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    Compassionate Care

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      ‘Life is a Sacred Journey’ - ‘Compassionate Care’

    February 27, 2014 5 pm

    Micheal and her guests discuss 'End of life.'

    Lael Duncan, MD is the Medical Director of Consulting Services for the Coalition for Compassionate Care of California, a statewide partnership dedicated to the advancement of palliative medicine and patient centered end-of-life care.

    Stephen Jenkinson will discuss  ‘Grief Walker’ - a Canadian documentary film and poetic portrait of his work with dying people. Grief Walker is a ‘film about the redemptive power of the deep love for life, when life glimpses its end.’

    Join us on Thursday February 27, 2014 at 5 pm. Call us at (949) 270-5908 to join in the discussion.

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    Compassionate Capital Show - the World is Flat and that means Competition

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    Karen Rands returns with her Compassionate Capitalist radio show to discuss how a global market impacts entrepreneurs & investors when it comes to predicting the success of an early stage company.    The best selling book "The World is Flat" by Thomas Friedman, set forth the premise that business leaders should view the world as a level playing field in terms of commerce, where all competitors have an equal opportunity.  Although books is a decade old, the idea is relevant in todays world just as much back then. 

    In this episode, Karen will explore what this means to entrepreneurs and investors when it comes to launching and growing a company.   The ying/yang of a "flat world" is competition & collaboration.  When it comes to bringing innovation to market it is easy to think that a company has "no competition".   This is rarely the case.   The competition may be indirect, shifting the staus quo, or simply in another part of the world that neither the entrepreneur or investor knows about.  Not anticipating the existence of competition creates a false sense of safety.  Likewise, identifying potential collaboration partners can strengthen a company before they are faced with direct competition to remain in a place of dominance. 


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    The Compassionate Capitalist's Outlook for 2013

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    Karen Rands, as a micro-economist, entrepreneur advisor, investor educator, cross-country networker and business pivot master, will share her reflections on 2012 and outlook for 2013. 
    - Entrepreneur Trends
    - Angel Investor Expectations
    - Economic Policy Analysis
    - Reflections of a Compassionate Capitalist
    Lines will be open to ask questions and express your opinions as well.
    Join the revolution--- Come Run with the BIG Dogs.
    Discover the Access to Capital System at:
    "Principle of the Game" is an original song and score by Karen Rands' daughter Shelby Bock.  Shelby is singing and playing this song.  It was recorded when she was 12, June 2012.

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    Compassionate Capitalist - Angel Investing when you don't have Cash

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    Often we hear investors say "That company has real potential.  I wish I had the cash to invest. My money is tied up in....".

    If they are high net worth and have been making the income that would qualify them as an angel investor, they likely have built up a portfolio that is worth over a million dollars.   The problem is that the portfolio is likely tied up in investment products that are not liquid or are somewhat illiquid because selling that product would decrease their return on that investment, incur a negative tax event, or a penalty for early withdrawel.   Furthermore, their financial advisors are discouraged by FINRA and the Broker that holds their license from discussing early stage private equity investments as part of a portfolio diversification strategy for wealth creation. So naturally, they wouldn't talk to that motivated investor about other means to make the private investment. 

    We will do just that in this broadcast.

    Karen Rands, Host of the Compassionate Capitalist show, will explore two ways to make investments into private companies when an investor doesn't have cash on hand but has ample accumulated wealth.

    1.  Self- Directed IRA

    2.  Portfolio Margin Loan

    To get more info on this topic, visit the My Virtual Angel World Blog: http://bit.ly/MVAW-cash

    To sign up for all announcements, news and excerpts of the Inside Secrets to Angel Investing, visit the National Network of Angel Investors member site: http://bit.ly/nnoai

    Join us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/NNOAI

    and Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thenationalangelinvestornetwork

    To connect with Karen, visit: http://launchfn.com/contact.html

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    Using Compassionate Communications in Conflict

    in Relationships

    Andy Friend, a member of the core team of the San Antonio Peace Center  will share the work of the Peace Center , as well as insights around the tool of Compassionate Communication. He will also share some tips and strategies for approaching conflicts from a compassionate perspective, for the month of compassion! He will also answer questions via live call-in, and chat, about how to provide empathy in specific situations. You won't want to miss it!

