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    Parallel Lives, Concurrent Lifetimes and Reincarnation, The Council of Elders.

    in Spirituality

    This is a question we wanted to ask Red for a while, about parallel lives. In The Council’s teachings, on Reincarnation and Life Between Lives, Children of the Creators and many  of the other teaching CD/MP3s, Red talked about how we as humanity have increased our incarnations on earth.  He said to us once, if each soul had only one physical incarnation right now, we would have one tenth of our world population. That would not be a bad idea! We wanted a clear understanding of how it is we have concurrent lifetimes and what that means. Here is his answer.

    If you are interested in further teachings from the Council of Elders, please visit our website. www.hereonearth.ca

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    Weird Scenes Inside the Goldmine 1/7/16 - Fight the Power!

    in Entertainment

    Tonight, we're gettin' down and taking on The Man!

    One of the most consistently entertaining of genres, the blaxploitation film was an ersatz lovechild of the civil rights movement, often helmed and produced by established white directors (Jack Hill, Greydon Clark) but tailored to inner city urban audiences.  

    Simultaneously "realist" in their gritty, no holds barred depiction of ghetto life and utterly fantastic (crazed kung fu, often unrealistic scenarios), these pictures offered the promise of empowerment and more importantly, pride to a community emerging from the shadows to take a more equal place in American society throughout the late 60's and 70's.  

    Packed to the gills with soulful, funky soundtracks (often quite essential in and of themselves), no holds barred action, crime and ersatz appropriations from the concurrent kung fu craze, these films feature stylish fashions of the era, sports heroes, martial arts stars, sex and most importantly, tales of the victory of one man...or a united community, against corruption in high places - cops, government, mobsters, you name it.  And to quote a much later film, they do it with style...

    Join us as we talk flying fists, funky 'fro's and flashy fashion, only here on Weird Scenes Inside the Goldmine!

    Week 19
    Fight the Power! 


    Your hosts "Doc" Savage and Louis Paul


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    Weird Scenes Inside the Goldmine 12/10/15 - Keeping the British End Up

    in Entertainment

    This week on Weird Scenes, we take on the two most important directors in 70's British cinema!

    Think about it: outside of Hammer, Tigon and Amicus (and perhaps short lived wunderkind Michael Reeves), how many British "new look" cult directors of the era can you name?  And yet, Pete Walker and Norman J. Warren have managed to carve themselves something of a conjoined niche unto themselves, outside the larger studios.  

    With their efforts gracing grindhouse theatres and syndicated programming alike throughout the 70's and 80's, their names have become synonymous with concurrent sidelines in sex and horror, often featuring some very well established names in the business!

    Join us as we speak to the dark and gritty (or saucy and bouncy) boundary pushing efforts of Norman J. Warren and Pete Walker!

    Week 18
    Keeping the British End Up - a friendly pint with Norm and Pete


    Your hosts "Doc" Savage and Louis Paul


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    Steph & Pete Talk Road to Singapore, Career Highs and Asian Tourneys

    in Sports

    Stephanie Neppl and Pete Ziebron review the latest developments on The Road to Singapore.  Meanwhile, Garbine Muguruza and Timea Bacsinszky win last week, elevating them to new career rankings.  This week, WTA action remains in Asia with a concurrent tournament in Europe.  Join Steph and Pete for WTA analysis on Passing Shots on the ProTenn Radio Network.

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    INVISIBLE DARKNESS-Stephen Williams

    in Entertainment

    Invisible Darkness is the story of one of the more bizarre cases in recent memory--killings so sensational that they prompted the Canadian government, in the interests of justice, to silence its national press and to lock foreign journalists out of the courts.

    To all appearances, Paul and Karla Bernardo had a fairytale marriage--beautiful working-class girl weds bright upper-middle-class guy and they buy a fashionable dream house in the suburbs. But, bored with his straight, prestigious accounting job, Paul soon went freelance as an international smuggler. He also revealed his boredom with conventional sex--enough so that, one Christmas Eve, he persuaded his wife to drug her own sister and engage in a menage a trois, during which the sister died (a bungling coroner ruled her death accidental).The couple then upped the ante, kidnapping and imprisoning several high school girls for sexual marathons, which they videotaped before savagely murdering their captives. When the girls' bodies were found, the police were stymied (although Paul had been accused of rape and given a DNA test that vanished for two years and only recently was linked to some fifty sexual-assault cases) until Karla tried to have her husband arrested for wife beating. During questioning, she confessed to the crimes and is now serving two concurrent twelve-year sentences for manslaughter in exchange for testifying against her husband who was jailed for life. INVISIBLE DARKNESS-The Strange Case of Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka-Stephen Williams

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    Pete and Jared Preview Montreal and Review Washington and Kitzbuhel

    in Sports

    Pete Ziebron and Jared Pine preview the Montreal Masters 1000 as defending Champion Jo-Wilfried Tsonga faces a tough task right out of the gate against Borna Coric.  Meanwhile, John Isner fell a bit short in his bid to win consecutive events yesterday in Washington and Dominic Thiem also missed an oppotunity to win tournaments 3 weeks in a row in Kitzbuhel.  Tommy Haas returns to action this week at the Aptos Challenger, which will be watched carefully by tennis aficionados, concurrent to the Montreal Masters.  Join Pete and Jared on Passing Shots on the ProTenn Radio Network.

