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    Social Justice: Traveling Back to Dark Ages

    in Current Events

    Reading is fundamental to function in today's society, but now, too many adults in America and especially in Louisiana cannot read well enough to understand the instructions on a medicine bottle. Complete job or rental applications without help. Louisiana is 44th in the ranking of United States of America education achievement. Louisiana hasn’t made much progress in the past seven years in a national assessment of educational achievement. The most damning are Fs in academic achievement and academic achievement for low-income and minority students in its 2014 report. Superintendent of Education John White said Louisiana has always had an “F “in academic performance in the Chamber’s assessment.  Louisiana also received failing grades in return on investment, postsecondary and workforce readiness and international competitiveness. “What’s damning is we got a D in truth in advertising,” White said. “It says that when we call kids basic, it doesn’t mean our kids score as high as those in other states. It points out that we have low expectations. One of the problems is schools have not  expected outstanding achievements from high school students for decades.”

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    Thursday Night Thunder with Adam Sinclair

    in Sports

    This week, Thursday Night Thunder with host Adam Sinclair (@faborplumbs) and co-host Mykkal Mulalley (@Mykkal61) gaze into the future of auto racing with the drivers of Panoz Delta Wing, Katherine Legge and Sean Rayhall. Katherine Legge and Andy Meyrick return for a third year to compete for Panoz DeltaWing Racing in the IMSA WeatherTech Sports Car Championship. They are joined by Georgia native Sean Rayhall who proved his driving prowess behind the wheel of the coupe at the recent IMSA Daytona Test.

    Legge and Rayhall will campaign the full season with Meyrick joining for the endurance events.

    The 2016 season looks set to be an exciting one for Panoz DeltaWing Racing. With the new name comes an impressive new livery reminiscent of the legendary Panoz ‘Spirit of America’ LMP1 Roadster S 14 years ago which continues to be a fan favorite to this day.  This new livery represents Panoz continued focus as a U.S.-based designer and manufacturer of exclusive luxury sports cars with a truly successful motorsports heritage.

    Panoz DeltaWing Racing returns this year with one goal in mind: To consistently demonstrate the coupe’s competitiveness and be on the podium. The team enters 2016 following strong performances where they were up front and on-pace with the leaders in several of the late-season races including Lone Star Le Mans and Petit Le Mans.

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    Women of Golf Show with special guest Penny Pulz - LPGA Professional

    in Golf

    Welcome to the Women of Golf Show!

    Happy New Year - Cindy Miller & I start the season with Penny Pulz - LPGA Professional, founder and CEO of Focus Determines Success.

    Here's more about Penny:

    From a winning TV talent to an LPGA Champion, Ranked Top 10 Golfer in the World, Penny Pulz is founder and CEO of her company Focus Determines Success.

    Her driven entrepreneurial spirit is as strong and determined as her athletic competitiveness. Today Penny is a Focus Expert helping business professionals and professional athletes target their thinking … saving, time, effort and money … just like a peak performance athlete.

    Join Cindy & I Tuesday mornings 9-10AM EST at www.blogtalkradio.com/womenofgolf

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    Clete Bulach on school violence/security; Fiorina wins this week's spotlight

    in Politics Conservative

     Clete Bulach- Leading Authority on Educational Policy, Reform and Global Competitiveness will be joining us "In the Pickle Barrel" to discuss is there a difference between school violence and cop brutality? Topics in the recent news about a school resource officer taking down a female student points to the typical overreaction by police. An experienced officer at least twice the size of the student decided that the best way to deal with her quiet, nonviolent refusal to give up a cellphone and leave the room was to grab her by the neck, flip her over her desk, and drag her along the floor. Was this an overreaction? Is this the big issue that is plaguing our society? Why does it continue to happen?

    Carly Fiorina won this week's drawing to be the 2016 Presidential Candidate under the spotlight "In the Pickle Barrel". Why is she running? How does she stand on the issues? Can she win?

    Share your thoughts and opinions toiday "In the Pickle Barrel".

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    HIT:NBBA: Powernomics Ch4: "Restructuring Schools for Group Competitiveness"

    in Marketing

    Dr. Claud Anderson's book discusses the change of the traditional role of schools in educating Black children. Specifically, he advises Black Americans to take control of the governance of their neighborhood schools and redesign them around the needs, interests and goals of Black America.

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    Alexandre Zisa - Innovation in Aviation Product Development and Marketing

    in Business

    Alexandre Zisa is an expert in industrial competitiveness, product performance, and design to cost.

