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    A confession by a Liberal

    in Politics

    George Stephanopoulos is a liberal Democrats and has donated to Hillery Clinton's Campain by donating to the Clinton Foundation. This would make George Stephanopoulos as lover of communism, and a hater of freedom and liberty.

    Now a true confession is the best thing and this does mean that just one and only one liberal can tell the truth, but here is that other side to the story.

    Geraldo Rivera sees a double standard at work in ABC News, for ABC did fire Geraldo Rivera because he did just very samething as George Stephanopoulos was able to donate over $75,000 and Geraldo Rivera donate just 200 dollars. As we can see if a liberal and a democrat has money they can work and that means just the rich can work only, plus see that the liberal democrat George Stephanopoulos a true hater of freedom and liberty mean that everyone that works for ABC is a lover of slavery, lack of integrity, and eithcs.

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    From Behind The Veil: The Power of Confession

    in Women

    Today's Show: When we confess to the Father it enables us to experience such a freedom. It unlocks joy, peace, and frees us from the bondage of guilt and shame.  When we confess, not just our sin, but our thoughts, our feelings, and even our needs to the Father, we position ourselves before Him in such a way that He showers us with the Living Water of His love.  Join Tanyka as she speaks of the Power of Confession.  




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    "True Confession With The Girls"

    in Romance

    Welcome to the Girlfriend Network with hosts Taheerah, Nacone, and Karishma. Our special guest this week is Laura  "The Churchgirl" who hosts her own show on The Love Zone USA entitled "True Confession." Join Us as our shows come together Live! Call In at 347 539-5729. 

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    Thursday's Confession

    in Radio

    Thursday's Confession was created to entertain our grown and sexy audience.  Allowing them to be themselves in a cool but naughty way.  What's your confession?

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    The Errors of Positive Confession

    in Christianity

    Does God still heal today?  Do miracles happen the way they did in the First Century?  Does God want everyone to be healed?

    We are instructed to test everything by Scripture and hold fast to what is good--and the subject of Divine healing is one of those things.  The doctrine behind "positive confession" teaches that words claim a healing--sickness disappears if we confess it is gone.  It teaches that faith spoken outloud causes a positive outcome and negative words prevent healing and demonstrate a lack of faith.  But what does the Bible say?  When we test this position by Scripture, does it prove to be true? And if it is in error, does this mean God doesn't heal at all today?

    Walter Martin examines the truth behind the use and abuse of healing...on Night Watch.





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    Whistle Blower's Confession: Author Jennifer Lang

    in Books

    Author Jennifer Lang has always been a vibrant and creative person, so it's no surprise that she would turn to writing and set her hand to an exciting psychological thriller. 

    She is an entrepreneur, with her own independent record label producing her own music. But as she found out, life is a highway with many turns, exits and destinations. Jennifer had both feet firmly on the music path when tragedy intervened and her mother became very ill. 

    Jennifer's motto is never give up and as she faced her mother's illness and taking care of her, she couldn't just stop there. As she became a caregiver, the keen curiosity and investigative inclinations that served her in college as a political science major helped her uncover that many of the issues her mother suffered from could be traced back to GMO's. That's when the seeds of her book, "The Whistle Blower's Confession" were planted. Jennifer believes that you only fail if you never try, so she turned her hand to writing. 

    For Info:


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    Are you searching in all the wrong places? Confession #4

    in Spirituality

    Have you ever found yourself searching on the outside for your answers?

    Or maybe searching in all the wrong places to satisfy an inner desire?

    I have!

    Confession # 4 - I'm Searching on the Outside is the chapter in my upcoming book, Confessions of a Shower Tapper - The Ultimate Guide to LIving Your Purpose with EFT,  where I talk about my overeating and over spending to make myself feel better.

    But does it really?

    In this episode of Catch Your Spirit, I will be talking about the way many of us look on the outside instead of finding ways to go within for our guidance.

    I'll be taking calls, offering intutive guidance  and tapping scripts to help you understand any searching on the outside you may be doing as well.




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    "Everything You Need" series 2 (Confession)

    in Christianity

    Minister LaKesha Richmond will continue in the series "Everything You Need" with the focus on "Confession" to tell, prayer daily.  As a regenerated believer we are to bless the Lord through a prayer life, a prayer language and a Know So salvation and faith.  Matthew 7:7 says to Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you;  You must cherish the Psalms as a prayer language as David showed to the Lord.  Psalms 66:16-20 is a good reminder of how we are to go and tell/confess what the Lord has done for you, through you and to you.  

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    Listening to Others? Confession #5

    in Spirituality

    In this next episode of Catch Your Spirit, we will be talking about what happens when we keep listening to others vrs our own inner guidance. 

    Not too long ago, I found myself listening to what everyone else had to say about my work.  I was constantly getting comments like... why don't you do what so and so does... or maybe you shouldn't try and offer that kind of work... or you probably won't ever make any money being spiritual...  

    I was listening to everyone except myself.  Until I found I was in a state of total confusion.

    And that's when I found myself in the shower tapping away this issue.

    Emotional Freedom Technique is an energy psychology technique that helps to remove the issues out of the bold and reprogram the brain.  It taps into the amydala of the brain producing and overall peaceful feeling.

    Call in to receive intuitive guidance to help you release the all those voice floating around in your head!  

    Tapping scripts offered for all to tap along with.





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    Scared to Death To Live Your Purpose? Confession #2

    in Spirituality

    Confession # 2 - I'm Scared to Death!

    Ever wanted to start something new?

    Ever wanted to try a different route?

    Get a new job... or let go of an old relationship?  But too scared to make the change or make the move?

    So many times we allow the fear to get in our way.

    We become scared of the outcome or what people will think.

    Does this happen to you?  Do you let being scared get in your way of living your purpose?

    In this episode of Catch Your Spirit we will look at all the many things that scare us away from living the life we want.

    Call in to get a reading on this and tap away the fear!

    I will offer you the intuitive insight to see this and then some tapping scripts to work with to move it out of the body... mind and spirit.

    EFT is an energy psychology that works on the amygdala of the brain to lower the cortisol levels reducing fear and anxiety.

    In my upcoming book, Confessions of a Shower Tapper - The Ulitmate Guide to Living Your Purpose with EFT this confession of being scared to death.  I will help you let go of being scared!





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    Nationwide Legends Presents: #Confession Wednesday/Humpday

    in Religion

    Fun, Fuckery and Laughs, with Sean P and the Crew

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