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    Steph & Pete Review and Discuss Stanford & Washington

    in Sports

    Stephanie Neppl and Pete Ziebron review all of the WTA action as concurrent tournaments are taking place on both coasts this week: Stanford in the west and Washington, DC in the east.  Last week Margarita Gasparyan won her first career title in Baku, Teliana Pereira won her 2nd title of the year in Florianopolis and this week, Sam Stosur notched her 500th career win in Washington.  Join Steph and Pete as they review all of the WTA US Open Series action, plus Washington, on Passing Shots on the ProTenn Radio Network.

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    in Spirituality

    Host, Joe discusses the topic, "Life Consecutive or Concurrent" with Co-host, Gerry and with John - a channeled perspective

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    America's Classical Music Jazz

    in Music

         Join me this evening when I interview Cedric Hendricks and William Brower regarding the bill H.R. 1682, the National Jazz Preservation, Education and Promulgation Act of 2015.  The bill will preserve knowledge and promote education about jazz in the United States and abroad.  Cedric Hendricks is an attorney based in Washington, DC. For over the past thirty-two years, Cedric R. Hendricks has worked closely with Congressman John Conyers, Jr. (D-MI) on Jazz-related legislative and policy initiatives.  Among his accomplishments with Mr. Conyers has been the development and passage in 1987 of House Concurrent Resolution 57, which designated Jazz as a rare and valuable national American treasure.  This was followed in 1989 by the passage of legislation designating May 25th, the birthday of Bill Bojangles Robinson, as National Tap Dance Day.  In 1991, they successfully secured federal funding to establish the Smithsonian Jazz Masterworks Orchestra, which is now over 20 years old and has performed around the world.  Most recently, he worked with Mr. Conyers on the development and introduction of a new bill for jazz, HR 1682, the National Jazz Preservation, Education and Promulgation Act of 2015.  William Brower resides in Washington, D.C.  In his 45-year career, Bill Brower has been a community organizer, a jazz journalist and oral historian, and a jazz and special event producer. He is currently a Founding and Senior partner of JBV Production, LLC. A major JBV client is the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation. In that capacity Mr. Brower has served as Producer of the CBCF Annual Legislative Conference Jazz Issue Forum and Concert. He has also worked with the Office of Rep. John Conyers on various legislative initiatives, including H. Con. Res. 57 and HR 1682.  Keeping jazz alive on Jazz Notes.

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    Author Josh Peck on the Coming Deception

    in News

    Christian evangelists, theologians, and biblical scholars who are paying attention to the bigger picture of world events have been warning of a great deception coming to mankind. It is well documented in the New Testament that many believers within the church will fall victim to a great delusion and deception in the end of days, so great that even the very elect, if it were possible, would be deceived.

    This generation has seen the birth of the “New Age” movement, which evolved from other spiritualties and religions antithetical to Christianity. Despite this disparity, many Christians are the victims of subtle and incremental entrancement by and into belief systems that are not merely false, but pervert the Word of God. Concurrent with the New Age movement is the burgeoning belief that we are not alone in the universe – that there exists other entities from other planetary systems possessing superior intelligence to ours. We see this in the UFO community, and we’ve also seen the Vatican recently engage in scholarly, theological discussion about actually baptizing “extraterrestrials.”

    Today, physicists are utilizing such devices as the large hadron collider at CERN to open portals into other dimensions. Scientists are talking more and more about transhumanism and artificial intelligence, and reaching “singularity.” What’s all of this mean? Join us...

    Josh Peck, the author of Quantum Creation and Cherubim Chariots, explains such issues in layman’s terms.He is a Christian and Biblical researcher with a passion for Bible prophecy. His mission is to wake up the Church to the reality of the Bible, separate Biblical truth from Church tradition, and provide the solid, raw, uncut truth of God's Word to any and all who will listen.

    Josh Peck’s website is MiniStudy Ministry

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    Win over Everton sees Aston Villa edge closer to safety

    in Soccer

    So close and yet so far. After a dominating 3-2 win over Everton at Villa Park last weekend Aston Villa sit on 35 points. A month ago we probably would have told you that 35 was enough to guarantee safety, but surges from teams like Leicester and Sunderland mean that we're not quite over the hump yet. 

    Today we tackle that win and the concurrent results over the weekend. To top it off, we analyze what it will take to actually ensure Premier League survival. The good news: it's not much more! We also take a look at the incoherent ramblings of Roy Keane, answer your twitter questions, preview this weekend's match against West Ham and more!