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    What is Spiritual Warfare? | K6883

    in Health


    Callers: A gentleman is calling to speak with Roy about spiritual warfare. A lady stood up to an abusive boss, then was attacked by compromisers. A man is a compulsive hoarder and does not understand why. Another man cannot get over past relationship with girlfriend.

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    Originally aired: April 10, 2012 - Hour 1

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    SDG 3! REVIVAL! Fire Fall Down 1Kings 18

    in Spirituality

    Our culture is sick. We are plagued by violence, suicide, divorce, immorality, graft and corruption at the highest levels— Our Nation is in desperate trouble. We need not fear what terrorists may do nearly as much as we should fear what God Almighty may do in judgment. But we CAN have revival in these days!
    Friends, America is sick very few if any will deny that anymore.  So let's look at the symptoms and then the cure.  
    Let's study the anatomy of REVIVAL!
    1.      The ENEMIES of Revival
    a.      The COMPROMISERS
    b.      The CORRUPT
    c.      The CONFUSED
    d.      The COMPETITION
    2.      The ELEMENTS of Revival
    a.      The SOLIDARITY of God’s People
    b.      The SEPARATION of God’s People
    c.      The SACRIFICE of Jesus Christ
    d.      The STRENGTH of Believing Prayer
    3.      The EVIDENCE of Revival – The FIRE that FALLS!
    a.      A CONSUMING Fire
    b.      A CONVICTING Fire
    c.      A CONVERTING Fire