD goeth forth with fury, a continuing whirlwind: it shall fall with pain upon the head of the wicked,” (Jer 30:23).  You can tear down the stronghold of Satan’s territory over yourself and your family.

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    What is Prophetic Confrontation (Seducing - Deceptions) Intro.

    in Religion

    The enemy is still trying to introduce prophetic defilement into the prophetic ministry. That's why it's so important that young prophetic people and prophets need to learn from seasoned prophets and leadership. These prophetic contaminants are deceptive cancers sent to the destroy true prophetic ministry. It's like cancer, prophetic debasement is progressive. The spirit of Jezebel is still in play in the earth she attacks prophetic ministry. Remember this spirit loves to be around prophetic people. Sometimes prophetic defilement is dormant or hidden and at other times hideously apparent.

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    Saddam's background, Isis opportunity, U.S. military miskakes, Confrontation

    in War

    Saddam Hussein was a nationalist who wanted to dominate the region but he didn't have the resources after the Iranian 10 year war.  The U.S. tried to implant democracy in an Islamic Civil strife state which was impossible even over a 10 yr occupation.  There are too many Sunni strongholds and Saddam loyalists still resent the new Shia domination in goverment even though they are 70 % majority of the nation..  The unrealistic goals of Isis has pervaded the region and they are slaughtering by the thousands regardless of citizenship or faith.  The U.S. has made mistakes, too, as capitalists with a motive for natural resources but broad band killing by Islamic non state actors is throwing the country into so much disarray and power upheaval, the outcome looks dim.  It looks like the MidEast has a predictable brutal ending.  This is the best debate you can hear on BlogTalk Radio about Saddam Hussein's 24 year reign, Muslim extremism, discussion of Iranian Iraq Shatta al arab waterway, and the future of the region including the Kurds and Syrian stability.  Special Music. 

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    What Brings A Man Home....

    in Women

    We all know that men and women are wired differently.  However, God created us to balnace one another and compliment one another.  So why do we find ourselves complaning and in confrontation with one another.  Your man loves you but is not excited to come home to you.  Why? What brings a man home? Reat talk....Real Life...Real Issues and ladies don't worry we are going to discuss what brings a woman home too. 

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    Women’s Ministry Leadership Training: Biblical Leadership

    in Women

    During this program we'll cover the following points:

    Gifts / Vision / Followers / Confrontation / Vulnerability

    1. Leaders do ___________________________________.

    2. Leaders embrace ______________________________.

    3. Leaders endure _______________________________.

    4. Leaders stick _________________________________.

    5. Leaders rule _________________________________.

    6. Leaders are not ______________________________.

    7. Leaders rise _________________________________.

    8. Leaders maintain _____________________________.

    9. Leaders aren’t _______________________________.

    10. Leaders are ________________________________.

    11. Leaders recover ____________________________.

    12. Leaders are _______________________________.

    Sherry Poundstone is a speaker, author and radio talk show host and is the Founder and Director of FOCUS Ministry for Women. Learn more at www.FocusWomen.org

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