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    Stand in your truth but at what cost?

    in Spirituality

    Pat Doyan spiritual healer and teacher talks about how to Surrender to the now to Experience total Joy! Her incredible journey of giving her power away and the choice to take it back isn't the road most travel.

    Pat has been a student of the healing arts since the early 90’s and a graduate of The Body Mirror System of Healing by Sir Martin Brofman, Ph.D. as well as a graduate of the three year masters program at The School of Transformation and Healing created and run by Shirley Williams Ph.D., N.D., and Ed.D. in Houston, Texas.
    This creative process is a marriage of evolution and awakening. All you need to do is surrender to the now, to divine precision, to understanding and experiencing your balance of reason, will and emotion, and to being here now. Such joy will come to you! Joy you have not yet even imagined is on its way to you, simply open to it.
    Open your surrender. Open your true choice !