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    Competition - Good or Bad?

    in Motivation

    Much debate rages around this issue. Is competition a good or a bad thing? Listen in or weigh in yourself by calling in on 646-649-0066

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    Stress: Life Is Not A Competition

    in Spirituality

    There is a need for caution to not approach all of life ‘as if’ it were a competition.  When this is taken to the extreme, we often find ourselves at the abyss. Since contention in the extreme is bad, even a sincere individual will fail if he/she pursues winning at all costs. Tune in this week as Nancy Herold and I discuss how we need to be careful and not allow ‘the situation’ of stress to get out of hand. Spiritual maturity means being judicious about our choices and actions, ensuring that our lives remain stable. Because stress comes with a high level of tension, we need to either retreat from contention or remain passively in place. Learn that the subtle truth is that ‘waiting’ may be the proper way to handle stress.

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    Coopetition: Cooperation and Competition, There is Enough for Everyone

    in Self Help

    We live in a competitive environment. Everyday you hear stories about the haves and have nots. What if there was a way for everyone to succeed through a blending of cooperation and competition? Join the conversation with Barbara Hetzel, Gina Costa, and LeAnne Parsons as they explore the concept of Coopetition.

    Barbara E. Hetzel is the owner and founder of Ridge Top Coaching, a life and leadership coaching firm that engages leaders and teams in developing and expanding their gifts and talents for the world.  As an accomplished professional in the field of training and organizational development, she has over 25 years of experience helping others discover and embrace true calling.

    Gina is a breast cancer survivor and Certified Professional Coach & Energy Leadership Master Practitioner. She has also been in the role of a caregiver. She created Dedicated to New Beginnings After Cancer. As the the founder of New Beginnings Coaching Services, LLC she helps women diagnosed with breast cancer cope, step by step, with the emotional and physical challenges they experience, so they gain confidence and feel in control of their life again.

    When you partner with LeAnne Parsons The Walk Your Talk Coach, you will work with a certified professional coach who has been trained in the Core Energy Coaching Process. LeAnne has also received Certification as an Energy Leadership Master Practitioner (ELI-P), and has created the powerful and effective  “Heirloom Coaching Process”. She is an expert in her field and desires to see families discover the missing threads in the tapestries of their lives and weave them into a tapestry of love, life, and legacy. “Heirloom Coaching” is the missing thread in the tapestry of adoption.

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    in Social Networking

    This week we will discuss the need for competition.
    Is it good?  Does it bring out the best in us?  Who are our biggest competitors?
    Lets talk.  To join the conversation call in at 646-478-4720

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    Bodcast Competition

    in Comedy

    How much does the average person know about health and fitness? We put it to the test by having our own Bodcast competition between two people, Hadiyah Robinson and Mike Brown.

    Follow @BuckleyBodyGuru @RobynSchall @yomikebrown and @StandUpNYLabs

    Go to www.StandUpNY.com to see who's performing live at Stand Up NY.

    Visit www.StandUpNYLabs.com to listen to all our other great podcasts.

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    The Changing Paradigm of 'Competition'

    in Spirituality

    'Competition'...what is it, really...and what else is now possible?

    We've all been raised within a society that glorifies competition in all its forms: from 'survival of the fittest' to 'Survivor' and everything in between. Whether we're talking about sports or 'getting a leg up' in the business world...'competition' has been a standard theme throughout the Ages. It has elicited corporate secrecy and separation between nations. It has fostered judgement and ill-will between atheltes, artists, businessmen and politicians alike. 

    However, as this massive Shift of Consciousness progresses at a tremendous rate, for those who are at the leading edge, the old standard of 'competition' is now losing its allure. We begin to realize that within the paradigm of 'competition' is a built-in structure of 'excellence'...and that 'excellence' has the potential to benefit ALL.

    When approached wisely, 'competition' can inspire greatness. It can inspire innovation, invention and personal expansion. It can inspire solutions to age-old problems and elicit feats of glory from athletes. When used as a catalyst for excellence, competition can propel us into a future of collective greatness. 

    What possibilities and potentials do YOU see within the realm of 'competition'?






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    No Competition

    in Entertainment

    Entertainers boast and brag on their skills.

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    Compassionate Capital Show - the World is Flat and that means Competition

    in Business

    Karen Rands returns with her Compassionate Capitalist radio show to discuss how a global market impacts entrepreneurs & investors when it comes to predicting the success of an early stage company.    The best selling book "The World is Flat" by Thomas Friedman, set forth the premise that business leaders should view the world as a level playing field in terms of commerce, where all competitors have an equal opportunity.  Although books is a decade old, the idea is relevant in todays world just as much back then. 

    In this episode, Karen will explore what this means to entrepreneurs and investors when it comes to launching and growing a company.   The ying/yang of a "flat world" is competition & collaboration.  When it comes to bringing innovation to market it is easy to think that a company has "no competition".   This is rarely the case.   The competition may be indirect, shifting the staus quo, or simply in another part of the world that neither the entrepreneur or investor knows about.  Not anticipating the existence of competition creates a false sense of safety.  Likewise, identifying potential collaboration partners can strengthen a company before they are faced with direct competition to remain in a place of dominance. 


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    World Traveling Trainer & Competition Coach

    in Fitness

    The Catz Lair is pleased to welcome "world traveling trainer" and competition prep coach Ifbb Iceland representative Mr. Johann Nordfjord! 

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    Business Matters :: Why Competition Isn't Everything | Margaret Heffernan

    in Business

    Competition is a natural part of life and business, and it can have positive or negative outcomes depending on the situation and the actions we take as it occurs. Younger generations, especially, enter the workforce with a fiercely competitive attitude that stems from the guidance of parents who encourage them to be the very best at what they do. A rugged, individualistic spirit can certainly drive employees to get ahead and soar up the ladder of success, but there is an essential component missing. As leaders, we must establish a culture of collaboration and teach our teams the lessons of teamwork.

    This week’s guest is Margaret Heffernan, entrepreneur, five-time CEO, keynote speaker and author of noted works such as “Willful Blindness” and “Women On Top.” Her most recent book, “A Bigger Prize Why Competition Isn’t Everything and How We Do Better,” explores the all-consuming desire to win and why competition so often breeds corruption, lies and cheating. Margaret explains the alternatives to competition in business – the most prominent being collaboration and helpfulness. As the days of the heroic soloist slip further into the past, the C-Suite must embrace a new model of leadership — one that nurtures and guides a team of shining stars. She advises leaders to practice silence and sharpen their listening skills to allow their team’s creative and innovative ideas to surface.

    The best leaders surround themselves with talent and creativity. Successful executives are willing to hire those who will be unabashedly honest about what they could do better. When we allow ourselves to absorb feedback from a team of vigorous collaborators, we take the first steps to redefining success. It is our job to create a system where each leader and employee is encouraged to help each other, and we must reward helpfulness instead of competitiveness.

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    No Competition with Blossom Benedict & Jaanvi Tourani

    in Fun

    "No Competition" 8th Key from 10 keys to freedom of Access Consciousness. 

    Blossom benedict has been amazing contribution to this key, how do you deal with competition? how can you change this? & lot more. 

    It has given me a lot of different perspective to look at energy of competition & not make a wrongness instead look at "how can i use this to my advantage?"

    oh!! we did have amazing cross connection at the end. 




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