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  • End Of Days Are Here Now! Sudden Destruction is Near Now!

    in Christianity

      In this episode I will discuss further from the last episode more information that tells his identity as the last and final pope but not just any but that of what the book of Revelation has foretold us and warned us about!  I will also discuss about this coming judgment this coming shaking that will soon shake the heavens and the earth!  And this message of judgment is not fear mongering or anything like that is a word of warning to prepare now so you can be hidden in Christ in His peace and His joy His protection regardless what anyone says you must seek the Lord on this to believe let Him give you confirmation on this and He will!  I will again let the Lord lead the broadcast so wherever He takes it is where I will go Amen!!!

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    Will Judgment Begin This September? All Things Point To September!

    in Christianity

     This show will be discussing the different events going to happen and possibly could happen in this month of September that we are in and it has many wondering and thinking if the rapture will take place this month and the tribulation will start. I will discuss the coming judgment and if this is why we see jade helm and the shemitah and the pope coming to congress all these things are they part of the final straw to break the camel's back to bring divine judgment from God? Because either way Judgment is coming and once again God will shake the heavens and the earth the question is are you ready? How do you get ready call on Jesus make sure you know Him I mean really know Him not just as Savior but as Lord of your life because in these coming days He will be our only Safety! Jesus Is Coming Soon noone knows the day or the hour but He commands us to know the season!

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    in Politics


    Tune in family  for this special Sunday episode. As  in the black radio interviews One of brother polights business  clients.  Who has  documentation emails,  money transferred,  contracts etc.  he indeed paid brother polight by way of nu CONVENANT $17,500 for  status correction, credit repair and to put his home into a trust. Too date, the brother has not    Received   confirmation   That any of the services have been rendered successful. It's been since March 9th since these  services have been promised, and all this brother has been getting is a run around by brother polight. And there are email and other  documentation to prove it. To all the people in the  Community who claim to want to keep  charlatans and confidence men  out I expect you to speak up. And help try to get this brother his money back and other people. Who may have been defrauded. Tune in family and ask questions. So we can prevent this from  happening in the black community in again.. In the Black radio was the only people in the black Community that would even do this interview.. The call in number is (619) 924-0694..


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    MCM Radio: Recapping The Bucs vs. The Titans

    in Sports

    The Titans' season opener is in the books, and MCM Radio is your place to react and sound off about the game! Starting at 7:00 central, we'll break down everything that happened against the Buccaneers, plus we'll try to squeeze in some guest calls as well! I've got a couple of folks on the hook to call in already, but we'll also try to open up the lines and let the MCM faithful sound off!

    Be sure to join us before 7:00 pm to get logged into the chatroom. If you want to call in, here's what you need to do (sorry for all the hoops, but MCM Radio veterans knos exactly why we have to do this now):

    Follow @TitansMCMRadio and tweet that you'd like to join us on the air.
    I'll send you a DM confirmation.
    Send me your phone number and the name you'll give on the air, and I'll put you on the list.
    Once the show starts, pick up the phone and tap out them digits. I'll take care of the rest!

    Go Titans!

    MCM Radio is the official podcast of Music City Miracles, your source for all the TItans that's fit to post!

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    Listener Questions and Manchester United-Liverpool Predictions

    in Soccer

    On the newest episode of The Total Soccer Show...

    0:00-30:52 - Listener questions, featuring (possibly) apocryphal Ian Rush quotes, Thor's anger, the confirmation that England is an island, and communist scarves.

    30:52-39:38 - Expanding the TSS Scouting Network

    39:38-Close - Specific predictions for Manchester United v Liverpool (Saturday, 12:30pm on NBC).

