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    In this week's episode Jonathan takes on both Chris and Daniel in a handicap match. We'll see if he can maintain his composure with the odds stacked against him. Carmela hosts and really brings the pain with a very challenging set of questions. Enjoy!

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    Wednesday Wisdom Radio ~ Lost and Found

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    At the end of a very intensive Business and  Personal Leadership Mastery with beautiful ambitious participants and I'm now looking forward to seeing where all of this new and revised knowledge will land once I get home.  What’s new?  What’s no longer needed?  What have I lost and gained from this experience?

    It's Wednesday, and I'm due to connect with you, yet I'm running on adrenaline and needing to follow my own wisdom.  

    The morning hike today up into the foothills in Golden, Colorado was breathtaking, literally and figuratively!   Yet, it took e a while to enjoy it as I was walking fast, looking down at the path so I wouldn't slip on ice/snow and I was annoyed.  My new pair of gloves, bought just weeks ago, now was missing the left hand.  AARGH!  Not the way to start my busy day, retracing my steps and calling the places I'd been over the past 5 days.  Whole Foods hadn't seen it.  The hotel checked their lost and found, 2 other gloves, neither mine.

    Yet, I breathed deeply, partly because of the thin air due to the elevation, and partly to calm myself. I found my center, felt the Mother Earth magnetic pull holding me and realized that the morning's agenda of packing, eating, showering and dressing, checking out, as well as prepping for my time on stage, was a bit ambitious of a plan.  And, I got the clear message, that this is not anyone else's stress, the day will go just fine, and to be in this moment.  What a gift!

    Listen in for this brief message and let's talk soon if you are ready to learn some quick tips and tricks to regain your center, composure, confidence and connection to Self.  I promise I wont' waste your precious time and that there will be at least one FREE resource you can put to use immediately!  


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    The Global Psychics & Healers presents Hillary Black

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     Hillary delivers messages from spirit with appreciation and compassion for other people’s thoughts and feelings, to help those help themselves in a truthful manner. She does this by showing you the big picture in a comprehensive way; through the past, present, the future, new realities, choices and fated events, helping you co-create your life. Whatever your religion, orientation, lifestyle, or beliefs are, Hillary reads from a place of acceptance. Hillary is a truthful reader, yet reading only what you ask her to read. Hillary uses all of her gifts during a spiritual reading to help you make informed choices. She shows you options, you use your free will. Hillary’s unique, as well as, different gifts are blended together, which allows you to use one or all of the 3 Cs; Calm, Clarity and Confirmation. Then she incorporates Life/Business Coaching so you move forward to plan, to organize and to follow through with everyday concerns. Spawning this positive growth in a safe and secure environment, this allows feelings and emotions to flow.  This is for those who choose to create positive situations for themselves or change the negative to a positive in their life making lifestyle changes. 

    Ask Hillary Black may be helpful to you as spirit touches your life in a positive, practical manner, identifying and assisting you through concerns, while supporting change with composure, thus helping you move forward with confidence, as well as, clarity to make choices.  Hillary is not a counselor but relates to you what Spirit imparts on her. You use your discrimination with the additional information.

    free readings as time allows



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    No Box Thinking Radio with Jonathan Kegler New Year's Eve Special

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    No Box Thinking Radio would like to help you bring in the New Year with a BANG!  Therefore, we went out and found an up and coming CHANGE AGENT to assist us with stoking the FIRE in the form of Ivorie Ford.  Ivorie has been very successful in assisting others to get optimal performance out of their mind, body and soul!  So let's meet Ms. Ivorie Ford:

    Ivorie O. Ford is a native of Lufkin, Texas, where she spent the majority of her life playing sports and going to church. At an early age she developed a love for sports/fitness and her relationship with God. Having a passion for both sports/fitness and ministry she developed a desire to intertwine the two as a lifestyle. God delighted her desire to intertwine her two passions and trusted her with a vision to starts her own sports/fitness ministry brand.

    Ivorie was a student-athlete honor graduate of Lufkin High School’s Class of 2011 and a college honor graduate of The University of Texas at Arlington class of 2015. She obtained her Bachelors of Science degree in Exercise Science and is a certified fitness professional. She has used her degree, certifications and experience to fulfill her vision and will soon be launching her own sports/fitness ministry brand. Ivorie knows that her purpose is to be the liaison between faith and fitness and is devoted to changing lives by being obedient to her God ordained purpose.

    When she isn’t preoccupied with other obligations, Ivorie loves to spend time with her family, mentor youth, go to church, read, play the drums, and enjoy outdoor activities.

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    Out the door in 2016; Dump Trump plus Virginia public schools Muslim problem

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    No matter how you look at it, Donald Trump will hurt the RNC.  He doesn't have the problem solving techniques, composure or internatinal relations background to measure how the scope of issues can be absolved.

    A central Virginia school district has canceled classes Friday after concerns over the "tone and content" of calls and emails received about a lesson in Arabic calligraphy.

    Augusta County Public Schools, near Staunton in central Virginia, will be closed after the district received "voluminous phone calls and electronic mail locally and from outside the area" about a high school World Geography class lesson, the district announced Thursday evening.

