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    Don Graham & Marshall Dane

    in Country Music

    Don Graham and Marshall Dane - Together Again For the First Time!

    Don Graham is a veteran country singer/songwriter having spent over four decades perfecting his craft. He has performed globally, picking up friends and fans around the world. Don was signed in the early days to Irving Almo Music to a writers deal by the legendary Brian Chater, resulting in him relocating from his hometown of Montreal to Toronto. Don now spends his time performing at select venues, while also travelling to showcase at places like the Nashville Palace in Tennessee, a private party during MIDEM in Cannes, France and appearing on the pilot for a video show hosted by Dave Woods.

    Marshall Dane was born in Southern Ontario and brought up on music, with a preacher Dad who played guitar and a musical Mum who played piano. Playing his first solo gig at age fifteen for thirty-five bucks and a plate of cheesecake, Marshall tried working in a band before eventually taking fate in to his own hands in 2008, heading down to Nashville for a master-class in composing country songs. Playing in bars and clubs as a solo singer and with a touring band has given him his fair share of stories and insights – great for writing songs. But when it comes to cooking up a tune, Marshall admits that his parents’ spiritual upbringing permeates his writing, with themes of love, home and kindness appearing throughout his songs.

    Don and Marshall will be performing their show - Don Graham and Marshall Dane - Together Again For the First Time! - on November 26th at Musideum in Toronto.

    Tune in to hear this dynamic duo tell stories, tell jokes and share songs on this special episode of In The Country.

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    Your Best Life w/Jann Jaffe: Music Icon, Anne Phillips

    in Music

    Jann Jaffe (Northwestern University, BA,MA) is an iPEC Certified Professional Coach, ELI-MP, and a COR.E Dynamics Specialist. Traumatic brain injuries cut short her successful career as an international opera/concert singer, and master class teacher, and drastically altered her life. Jann is dedicated to helping professional women and opera singers achieve optimal success, realization of their potential, and passion, purpose, life balance and wellbeing in every aspect of their lives. Contact Jann at info@forwardtosuccess.com

    Anne Phillips, singer, composer, arranger, conductor, producer has had a career that has covered almost every area of the music business, and has worked with Carole King, Neil Diamond, Burt Bacharach, contracting and singing on hundreds of recording sessions, composing, arranging and producing the music for commercials such as Pepsi and Sheraton Hotels and, as a solo singer: her classic album “Born to be Blue,”  “Ballet Time” with various old friends including Dave Brubeck and Marian McPartland. Her jazz opera, “Bending Towards the Light … A Jazz Nativity” has been called “a new New York tradition" by NY Magazine. It has been performed at venues all over the country, including the famed Birdland Jazz Club and B.B. King's Blues Club in NYC.  She also composed ten minute Operas for Opera Shorts presented at Weill Hall.

    On 12/1 her concert of short operas entitled “That Certain Age” (SMARTTIX 212-868-4444 ) about aging w/ grace & humor will be presented at Opera America. And on 12/20 "A Jazz Nativity" (https://web.ovationtix.com/trs/pr/952525) will be performed at Christ and St. Stephen's Church on W. 69th St. in NYC.

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    Episode 26: Alphabear Intervention

    in Technology

    On this episode we're joined by video game composer Braxton Burks. Braxton's first composition was reorchestrating all of Pokémon Red and Blue. He's a self-taught musician who is now attending Cornish, and composing for video games on the side. We ask him about how he got his start in music—and what is counterpoint, anyway?

    There's also some news to tackle. If Destiny has mysteriously appeared on your PS4, we know why, and the answer is kind of annoying. Plus, we talk about Tomb Raider, flying around in Minecraft, and the Legend of Zelda Symphony's upcoming performance on The Tonight Show.

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    Musician David Sklar on the Lyrical Life

    in Art

    What does it take to fill your life with music? Join us as pianist and composer David Sklar talks about life and song.

    David Sklar has been composing and performing music since the age of 7. At age 11, he was accepted at the prestigious preparatory program at the Manhattan School of Music where he studied performance with master professor Phillip Kawin. David also took classes with concert pianist Andre Watts. 

