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    Connecting at Conferences

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    As easy as social media is for making new connections and maintaining them, there's nothing like the imact of getting face-to-face with industry movers and shakers to ignite new opportunities rapidly.
    On today's episode, Liz outlines four ways conferences, trades shows and other big events can help you build the know-how and the relationships to grow your business.
    * * * * * * *    LIz Lynch is an international speaker, business networking strategist and author of "Smart Networking: Attract a Following In Person and Online" (McGraw-Hill).   Follow Liz on Twitter (@liz_lynch) and to download a free copy of her Smart Networking Toolkit, visit www.smartnetworking.com.

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    Stand In The Gap Conferences in September

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    Hear about upcoming conferences in Alabama, Fl and Tx as states make a "Stand" to defend their children.  Why are we having to do this?  Well by now many of you have heard about one of the most pivotal issue facing this nation.  The Common Core State Standards Initiative.  Alsoo hear about the latest with Alabama's Governor Bentley's support for Tommy Bice

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    Anti-CC Conferences Coming Up In September And America By Dinesh D'Souza

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    Hear perspectives on how to keep America the "Land of the Free and Home of the Brave".  It starts with TRUTH.

    Jefferson quoted in his Bill for Religious Freedom '...and finally, that truth is great and will prevail if left to herself; that she is the proper and sufficient antagonist to error, and has nothing to fear from the conflict unless by human interposition disarmed of her natural weapons, free argument and debate,"--simply means truth always prevails over evil and error unless man interposes-- cut off-- free argument and debate. 

    The time for Conferences to educate people of the truth has come.  In our schools today, there is so much taught and there is no debate allowed which makes a lot of untruths in Common Core teachings to become ingrained in the minds of students as facts.  Hear about upcoming Conferences on Common Core and share it with friends and family.  Also the new movie by Dinesh D'Souza has sparked a fire for people across the nation and the world to see that America is in fact a testimony to all of God's amazing grace for all nations.  Come join us and open your eyes to new perspectives.


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    Stand In The Gap II--Latest Conferences To Awaken America About Common Core

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    Hear perspectives with Mrs. Barbara Moore on what is going on in the fight against Common Core.  Things will be heating up soon as this untested, abusive indoctrination process being shoved to children in schools are not sitting well with most parents.  Hear about upcoming conferences so that you can find out more.  We hope to have speakers from here and abroad to awaken America's sleeping parents about the mentality being pushed on their children.  Learn all about it and share.

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    Catch Up With Kori: An Introvert's Guide to Attending Conferences

    in Writing

    Stay informed! Tune in each Sunday at 5:30 p.m. CDT. Kori tells you who you missed, but shouldn't have, and who you don't want to miss. 

    Today's show is pre-recorded. Kori and Gabriela discuss an introvert's guide to attending conferences. There are some great tips in this episode!




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    Travel Times Conferences

    in Travel

    Have you ever attended a conference? How about one outside your professional focus? Attending conferences can be a lot of fun and interest. Learn conference jargon, what to look for, what it’s going to cost, and what attending a different conference can mean for you.

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    GoGreen Conferences – the force behind the idea!

    in Environment

    Ericka Dickey-Nelson
    Founder & Principal, Social Enterprises, Inc.

    Ericka is the founding force behind Social Enterprises, Inc. — a full-service event planning firm specializing in conferences and summits with a sustainability or social impact focus. Working from a passion for bringing people together around ideas that will shape the future, she has built a formidable expertise in executing events that drive revenue to support the growth and continued success of non-profits, government programs, and educational institutions. In 2008, Ericka co-founded the GoGreen Conference series in Portland with the intent of holding a much needed dialogue on how regional stakeholders can collaborate to create sustainable economies at scale through the adoption of green business solutions at their own organizations. The series has since expanded and is now also held annually in Seattle, Phoenix and New York City. Ericka's previous corporate experience includes leading business development and marketing for a division of AOL/Time Warner, DoubleClick, ZDNet and CNET.