    We talk about time-tested basics and the latest marketing technology with aviation thought leaders and marketing experts.  Broadcast through BlogTalkRadio and iTunes,  this podcast is a convenient way to get powerful, usable information that can make a difference to your sales this quarter.

    Alexandre Zisa visits with us on the Your Marketing CoPilot podcast. We discuss:

    Breaking the link between cost and quality
    Working backward from cost
    Using more expensive people can save you money
    Pushing decisions “down” to the operational level results in more and better innovation.
    Marketing in Germany, France, the U.S. (or even in Oregon and Texas!) involves tailoring the message for the way people “dream” regionally

    Being an expert in a small niche, breaking the link between cost and quality, and  pushing decisions down to the operational level, may originate in the engineering field, but they apply equally well in advertising and marketing.

    Alexandre’s article on Design to Cost Made Simple

    He can be contacted at http://www.ingenics.com or Alexandre.Zisa (at) ingenics (dot) com or on LinkedIn.

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    No Ranking for Barbados re Lack of Transparency; George Griffith; Black Business

    in Radio

    LACK OF TRANSPARENCY - BARBADOS::  The World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Index for 2015-16 has declined to offer a ranking for BARBADOS, citing a lack of information.

    CHILD CARE BOARD:  Where is George Griffith and will he be investigated and charged for alleged molestation and other sex acts while he headed the Child Care Board and Barbados Family Planning Association?

    BLACK BUSINESSES in Barbados:  Black businesses need to advertise (why is this shunned and a used as a method of embarrassment for black businesses?), think big, take risks and learn how to be professionals.

    And more hot topics.

    Panel:  Rawle Maycock.  Sheri Veronica.  Angela Cole.  Alex Mitchell

    Visit us on:  http://nakeddeparture.com

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    Competitiveness 4 Business

    in Women

    Is all competition bad? It depends on how we view competition. Competition can be great 4 business. We will share on the broadcasts on how to be competive without being offensive. Diane, our radio show host will provide the session. Diane is the Chief Empowerment of The National Extraordinary Professional Women & The Networking Partners. She is the founder of My Princess Teens Ministry for girls. We have also launched a new tool for early bird Christian women. Listen in beginning March 2 2015 at 6:00 am to "Women of Faith Ministry.

  • Hope Verses Expectation. How Hope is the Better Way.

    in Business

    My inspiration for today's Enrichment Radio episode comes from Seth Godin's, "Leap First".  I will expand on hope verses expectation.  I will talk about how hope is the better way to run a business in this Connection Economy.  I will show why hope is a healthier way to live.

    This Episode is for the Entrepreneur who feels trapped in failure after failure.

    This Episode is for the Business Owner who needs to rise above competitiveness in his or her industry

    In this Episode I will share the story of Pandora's Box.

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    Small Changes Big Shifts: Investigating Pain & Illness at its Source

    in Health

    Joining Dr. Michelle Robin on Small Changes Big Shifts is Dr. Sean Wheeler, MD.  Dr. Wheeler has long been obsessed with pain. how pain affects the function of the human body,  and how pain, or lack of it, affects human behavior, competitiveness, and quality of life.

    This obsession turned passion is what provoked a career investigating pain, which led to a new way of thinking about – and treating – low back pain, as described in his new book, “UPRISE”.  

    And meet "The Wild Women of Wellness, Myra Harper and Jeanne Smith who will also join Dr. Robin as she continues her discussion of the spine and the nervous system and how Chiropractic Medicine plays an important role in your total health and wellness.

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    MyNDTALK - Rock The Boat - Resmaa Manakem

    in Psychology

    Rock The Boat 

    Conflict is a natural part of any intimate relationship. Yet most couples either avoid it or try to smooth over their differences. This results in at least one partner compromising their integrity—and stunting their own growth. Gritty, often irreverent, and always practical, author Resmaa Manakem of Rock the Boat challenges couples not to flee from conflicts, because the emotional stalemate that conflicts produce creates an opportunity for profound transformation. This transformation affirms each partner’s individuality while forging a more mature intimacy, a greater trust, and a deeper bond.

    Rock the Boat challenges the idea that conflict between partners is unhealthy or something to avoid. Instead, it encourages both people to stand by what they need and who they are—but to do so with compassion rather than competitiveness or vengefulness. This is the purpose of an intimate relationship: to create an atmosphere where both people learn to grow up and mature in their relationship by appreciating each other’s individual needs in a caring and mature way."