    In a lesson Friday on the Middle East, students were presented with an Islamic statement of faith written in Arabic calligraphy, 

    "The students were presented with the statement to demonstrate the complex artistry of the written language used in the Middle East, and were asked to attempt to copy it in order to give the students an idea of the artistic complexity of the calligraphy," a statement Bond gave the paper said.

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    The four blood red full moons in the last year and a half, coincides  with  part of a Native American prophecy that the “changes are here” and we won’t ever go back to the way things were before, composure from the heart, and then breathing to release the drama of attachment is the best possible tool one may have.  Take back your power and embrace your inner ability to heal. For 30 minutes there will be a talk on the condition of being  a spiritual being in a human concept. If you are having pains or a condition has been diagnosed remember that your is currently shifting into gear for the flight of a lifetime!  Listen by phone: 646-478-5120 or online: http://tobtr.com/s/8082561. The changes are here, the journey is about greeting them with love. Namaste,

     Reverend Sharon


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    If thou clothe the naked, and bring the poor . . . to thy house, and deal thy bread to the hungry, "then shall thy light break forth as the morning, and thine health shall spring forth speedily." Doing good is an excellent remedy for disease.  

         The pleasure of doing good to others imparts a glow to the feelings which flashes through the nerves, quickens the circulation of the blood, and induces mental and physical health.  

         Pure and undefiled religion is not a sentiment, but the doing of works of mercy and love. This religion is necessary to health and happiness. It enters the polluted soul temple, and with a scourge drives out the sinful intruders. Taking the throne, it consecrates all by its presence, illuminating the heart....It opens the windows of the soul heavenward, letting in the sunshine of God's love. With it comes serenity and composure. Physical, mental, and moral strength increase, because the atmosphere of heaven, as a living, active agency, fills the soul.

    My Life Today - Page 251

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    WebbWeaver Books Proudly Presents: Author Gary Starta

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    Kindred Killers: A Stanford Carter Murder Mystery ~

      Homicide Detective Stanford Carter uses Zen meditation to deal with the gruesome crimes of humanity. But his composure is severely tested when an unfaithful husband and stripper are not only murdered but showcased for their immoral lives. To test his mettle further, department policy is jeopardizing his romance with his CSI colleague Jill Seacrest. Marrying colleagues is prohibited and Carter must either end his romance or have Jill put in for transfer. The private detective hired by the family of the victims becomes the only suspect. Carter theorizes someone with knowledge in law enforcement is responsible for leaving clean but disturbing crime scenes. Further investigation leads him to believe a pair of killers might be working as serials. As Jill goes undercover to investigate the PI's social life, Carter fears he might not only fail to stop the vigilante killings but lose the love of his life.

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    Worst Dates Ever and The Lessons Learned

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    Welcome, welcome, welcome everyone to The ChickS.H.Y.T. & Real Talk Radio Show, where these chicks'll Surely Have You Talkin...

    Ladies, you've been dreaming about going out with this man ever since your first day there and he processed your entry paperwork! He was gorgeous and all the chicks in line had the same thought when they saw him..."Man, I'd sure love to know what he tastes like". He seems oblivious to all the attention, as though he's used to it and isn't phased in the least by panting females. But you are no panting female. Your eyes lock and he holds your gaze as he is reciting instructions for your registration that you don't even hear, because you are to busy focusing on how delicious his lips look. Your encounter was brief. You don't think you'll see one another again, because this is a huge campus. Class starts two days later and who should walk in to give a presentation but Mr. Delicious! As he's giving his presentation about the things us students could expect from his office, your eyes lock...and he stutters! It takes a moment for him to gain his composure, but his eyes never leave yours. The connection has been made! Ironically, you won't see this man for another nine weeks when it's time for you to leave. You've spent that time fantasizing about everything you'd do with those lips of his and everywhere that you'd use those lips of yours. Those fantasies have carried you for the whole time you've been here. The day you are scheduled to fly out, he's working the desk and you feel almost embarrassed by the dirty thoughts you've been having. As you leave, you notice that he has slipped a note in your folder with an offer to fly you back for some "personal" time and his phone number if you are interested. 

    What could POSSIBLY go wrong? The Divas can't WAIT to tell you. Tune in and join the conversation (347) 857-4326

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    Emanuel A.M.E. Church: Proof God exists in hearts

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    No hosility, no retribution, no blaming, no hatred.  Love was a reaction to hate, forgiveness a reaction to killing.   Is the culture so different from places like Ferguson or Baltimore in sophistication or composure?  Not one man was shot unjustly but 9 men and women.  And they responded in Love.  Join Jane who attended an all Black church in college in North Carolina before some churches integrated, join Don, son of the first female Black police officer in Milwaukee and Jon, son of good parents who raised him in the church near San Jose.  A REPEAT CALLER FROM CHARLESON, SOUTH CAROLINA CALLED IN TO WEIGH IN ON WHAT HE CALLED THE SHOCK OF THE CHURCH KILLINGS THAT STILL IS CONTINUUING.