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    Wise Women of Wealth Global Radio Show

    in Business

    Special Guest:  Sylvia Jordan, Southfield Councilwoman, Author, Entrepreneur, Speaker, & Life Strategist- A Believepreneur!

    Event:  The Ultimate Women's Event ~ This event is designed to assist in jumpstarting your new year 2015. The essence of who you are as a woman, mother, entrepreneur, businesswoman, or just a woman who desires more out of life and wants achieve more in life- this event is for you.

    FOCUS: Empowering and Inspiring Women to Achieve an Ultimate Life! 

    Wise Women of Wealth (WWOW) is an international radio show with a global listening audience from Australia to Africa, South America to China. The show main objectives are to EMPOWER Women through Education, Entrepreneurship and Economics. 

    One of our women's intiatitive is WE3 (Women Empowered). The radio show founder and host is Dr. Minetta Hare, International Business Executive, Business & Life Coach, Business Development Specialist and Advisor to Individuals, Corporations, Businesses and Nations. 

    For details on our training programs, intiatives and speaking engagements, contact Wise Women of Wealth (WWOW) for Coaching and Consulting at wisewomenofwealth1000@gmail.com or follow-us @wisewomenwealth 

    WIN A FREE BOOK! Call 347-945-6272.

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    "Convocations, Conferences, Ordinations and Revivals?!?!"

    in Religion

    There are a lot of Christian "meetings" going on.  From Men's and Women's Conferences, to Leadership Conferences, to Holy Convocations, to Revivals, and the list goes on. Are all these "meetings" necessary? Are they important for the Body of Christ? Do these "meetings" really help people? What about ordination or enthronement services? Just how expensive can it be for a family to attend one of these meetings?  Join Real Talk Radio Sunday Aug 19th at 10am EST, as we tackle this topic.  Real Talk Radio, Always Biblical, Always Provocative, Always Real.    Please feel free to join in the conversation or just listen via your phone at 661 449 9951
    www.youtube.com/4realtalk                                                           4realtalkradio@gmail.com                                                  

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    Marsha Barth-The author and Speaker of Prison Ministry that you always...

    in Spirituality

    You can heal.  You can be free from the pain and sorrow of your past.  You can be happy and whole.  Start your healing journey today. "Marsha"


    Marty) an inspirational speaker for 20 years, has spoken at various retreats and conferences. She has DJ’d on Christian radio and is actively involved in prison ministry. A business woman by profession for 26 years, she runs the family business with her husband Mike in Pennsylvania. She is the mother of two children, and has five grandsons.

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    The Common Sense Psychic with Phyllis King - Special Guest Bob Wheeler

    in Spirituality

    Today's guest is Financial Behaviorist, Bob Wheeler. 

    From his 25 years of helping clients, Bob has distilled a concoction of warmth, information, motivation and budgeting directive that he offers to anyone with financial concerns. His passion is to help others gain insights about how emotions trigger financial decisions. Combining finances with behaviors, Bob has lifted the numbers off the table and put them into the heart, where he shows they have been all along.

    As a man of true integrity with an infectious energy, Bob has spoken at various conferences on tax law changes and serves on the board of directors for several nonprofit and profit corporations. While strengthening his accounting practice, Bob has simultaneously pursued his love of satire and ventured into the realm of standup comedy. He is currently the chief financial officer for The Comedy Store in West Hollywood, California.

    Bob graduated from Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee. His world travels lead him to all points on the globe, especially those at high altitudes. He has climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa, arrived at the Base Camp Everest in Nepal and climbed several smaller mountains in between. With charm and humor, his experiences on the road, in the office, or in a Grecian marathon give him a broad and unique perspective as a financial behaviorist.

    Phyllis King has coached tens of thousands of people in 20 different countries.  She is known for her practical and down to earth approach.   AShe has been featured on CBS and NBC TV, radio programs across the country, and has been published in over 70 print and online publications.   She is the author of four books, including Bouncing Back, Thriving in Changing Times, with Dr. Wayne Dyer, and her new book, The Energy of Abundance will be out in 2015.  Phyllis holds a B.A. in Sociology.

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