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    Jesse Iwuji Racing - On Track Episode 1

    in Sports

    Jesse Iwuji is a car driver currently competing in the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series at the Irwindale Speedway in Southern California. He recently gained support as a Veteran Ambassador for the Phoenix Patriot Foundation for his NASCAR racing goals for the 2015 season.

    Racing is Jesse's passion.  We will be discussing his inspiration and the professional goals he has set for 2015 and beyond.  Here is just a snapshop backround of his current racing history:

    - Holds the record for Fastest 1/2 Mile Late model Hemi in the world (174 MPH in '09 Challenger SRT8)

    - 5th person in the world yo go over 200 MP in the 1-mile for Late Model Hemi's (200.9 MPH)

    - 2 Hot Rod Magazine Articles (May 2013 and Feb 2014 issues)

    - Cover of May 2013 MoparMax Magazine

    - Jun 28 2014 4th place finish in Corvette Challenge at Willow Springs Raceway

    - 2015 NASCAR Whelen All-American Series racer with Performance P-1 Motorsports

    - 2015 SCCA racer in Corvette C6 Z06


    Current Sponsors:

    Phoenix Patriot Foundation

    The Red List Group

    Spankin Time Performance

    STS Turbo

    Carven Exhaust


    Porterfield Racing

    Five One Seven Motoring


    Wax 4 Dads

    Top Speed Pro 1

    Wasp Composites

    Jesse racing history with the Corvette

    - 2nd place in the Unlimited Class for the Corvette Challenge at Auto Club Speedway Jan 7th 2015. 

    - 4th place in the Unlimited Class for the Corvette Challenge at Willow Springs Raceway Feb 7th 2015. 

    - 2nd Place in the Unlimited Class for the Corvette Challenge at Buttonwillow Raceway Park Mar 8th 2015

    - Currently 2nd in points for the 2015 Wilwood Corvette Challenge Series 

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    Bob Lacovara on Composites

    in Business

    The latest issue of ProBoat includes an article by Bob Lacovara that you will want to read before you tune in for this week’s show. We’ll have ProBoat Senior Editor Aaron Porter as well as Bob on the line as we discuss his article, and try to answer your questions about this take on marine composites.

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    Let's talk Gluten

    in Dining

    Well gluten is the protein component that's found in wheat in the wheat family. Although Gluten is singular word it actually refers to two proteins. And those are Gliadin and Glutolin. And what happens is these proteins act as a binding agent. So they bind food together. And the reason that they used so wide spread in processed foods is simply because they act a binding unit to make food taster better.Though "true gluten" is sometimes defined as being specific to wheat, gluten is often said to be part of other cereal grains — including rye, barley and various crossbreeds — because these grains also contain protein composites made from prolamins and glutelins.


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    Steve Colbern~Scientist/Alien Implant Researcher

    in Paranormal

    Steve Colbern

    Steve Colbern is a chemist and material scientist with extensive experience in carbon nanotube technology, controlled atmosphere tube furnaces, and sol-gel chemistry. Steve is a graduate from UCLA. His goal is to use," Interdisciplinary, out-of-the-box approaches to find breakthrough, novel solutions to scientific and industrial problems". Synthesis and characterization of novel nanomaterials, particularly metal nanoparticle filled and coated single-walled CNT, Casimir Force effects on nanomaterials, efficient methods of carbon nanotube purification. Steve Colbern is currently working on carbon nanotube research, including CNT/metal matrix composites, carbon nanotube wafer materials, and novel carbon nanotube purification methods with unprecedented efficiency.  Steve Colbern appeared on Coast to Coast AM Radio on Friday night along with Dr. Roger Leir, author of “The Alien and the Scalpel”. Steve Colbern has analyzed several of Leir's patient's implants and is the scientist affiliated with CERO, using scientific equipment to scan self-identified abductees with possible implants and other anomalies.  These objects have special properties and to emit radio signals from within the patient and they appear to transmit on satellite and aeronautical communication frequencies. Steve will be discussing his findings with us.

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    Composite Life Cycle Issues

    in Business

    Composite life-cycle issues are taking center stage as research and development activities are on the rise, developing second life uses for composite waste material and functionally obsolete composite parts.  
    As technology allows for the successful recycling of composite parts,  experts anticipate that industry will embrace the business opportunity of turning functionally obsolete or inoperable composite parts into 

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    Kevin Hodge; Green Composites and Manufacturing

    in Work

    Kevin is hiring and housing ex-offenders for training and production of composite products. Our products include: Composite semi-permanent structures for disaster relief housing and green home use. Small scale wind power generators for residential and lite-industrial.