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    Transgenders in the ranks!

    in Islam

    In 2015 people are changing the way Allah(azwj) has created them  and/or are turning to their own gender for sexual gratification. So we know as Muslims this is a clear and cut situation. What happens when these individuals come to our masaajid and take their shahaadah and want to sit and pray with the opposite sex from other then which they were created. We will be discussing on the "Hard Truth" the Hukm(Ruling) on who and where do these individuals pray. We want to hear from you. What rulings have you heard on this situation? So tune in this Wednesday night at 9 P.M.  as we seek out what the scholars have to say about this matter. Don't forget we're on live on YouTube (Muhammad Hard Truth Smith "Transgenders in the ranks") and Blog Talk Radio (Hard Truth 0). Also, get in early we can only take 50 callers at a time. Talk to us, tell us your thoughts and knowledge on this, 347-324-3601. Imam Siraaj Wahaaj may be a special guest on our show that night (still waiting on his confirmation) in sha Allah! https://youtu.be/3qytMybI0lU

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    in Religion

    Dare men believe the RULERS have ever intended their many forms of diverse rule is counted before YAH as SIN?    Under the many diverse SINfully MISleading doctrines of contentious RULERS who do NOT AGREE, rare FEW are they discern what it means to say it is the LAW of MEN that is abolished by FAITH in the CONSTANT WILL of the ONE MOST HIGH who is FOREVER ONE!   The RIGHTEOUSNESS of YAH does NOT CHANGE after the DEPRAVITY of MEN!   YAH has NOT DEFILED HIS NAME that any man be SAVED who trusts in DEPRAVIT! (Isaiah 40:27-41:4>-<41:21-42:4 NASB)      

    Don't let a devil fool you!  For this the adversary knows quite well.  No argument intent to defend any form of WICKED LAWLESS UNRIGHTEOUSNESS will have NO PLACE to STAND before the JUDGEMENT of YAH!    In the JUDGEMENT, only they who discern that the LAW of the MOST HIGH is NOT after the diverse imaginings of MEN, will have hope of CONFIRMATION before the ELECT ONE! (Revelation 6:12-<7:2>-17, .. Malachi 2:16-3:4)   ALL will stand or fall before ONE JUDGEMENT SEAT!
    The rule of any other SHALL NOT STAND!

    Blinded by allegiance to diverse rulers, men have FORGOTTEN discernment of the PURPOSE for which MAN was created!    The STANDARD finding man WORTHY to be preserved in the day of WRATH is NOT wrought after the ELECTIONS of MEN, nor them who MEN have ELECTED!  He whom YAH has CHOSEN shall reveal again JUSTICE before YAH!    The ONLY LAW counted LAWFUL and JUST before YAH, is HIS LAW as HE decreed and meant it from the BEGINNING! (Ephesians 2:1-<8-12)   ALL else is INJUSTICE, SIN!     Understand now what it means to say "He who dies without the LAW perishes in his lawLESSness" .. He who SINS having KNOWLEDGE of the LAW, shall be JUDGED by the LAW!  

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    The Signalis Show: Loretta Lynch confirmation as Atty General

    in News

    Defending Conservative values and the Constitution

    First Hour:

    It goes without saying that a lot of conservatives are very upset and dissappointed that the GOP controlled Senate voted to approve Loretta Lynch as the next Attorney General of the US. There are a number of theories as to why the Republicans did  confirm her. We'll discuss the most relevant resaon or reasons why?

    Last Hour:

    Articles 6 and 7 of the Constitution


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    Anyone Want An Angel Reading?

    in Self Help

    Happy to set up another opportunity to share the wonderful gift of Angel Readings with Dr. Sue.   Do you need angelic guidance?  Or a confirmation from the angels that will assist you on your journey.  Come and spend a half hour with us!  Call in live to get in the line for a reading from Sue and the angelic support team.

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    Kp Radio Hawaii 8-26-15... "Disclosure... Ramping Up"

    in Education

    Show link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/kpradiohawaii/2015/08/26/kp-radio-hawaii-8-26-15-disclosure-ramping-up
    Talked about (among other things):

    The 8-8-8… third one this month. Prosperity of data.

    Mauna Kea, Standing up for the planet.

    VT article… “Confirmation – Tianjin was nuked“.

    Passing of Jovan Julian Robles, of SitsShow.

    Disclosure from DW (article) and Corey (radio show).

    Practical things to do to be prepared for “major changes”.

    Main thing: It’s a “rising consciousness” thing…

    MP3 download link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/kpradiohawaii/2015/08/26/kp-radio-hawaii-8-26-15-disclosure-ramping-up.mp3

    [Pre-show notes: “Sort of about Disclosure, and the Cosmic Energies coming in…”]