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    A damaged Soul and what makes up our soul

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    Greetings, I would like to introduce the new series titled "A damaged soul" How does a soul become damaged? What parts make up our soul? We will discuss all three parts that completes us as human beings, and what is God's perspective on our soul. God desires for us to be free in mind, soul and body whatever has you in a yoke bondage needs to be broken off your life so you can be free in every area then you can go out and bring others in who are bond.If you have any questions please email me prior to the show so I can address those issues for you. Send all inquiries to Barbara@frominsanitytosane.com. I am excited about this series I had a damaged soul and I was not even aware of it and most likely neither are you. Over the next few weeks I will be coming live on Thursday mornings starting November 13, 2014  to continue teaching on a damaged soul. My regular broadcast will still be on Wednesday at 9:00 a.m. EST and Thursdays will be at 9:00 a.m. EST for A Damaged Soul. So mark your calendars you do not want to miss any episodes.So continue to follow me on Facebook and Twitter.The new Series A Damaged Soul will run until December I can not think of a better time than to allow God to restore your soul.Remember God loves you with an Everlasting Love.

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    Damaged Daughters with Mary Trinty - Karen Speaks - Episode #2

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    Chicago's Black Business Radio Network.

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    CBBN Business Journals


    #2 Episode in this series on Surviving the Biological Bitch with Ms.  Mary Trinity the host and producer of Damaged Daughters.

    Listen to the first segment here on CBBN Business Journals.


    Sometimes the pain makes some of us feel all alone.

    Sometimes the abuse makes us feel unloved. 

    Mary brings it all to the forefront.

    In this episode she invites Karen to speak of her experiences.

    What about your damaged heart? 

    We encourage you to share your experiences and leave your questions on this page. 

    We guarantee that this broadcast will pull at heart strings you thought long dead.  Time to wake up and heal.

    Ms. Sonja Cassandra Perdue

    Executive Producer

    Chicago's Black Business Radio Network.com


  • Surviving the Biological Bitch. Damaged Daughters with Mary Trinity.

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    Chicago’s Black Business Radio Network

    All Black!

    All News!

    All You!

    CBBN Business Journals


    Surviving the Biological Bitch has led Chicagoan Mary Trinity on her journey to wholeness and the creation of Damaged Daughters and Sons.

    Ms. Trinity says, A child should never feel there is no love coming from their mother…

    Join us through January for our broadcast of the Damaged Daughters series. 

    Mary has created a forum for the unspoken abuse suffered by many from their non-maternal mothers.

    We encourage you to share your experiences and leave your questions on this page.

    We guarantee you that this broadcast will pull at heart strings you thought long dead.  Time to wake up and heal.

    Ms. Sonja Cassandra Perdue

    Executive Producer

    Chicago's Black Business Radio Network.com

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    Contrary to what we have been taught over the past generations man and woman "WERE NOT" created in the image of GOD. This "GROSTEQUE" misconception & distorted myth has resulted in a serious "IDENTITY CRISIS" for both the male and the female.

    We now have men trying to operate in the role of the woman and women trying to operate in the role of man.

    This was NEVER GOD's intent, neither was this how GOD created man and woman.


    Meet me in the P.I.B.P. (Partner's in Building Prayer) studio for "IDENTITY CRISIS"...TRUTH REVEALED!

  • Broken but not damaged

    in Religion

    You've been through alot.  Circumstances and Situations have really taken a toll on your health, your peace, your livelyhood, and your relationships. Every part of you has been touched. No one has handled you with care. They've broken the most sacred part of you. God has a word for you. Tune in to hear what the spirit  is saying.

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    Shame, Perfectionism, Worry, Discrimination, Abandonment, Damaged Self-Worth

    in Caregiving

    Listen to Maryann Ehman's Story. Maryann was a highly skilled and educated professional, prosecuting attorney, and ministry leader, Maryann struggled with oppressive perfectionism, shame, and worry formed early on by childhood abuse, discrimination, and abandonment. External cultural expectations on women in the workforce and the church, caused further damage to her sense of worth and value.