    Elijah Brown is developer of a Phoenix Green Project Housing, to create jobs and training in the Southwest US. www.10greatestcompanies.com

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    Live from IBEX 2009: Composites

    in Business

    Listen in to find out how to pronounce "composites" and what IBEX exhibitors had to say about their composite products. Guests included Richard Downs-Honey (High Modulus) and others.

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    Kevin Hodge; Green Composites and Manufacturing

    in Environment

    Kevin is hiring and housing ex-offenders for training and production of composite products. Our products include: Composite semi-permanent structures for disaster relief housing and green home use. Small scale wind power generators for residential and lite-industrial.


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    Truck Stop Solutions to Better Health

    in Health

    Co-host Donna Smith welcomes Contech Composites founder, Kevin Hodge to the program to discuss the many aspects involved in the increase of modern day diseases, affecting millions of Americans and threatening their livelihood.
    Topics will include: GMO’s, is the FDA helping?  Where are our seeds coming from? The buyout of agriculture lands, and what is wrong with the American diet?
    Focus will also be placed on many of the causes, how to prevent disease and the cure for such issues.
    A few solutions discussed will include:  What should we be eating to cure and prevent these types of diseases? What is Hydro Aquaponics and how can they help?  And how truck stops could use small agriculture to offset costs of shipping and serve customers fresh, organic produce providing truckers with better health.

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    "Love It, Learn It, Or Leave IT &The 6 Sexual Doors Part 3"

    in Entertainment

    Many thanks again to the clients and supporters of Brian Holiday-El and the growing audience of the Sepiasexual BodyTalkLive!  Just as I promised, no need to wait another month because HERE WE GO AGAIN! On Episode 1 of BodyTalkLive, the 6 Sexual Doors were briefly explored and those who tuned in we're finally able to receive the key to correctly engaging the uniqueness of their own sexuality and that of the other.  On Episode 2, the 7 Year Cycles underlying the changes an individual goes through internally and externally launched a discussion which climaxed with a Body Talk on Composites (Unions), using the Body Graphs of Joe Budden and Tahiry Jose, giving the listeners part of the information and perspective needed to come to a decision of, loving it, learning it, or leaving it.  Our Caller, Phyllis, who made it through the line despite the technical difficulties, reported that what she, "RECEIVED was On Point and Needed."
    I surrender to the beautiful feedback and responses from the listeners and you all are right, an hour is simply not long enough, so, the next show will run for at least 90 Minutes and as the audience grows as it has over the last two episodes, I will extend the time again and eventually committ to perhaps airing during prime time.  It's been spectacular growing with you all over the last 2 Episodes and I'm earnestly looking forward to growing and learning and sharing with all of you.  Thank you again! BHoli 

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    Dr. Ellen Lee: Impassioned Environmentalist at Ford Motor

    in Environment

    Ellen Lee: Impassioned Environmentalist Believes Sustainability Equals Sensibility in Both Vehicles and Life
    Who: Ellen Lee, technical expert, plastics research Role: Researcher working to replace traditional, petroleum-based plastics with alternative composites that are better for the environment and the customer
    Did you know? Lee enjoys reading cookbooks like most people read novels
    Visit Ellen Lee at her home in Ann Arbor, Mich., and chances are better than average she’ll be outside, working in the garden.
    “We grow...a little bit of everything,” she says, laughing. “I love fresh vegetables. We have 10 raised beds, and that’s not enough. Every year, I say, ‘I need more room!’’’
    Lee’s green thumb shouldn’t surprise anyone. At Ford, Lee is part of a unique team that works to make products more sustainable through science and technology innovation. The team researches traditional, petroleum-based plastics and looks to Mother Nature to create alternate composites that are durable, lightweight and better for the environment.
    These all-new composite recipes include more natural ingredients, such as soy oil, wheat straw fiber, cellulose and the sugars in corn, sugarbeets and sugarcane.
    “One of our biggest success stories so far is soy foam,” Lee says. All Ford North American-built vehicles use bio-based foam in seat cushions and backs. Ford’s use of bio-based foam has helped the company reduce its petroleum oil use by more than 3 million pounds annually and carbon dioxide emissions by more than 15 million pounds.
    Even more recently, Ford and Lear Corporation introduced a new head restraint foam with 25 percent of the polyol replaced with soy.