    Upon graduation, David gained acceptance at Berklee College of Music in Boston. While majoring in film scoring at Berklee, he studied performance with Livingston Taylor, brother of James Taylor. He performed within his local community, playing at civic auditoriums, libraries, and benefits. David is also a singer/songwriter and keyboardist with over 2 albums of all original material. His music has played, and he has been interviewed, on various radio programs all across the US as well as having performed vocally at Lincoln Center in a musical tribute to the late Jim Henson. 

    After graduation from Berklee, David moved to Los Angeles. His professional accomplishments included artistic support under the direction of Graham Preskett for major motion picture films at Hans Zimmer's Media Ventures. He also worked under the musical supervision of Ray Bunch, who was scoring shows for NBC and SONY Pictures Studios.

    After moving to Arizona, David performed at clubs in the Phoenix area. He owned and operated his own piano teaching studio. David currently resides in New York City, and has completed recording two new CD's, entitled "DreamChaser" and "The Troubadour" featuring all original music. He gigs at various clubs and cabarets in NYC.

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    The Art of the Score: DANIEL PEMBERTON

    in Movies

    Composer Daniel Pemberton (The Counselor, The Man from U.N.C.L.E.) discusses his work on the new film Steve Jobs. 

  • Destroyer God, Creator, and what brought us to life!

    in Paranormal

    People do not realize that What Created us and brought us to life differs from what returns to destroy those who are actively practicing Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. The art of self-service is conquering, enslaving, and destroying. The warlord god Jehovah/Shiva/Allah/YHWH will return to complete what started 11,000 year ago. The unsuspecting do not realize what is actually going on with three of the four major religions practiced by over four billion people. The destroyer god worshipped in those religions is antithetical to human being-ness through the traditions of science, religion, education, business, politics, law, and medicine. These are the systems theories of the invader culture mindset perpetrating war, greed, and class distinction composing every civilized nation on this planet. This war God returns to destroy the faithful. Welcome to my point of view! 


    in Politics

    "WE see ideology as a systematic way of thinking about phenomenon, bit as sine set if abstract conclusions.  Our approach is one that uses dialectical materialism, which holds that contradictions are the ruling principle of the universe. Everywhere, in all of life the———— social forces, the natural forces, and the biological and the physical forces, the natural forces———we contradictions. What we mean is that in every phenomenon there is a contradiction between opposing forces which struggle to gain domination over the opposites. Because these opposites are both unified and constantly in struggle with one another, they give motion to the matter composing the phenomenon. So we say that matter is constantly in motion, or constantly in a state of transformation.  The transformation takes place in a dialectical manner, with the thesis struggling against the antithesis. These are contradictions. The struggle is resolved in a synthesis that contains elements of the old contradictions, but at a higher level.  Then a new set of contradictions will arise."

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    Thirsty Thursdays

    in Entertainment

    Snoodlovah A.K.A LOVAH LOVAH, is an upcoming female Hip Hop artist. She was born in Brooklyn, New York and has have lived in PA for 10 years. Her mother is hispanic, and her father is french and African American. As the only child from her parents growing up she had a lot of alone time, which gave her space to find out who she was at a pretty young age. She can say that she had a pretty fair childhood, it was only when she turned 14 that life began to show its true colors. In learning so, she had to toughen up and roll with the punches. Composing music has been her life since the age of ten. She started off battling her younger family members and ever since then it became her passion to speak through instruments. As she grew with her love for music, she found a hidden talent that she never knew. She was blessed remembering her mother cleaning her home from top to bottom every Saturday morning while playing her R&B music loudly.  Snoodlovah  would stand in the middle of the living room performing all her favorites songs. When her mother wasn’t cleaning she would play the R&B songs at a low volume and sing over the artist.  It was then, Snoodylovah knew from that point, she wanted to sing, 


    Eager to start her singing career, unfortunately at the age of 11, while visiting her grandmother in PA one summer, Snoodlovah had a life threatening accident in the local amusement park (Dorney Park). She drowned in the wave pool and damaged her voice box.  During recovery, she became discourage to even think about music, however after a couple months she realized this wasn’t the end and had to find a way to express herself and music was the only way.   In addition to Snoodlovah’s singing career, she has engaged in many theater, screen plays and improv.   


  • Healing Conversations with Mildred Lynn: Active voices for a more soulful life

    in Self Help


    A little while ago, I came across  an article in Yes! Magazine that stopped me in my tracks. It was called One Poem that Saved A Forest: How the friendship between a poet and a timber baron kept a grove of California redwoods from clear-cutting by Jacqueline Suskin.

