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  • I. H.Elders Show: The Creeping Compromise (REPLAY)

    in Culture

    Join the I. H. Elders for a REPLAY of the Creeping Comprimise show.

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    What Kind of Church Do You Have?

    in Religion

    This week, SONSHINE USA Bible teacher Warren Landis continues our new Bible Study series through Revelation. This week, Warren should finish the second chapter of Revelation. As you may know, the 2nd and 3rd chapters of Revelation describe the 7 churches that ere dominate in Johm's day. We find examples of these churched all across America today. Which of these churches best descibes the church you attend?

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    Are we experiencing another downgrade

    in Religion

    Jesus warned believers that they will be hated and despised by the world because of their uncompromising faith in HIm. Is the Westernized church, pastors, evangelist, and believers experiencing this type of hatred? If not, then there is a strong possibility that compromise (with the world) is now characterizing the body of Christ.

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    in Lifestyle

    In today's world relationships come and go, almost the norm. We will be discussing how to make your relationship work. No secret tricks just hard work. Joining us will be couples that have been together for over 20 years. Talking to us about the reality of longevity of a relationship and what it takes. 

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    The Three C's of Relationships: Commitment, Communication & Comprimise

    in Romance

    Advice, information, recommendations, and insights on love, life, relationships, sex, marriage, and all things pertaining to matters of the heart.
    Our conversations our honest, our guests are real, the insights are amazing, and we laugh and love while providing not only opinions but insights from Clinical Therapists, counselors and ministers. We cover it all; there's no untouchable topic during the Happy Our Show. So stop by and join us!

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    BEST OF Backroom Politics LIVE from Washington, DC!!!!

    in Politics

    JOIN CONGRESSMAN AL, BOB, ALLEN, and CARL on AMERICA'S PREMIER POLITICAL ROUNDTABLE ON THE INTERNET!!!  Moderated by Justin Russell, Backroom Politics is our weekly political round table discussion, broadcasting live from  WASHINGTON, DC’s premier cigar tavern. What started out as a political insiders happy hour just blocks from the White House quickly became the basis for a new grassroots effort to bring civility back to politics. If American politics, foreign affairs, and intelligent civil discussion are part of your daily ritual, tune into Backroom Politics and help us bring civility back to Washington. Broadcasting live from America's Premier Cigar Tavern...Shelly’s Back Room in Washington, DC.... each Tuesday from 4-6PM, Backroom Politics features an uncensored take on Washington and special guests each week. We invite our listeners to call in, a

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    Republican Party Implosion ( Pearl Harbor )

    in Politics Conservative

    Tonight Pearl Harbor Dedication :
    U.S. Navy Seaman Homer Hopkins & Reserve John Stanley Malinowski both were killed on board The USS Arizona on 12-7-1941
    Does the GOP stand for Grand Old Party or GOD's of Planet?
    Well clearly The Republican Party Is Imploding and this  w/ house speaker Jonny Bonehead. What is the Republican Party to do with the cast of characters who are under the impression SOCIALISM is the way to go?

    The House speaker talking tax increase NOW on the table?
    Republicans talking about MAYBE A little more DEPT. is acceptable to reach A comprimise?

    Of ( the ) 

    The fact is The Republicans lost in November because their socialist ways of less freedom and A HATE of middle class taxpayers simply hit it's final chapter. The Sean Hanity , Carl Rove's of yesterday are FINISHED. It's time for The RISE of The NEW Era & Generation of ditto head(s).

    Balanced Budget , Defenders of our Declaration , Small Federal & State Gov. that is for the people by the people period. 

    The Democratic party is STRONG and they are together reguardless they are one nation under Obama w/ NO liberty and Justice for who they pick and choose. Thus is NOT the same in The GOP where they pick and choose but their jumping ship faster then the sinking of the Titanic.

    TONIGHT we see the moves that The GOP are making in Michigan as well as in Washinton DC. We will share with you & play clips and see what direction the clueless leaders are taking the soon to be party of yesterday.

    Do they know the end is near so they are following GOD's orders until they are thrown under the bus? What happen to the party of the people? Where did they go WRONG?
    TONIGHT on The Republican Party Is Imploding.

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    Afterglow - Live with Tim and Vince

    in Religion

    Vince has been on the road for a few weeks now.  We are going to talk to him about his experience as a trucker.  Come and join our convoy and lets get trucking.  email questions or comments to afterglowshow@live.com.

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    The Chauncey Karls Report

    in Politics

    Chauncey Karls tackles politics, current events and culture in is own inimitable style. Chauncey Karls is a graduate of the International School of journalism in Chattanooga, Tennessee. In the highly likely event Chauncey does not show up, guest hosts Jesse and Cody discuss comprimise, football, Rick Santorum, and the politicization of school text books. Music provided by WZK.

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    Perry Stone will you call in to discuss or listen and learn?

    in News

    The only christian broadcast to say it like it is!  Giving you the latest news and covering the hottest topics others refuse to.  Join us tonight as we are back and ready for Battle!!  and what's our Battle Cry??  Death has been defeated!!  Our 'target zone' and tonights Discussion Topic is Perry Stones Analysis of the Washington DC Earthquake . Watch and listen for yourself at ttp://youtu.be/cpkWyyBIVlY before the show as we will be discussing his wrong conclusions. Will he listen to us and look at the evidence presented and repent so as able to recognize that he should be leading the sheep to be obedient to the commandments to Separate from this beast a revived roman rising persian islamic horn kingdom of washington, who sits declared as god upon the cloud in the Capitol Dome up in heaven. Also, we will continue to discuss the superbowl halftime show, emphasizing the direct link between In Diana and the luciferian ritual.  Are christians still paying for the murder of children after obama's 'comprimise'?   Is there a separation occuring among all christian denominations from those apostates who have put away sound doctrine and those who hold alliegience to God's Word over denominational alligience?   And welcome to the new world of 'chrislam'........ Is there a new wycliff 'bible' that has put allah in place of Jesus Christ?  and of course we will joined by Stephen Michael, Word Warrior Deb, and Dennis a.k.a 'david' fisher.  Come sip on some milk and as the show progresses, you'll be cuttin into the meat!  

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    Is Martin Luther King still relevant?

    in Politics Progressive

    Tonight we will examine the man and the myth.Dr King was contraversial to both White America and Black America.He was vilified,slandered,threatened,clowned,and ultimately killed.As we remember his legacy an important question arises.Who benefits more from his message?Which message is his message?Why do White America focus only on non violence and love between Black and White?If these themes were rejected by Black America why is he given a holiday?Why not Marcus Garvey?Who decides who is a Black icon?Are we suppose to share our heroes,and comprimise who we are?Also new jewels from the Kalagenesis.Tonight a fire and brimstone sermon from the Kalagenesis

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