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    The Wednesday Edition of the jrilshow: What to do in Compromising Positions!

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    Welcome to the Wednesday edition of the jrilshow!  Tonight we are exploring what people do confronted with compromising situations.  What would you do if___________?  Tonight in the Lounge we pay tribute to the late great Joe Sample!  Come get your laugh on tonight on the WEDNESDAY edition of the jrilshow!!!

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    No Time For Compromising

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    You are invited to join in our show...Sunday at 3:30 pm "What's Really Going on Around here"...Apostle Desmon Dobbins will be our speaker. You are invited to come receive your "Breakthrough" In Person at 3:00 pm  Today Sunday February 22, 2015. 
    We are located at :
    2538 West Washington St. Indianapolis, In 46222, (on the lower level)


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    Compromising State of Church

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    We will discuss the compromising state of the church. We have some very informative information. We will have special guest joining us. Thank you please join us.

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    Impacting the Nations - Compromising, Confusion in the Church

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    In these times in which we live, compromise and confusion serve it seem as key players , a move like playing chess, as the  man of perdition, seem as though he is increasing in subdueing humankind.   Questions arising, with very few positive answers.   Confusion, misleading, false teaching, preaching; people have become more relying on phrophesying instead of relying on the prayer, worship and what the Christ is really saying to the body of the church.   Shaking in the minds, the elect seems to be even uneasy and unsure.   Compromising in search of hope and quick fixes,  well we invite you to join us tonight as we look to the Author and the Finisher of all faith and time.    Tune in tonight with the Harvest International Ministry impacting the nation through God's word and the signs of the times.......call in (347) 989-8781 at 8:00pm - 9:00pm.

  • Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 1170

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    Tonight's special guest is Vanessa McNeal from Cedar Falls, Iowa, 22, a child abuse and sexual assault survivor, NAASCA activist and documentary filmmaker. Her goal is to help other people heal and to spread awareness on the issues of child abuse and trauma. NAASCA needs MORE young folks in recovery like Vanessa! Growing up, Vanessa a lot of family violence until she was around five years old. Her father would leave the house voluntarily or because her mom would kick him out because of the fighting. "That left me and my older sister home alone with my mom who was very involved in the party scene," she writes. "I wasn't taken to school regularly so I became far behind in school to the point where I had to be placed in a special class for kids that were behind." Vanessa goes on, "Due to the lack of parental supervision I was placed in compromising positions with compromising people. I was exposed to men and drugs. There was a lot of DHS involvement and police intervention. My needs were not met adequately." Her grandmother eventually gained custody of all four siblings. "I was molested by my 2 older female cousins and by my older sister. There were times I went years without talking to my mother. We eventually began having a consistent healthy relationship around late high school." Vanessa's doing better now. "I struggled most of my life thinking that no one would want or desire me because I thought my own mom did not." She concludes, "I am in a wonderful place in my life right now and I have never been happier."

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    WOE upon whoever dared count himself a pastor, or worthy as a ruler; but the Most High did not call him!   WOE on whoever it is YAH called who did not seek HIM that he teach faithfull ALL HIS WORD to discern how not to lie!    From Genesis to Revelation we were warned!  The Savior comes in Judgement to fully expose; to put an END to every manner of false worship, every MISrepresentation, every deceiver whose teaching is an obstacle against discerning to receive the truth of HIS one sure testimony! No man has ever had a "right" to deceive the peoples after doctrine esteemed "in demand" or "seeming wise" to the masses!    Only THE pure perfect testimony from On High is the saving Word of YAH!   YAH shall utterly destroy whoever dared  to preach, but NOT seeking true to the ALL HIS PURE WILL!   Nevertheless YAH esteems HIS NAME above ALL THINGS!

    YAH does not call "pastors" to destroy them.  But many "Sauls" took bribes compromising to appease the masses despising the command of YAH!   Nations were predisposed to refuse and insult the truth!  From a people who refusing to listen who could not be made stably true; YAH HID HIS FACE!   Blessed are the true children of Abraham who expect the reappearing of the Son of Man who must believe and hear, who teaches again the TRUTH a whole world has rejected!    For if one's expectation is the confusion of contradictions we presently see, what  is the "salvation" that we seek?  Void a standard, man was duped.  

  • How to Safely Wet your Appetite for Smartphone Apps

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    Does the public’s uncontrollable appetite for free smart phone apps also makes you vulnerable? Right now there are approximately 4,000,000 apps (that’s million) available combined in the top four app stores. Are these apps being checked before being released to the public? Are we vulnerable as user by downloading free apps on our smart phones? Could we be compromising our security and financial information by using these apps? In this episode you will learn the truth about using free apps, how to stay safe, and what to look for when deciding “to get an app for that”. So stay tune and turn on this week’s Working The Web To Win and learn “how to safely wet your appetite” for smart phone apps.