    However, in His faithfulness, God reshaped her mindset and broke through its limitations when He put the study of His favor in front of her day after day for over a year and a half. Today Maryann leads and coaches those who believe that God has called them to more, but don’t necessarily have the clarity they need, strong sense of their value and identity, or the strategies and systems they need to implement their calling. Suffering burnout 3 time herself, she is an expert in guiding Caregivers in ways to avoid it.

    Join Dave Nassaney, at Dave, The Caregiver's Caregiver Radio Program Today at 3:30pm PST. (24/7 afterwards).  We have a different guest every Saturday at 3:30 pm PST. They just might pick up a tip or two that could make all the difference in the world between surviving, or going over the edge and getting closer to burning out.

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    in Relationships

    DC REAL TALK LIVE RADIO SHOW – TODAY FROM 8:00AM TO 10:00AM. (EST) TOPIC: "HAS INFIDELITY DAMAGED ME?" – They cheated on me and now I’m jacked up. I’ve had trouble sleeping, I’ve had trouble eating, I often wonder was it something that I did or did not do. I’m trying to move on, but I find it hard to trust again. I’m not sure what to do here…

    Join me, Pastor Margene Wiese-Baier, Evangelist Crystal Backmon, Tony LB Word, and others this coming Saturday morning from 8:00am to 10:00am (EST) as we discuss this topic. You can listen to my show anywhere in the world by phone at (646) 721-9565 or by internet. You can also call in and give your opinion, looking forward to hearing from you.

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    Let God restore your damaged soul

    in Christianity

    Greetings we are now in our third week of an amazing series A Damaged Soul. We have carried these hurts and grudges too long and God wants you free so you can love God's way.As we approach the holidays I can not think of a better gift you can give yourself than to give all your guilt, grudges and pain to God and allow him to do the work in your soul.A lot of people are sick in there bodies because of a damaged soul.It not only affect your mind but your body as well. Declare today as we pray for you that you will no longer be yoked by your past . Remember God loves you with an Everlasting Love.

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    What The Heck Should I Eat?

    in Self Help

    To continue with the discussion of our last show, "GMO's, Pesticides, and Your Health", we will discuss food.  Are you completely confused about what is actually healthy?  We plan on discussing the current food science, philosophy and dietary trends.  To gluten or not to gluten, to cleanse or not to cleanse… these and more are the questions!
    Let's Talk About It!
    Please call in or post below...we welcome your thoughts, questions and feedback!

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    From Behind The Veil

    in Women

    Today's Show: BROKEN PIECES

    Relational wounds cut deep.  When one experiences a relational wound, they are often left with broken pieces. Maybe it's a broken heart.  Maybe your self-esteem has been impacted in such a way that you have a broken or distorted view of yourself and of how God sees you. No matter what you have experienced, know that your brokenness is not your identity, God sees you as more than what you've experienced. Your broken pieces are not an indication that you are damaged goods, nor are they a sign that you cannot be made whole.

    For the next two weeks, Tanyka will be talking from the subject of broken pieces. Join her as she shares how God can and will not only heal you, but mend your broken pieces and use them for your good AND for HIS GLORY.

    Links: www.btvministries.com


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    The Weekly Wrestling Talk Show: #CancelWWENetwork?

    in Wrestling

    Topics discussed on TheWWTS Include

    Booking Decisions
    Face/Heel Turns
    Character development
    PPV build & results

    And much more

    We enjoy hearing from our listeners during each live shows, if you would like to join the debate or discussion tweet @TheWWTS using the #TheWWTS or call into the show by calling (657) 383-0022

    *The views, opinions, & affiliations of TheWWTS are subject to time. As a result, some of the content in these shows may become out-dated or no longer pertinent. The opinions displayed on the show are in no way affiliated with World Wrestling Entertainment, or any other wrestling promotion.

    *TheWWTS is an entertainment show; therefore conversation may become exaggerated to enhance entertainment value. Hyperbole, fictitious storylines & taking on the role of a character are parts of TheWWTS & their product. Though their opinions and beliefs are meant to be taken seriously; the way in which they are presented, are subject to the guidelines of entertainment & are not always intended to be taken literally. TheWWTS is completely, unrated, unedited & live, and we do not use any type of censorship, nor do we intend to influence people in a negative way.

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