    Upon talking with Jacqueline, I discovered that she also made a living as a poet at The Poem Store by composing one-of-a-kind poems on a manual typewriter, in exchange for a donation (your subject, your price). Plus, she has written two books; Go Ahead & Like It and The Collected … and her work concept has been profiled in the New York Times and the LA Times. 

    Join us as we talk about her poetry, The Poem Store project, her compassion and humanity, and how to come together to successfully tackle projects (like saving a forest grove) for the greater good of all. As a special treat, I'll pick a subject and Jacqueline will write a poem for us … right on the spot. You’ll love it!

    WEEKLY ROUND TABLE with HiC Luttmers, John Carosella, and Mildred Lynn: You Should Not Honour Men More Than Truth - Plato. It's sure to be a fun, engaging discussion. 

    Healing Conversations with Mildred Lynn McDonald is a fascinating tour of the mind-body-spirit connection. Enjoy nourishing conversations, thought-provoking guests, personal growth tools, compassionate guidance, practical tips ... plus a generous sprinkling of East-coast humour and warmth! You’ll also love our popular Round Table discussions. Airs the FIRST SUNDAY of the month @ 10:30am PST.  Website

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    in Current Events

    Old Government, they organize a new Government, to which they transfer their allegiance.

    The President of the United States, finding that the combinations of men " have grown too powerful to be suppressed by the ordinary course of judicial proceedings, or by the power vested in the marshals by law," issues his proclamation, under the act of 1795, commanding the persons composing these combinations to disperse and return peaceably to their homes, and at the same time calling forth the militia of the several States, in such numbers as the public exigencies require, in order to suppress the re-^ bellion, and to cause the laws to be duly executed. Now, when this army of the militia gets into the territory of the insurgents what has it to do? Just what the marshal, in his own strength, attempted to do and failed; just what the marshal, aided by his posse, undertook against the rioters, and again failed. It is to reduce the rebels to submission; to scatter them to their homes, and enforce the execution of the laws. It is only the necessary amplification of the marshal's power, and invoked by lawful authority to do the marshal's work. If, after the army of the insurgents has been driven from the field, the people still continue in revolt, the President may organize either military or provisional governments over them, and may protect these governments in the enforcement of the Federal laws by the Army and Navy of the United States. These temporary expedients for the government of men in rebellion will only cease when the insurrection is suppressed, and then the conquered rebels, having returned to their allegiance, their State governments, not dead, but only in abeyance, will resume their suspended functions, and the authority and power of the General Government will be vindicated in the restoration of its gentle control over all the States of the Republic. WRITTEN IN 1862

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    Hybrid Jazz From Trish Hennessey - with Ken Navarro!

    in Music

    It has been a profound honor to have had Ken Navarro on the show a number of times.  Each time, it seems as though we offer music to you that is a step above any other music that we COULD feature on "Hybrid Jazz."  Ken's canvas is always brilliantly and serenely painted - with the added (and unbelievable!) touch this time: he is - and this is taken from his website: "performing and composing for EVERY instrument."  Now, ponder that.  Already a Master Guitarist - and he has tackled all other instrumentation for "Unbreakable Heart."  Stunning news!

    Hopefully, you know that Ken Navarro was a popular session guitarist in Los Angeles.  He's based in Maryland now, but he built a foundation in L.A. that was wide - with long-time ripple effects.  Everybody in Contemporary Jazz knows of Ken Navarro. And the music that he has created - or re-created - has been a source of continual interest for over 25 years.  Top-charting albums, Top Five songs, Grammy buzz - not to mention that Ken has produced a number of folks and propelled the careers of others.  

    We have been so impressed - millions of us - starting from "The River Flows" in 1990 (Ken's debut) - then (among others!) "Love Coloured Soul" and "The Grace of Summer Light" and "Dreaming of Trains."  Two albums ago: "The Test of Time" - followed by "Ruby Lane."  "Unbreakable Heart" is Ken's 22nd album!  If you have heard ANY of it, you're already smiling :) What an absolute thrill to hear the song, "Juliet" - about Ken's first granddaughter.  Or his loving tribute to the late Robin Williams - a song called "Robin Fly Away."

    We'll delve into three tracks on Tuesday's show - 8/25.  This will also be the anniversary of "Hybrid Jazz From Trish Hennessey!"

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