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    The Ombudsman Press Show

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    The Ombudsman Press Show combines stimulating talk, live-callers,cutting edge interviews, and the un-cut local, state and national news that will inform taxpayers of the most paramount information that will keep them up-to-date when it comes to politics, religion and entertainment.  Never one to dissapoint us, Bishop Guillory will deliver the goods tonight with a surprise special guest who will join us to discuss the strong relationship between organized crime and politics in America, and everywhere else in the world!  It is and always has been commonly assumed that many organized crime families and networks are politically connected but have you ever wondered exactly how it is that these politicians and crime families rarely pay a legal price? Our guest will fill us in!
    Host - Bishop L. J. Guillory
    He is an Author (I Know Why The Caged Lion Roars) publisher (The Ombudsman Press Newspaper) TV talk show host, million dollar political & entertainment consultant,Bishop to National Unitarian Prison Ministry,and most of all he is an autodidactic and non-compromising Ombudsman General.
    He has been seen on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and FOX NEWS. From the Los Angeles Times to The Washington Post - Guillory, has what it takes to keep the public Informed and entertained.
    Guillory holds a Doctorate of Divinity in Religious Counsel from Bailey’s Temple and Christ Paradise Church Educational Institutional at Tyler, Texas.
    As a Bishop and Special Events Consultant, Guillory has met numerous Hollywood entertainment executives as well as most Washington, D.C. political insiders. With Hollywood contacts and humanitarian ideals, Bishop L.J. Guillory is destined to be everyone’s “Hottest New Discovery.”  And, that’s what you have to look forward to every Saturday night!

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    Robert Hensley: Home To Roost MOVIE

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    Robert Hensley joins the show to promote his upcoming movie Home To Roost!  

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    More information (and to donate) visit Home to Roost website here!

    Home to Roost is a contemporary, homecoming tale. Bertrand ‘Bird’ Marshall is a famous graphic novelist. He left his rural hometown twenty years ago after being caught in a compromising position with his best friend Danny. Bird felt his twin brother Jonah was embarrassed by him, so he ran away. 

    After Jonah commits suicide, Bird returns home to find his sister-in-law Deann may be a bigger part of the problem than he realized. He quickly realizes the spark between he and Danny has not been extinguished by time or distance. He also finds he has become a hometown hero of sorts. 

    With Danny by his side, along with the support of his bold-as-brass mother, Mae, Bird realizes he was missed in his absence. He gathers the courage to defend his family against Deann and confront the small-minded hate and bigotry of a few redneck neighbors. 

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    What is the difference between settling and compromising in a relationship?” this is a complicated question that you have to think about.

    Generally, the term “settling” SUGGESTS a willingness to accept less than what you believe you are due.

    And this can be realized when you hear, phrases like, don’t settle for that job, or don’t settle for that man/woman.

    Have you ever heard the phrase “Be willing to Compromise But Don’t Settle?

    It is the consensus that compromising is better than settling.

    But is it?

    Take for instance, in a relationship, compromising makes it work right?   But look at it in this perspective; Compromising in a relationship usually comes first, before we settle.

    Compromising means reaching an agreement by adjusting conflicting or opposing claims or principles.

    It’s just that compromising gets us to the place before we settle. In my opinion they are both part of the process.

    Think about it, every time you make a decision – whether it’s big or small, or good, bad or indifferent – you are settling, and you are ruling out other opportunities. This is the nature of decision-making.

    Now if you are not  happy or you feel  uncomfortable with your decision, then this is where the problems and discontent arise. But remember, here will always be roads not traveled; that doesn’t mean they’re better.

    Join me Janice Clarke,Holistic Health Prac tiitoner, Master Herblaist, Nutritional Consultant , Reiki Practitioner, and Host of the Solful Healing Talk Show as we get to the nitty gritty of this subject. And to find ways that we make the best decision we are comfortable with so we can live our lives, full of passion joy and happiness.

    Real ME TIME this!!!  One Love!

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    Standing For Righteousness Part 2

    in The Bible

    Do you have issues with compromising with the truth? Do you like to strattle the fence with some and not with others? Is your walk more important with Christ more than man? We will discuss and share these important topics and questions for Christians. Our guest will be Pastor Tiara Hawthorne of God Chasers Ministries. For more information about us; go to www.saintpetersberg.com.