    Andy Friend started his career in the Peace Corps, working in Central America. After that, he worked in community development in northern California and decided to become a certified life coach. For the past 5 years, he has shared compassionate communication with groups of social workers, psychologists, the US Military, teachers, and students in Mexico and the US, giving conferences and workshops in English and Spanish. Currently, he is living in San Antonio, Texas, with his wife, a Mexican therapist, and they are both involved in compassion, art, dance and therapy activities in San Antonio.

  • Compassionate Capitalist Radio Show - Why Does a High Net Worth person Invest

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    This segment of the Compassionate Capitalist Radio Show will explore the factors that motivate a High Net Worth person to invest in a private company.   During this half your show, you will learn about the emotional and psychological triggers that can cause an investor to invest by purchasing a portion of a private company or to reject the opportunity. 

    Entrepreneurs will benefit by understanding what the motivations are and therefore what they need to do or change to increase their odds of attracting investment. 

    Investors will benefit by understanding their emotional triggers and balancing those motivators with objective critieria to help decrease the likelihood of making too risky of an investment. 

    Karen Rands has worked with entrepreneurs regarding attracting capital for over a decade.  She has spent countless hours with investors discussing what caused them to invest and what did they learn from the investments that made money and those that did not.  She will share some of those insights during this show. 

    To connect with Karen and to sign up for valuable insights and information specific to entrepreneurs and investors, you can contact here at LAUNCHfn.com 

    You may also enjoy her blogs:


    Join her on https://twitter.com/karen_rands

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    "Compassionate Detachment" - How This Has Helped Animals (and People)

    in Self Help

    One of the key components to successfully working with animals is something called "compassionate detachment."

    Join Animaleze founder, Susanne Peach, as she explains why everyone should be aware of "compassionate detachment," whether you are a practitoner or just working on your own animals.  She'll explain what can happen when it's not in use, as well as how to engage it for faster results and a deeper relationship with your companimal.  (Companimal = Companion + Animal.)

    Tip--this is a great tool when working with humans, too, and can bring better results without more work.

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    Three Types of Readers: Compassionate, Straightforward, & Inspirational

    in Spirituality

    This week we will discuss the three primary styles of psychic readings. Each has a different approach to both energy and the momentum of the future. Join the live discussion wht StarzJames & StarzDragonspirit while we discuss the various types on Mon Feb 9, 2015 from 7-8pm est

    Call in to join the conversation here: 1-347-838-9736

    A psychic that has an inspirational outlook will likely look more at the positive side of the situation, and the desired outcome. This type of reading is focused more on what is possible rather than the current momentum. This type of reader will likely provide suggestions from Spirit that will help an individual attain their highest good.

    A psychic with a compassionate style of reading will likely use an empathic gift to see where the current underlining energy is taking an individual. This type of reading normally consists of an overview of where an individual's momentum is taking them, and offer suggestions related to the underlining emotion that is influencing the situation. Such emotions are fear, anxiety, love, positive attitude, etc. This type of psychic normally has suggestions related specifically to the underlining energy of a situation, but has a neutral perspective when it comes.

    The third style of psychic reading is the straightforward method. This type of psychic approaches a reading with a completely neutral attitude. They look at the current momentum of a situation, but it is very unlikely for this type of psychic to mention remedies or suggestions.

    Mini readings in chat room, on the show page during live broadcast only.

    Be sure to Keep Reaching For The StarZ For guidance.


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    Compassionate Capitalist: Invest Local for Global Impact - Microeconomics

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    Depending on your age and you field of work, it may have been many years since you heard the term "microeconomics".  Whether you heard the term recently or not, doesn't matter because you live and breath microeconomics every day.   Heard of the trendy concept of "shop local" or "Small Business Saturday"?   This segment of the Compassionate Capitalist Radio Show will explore two sides of the "microeconomic" coin.   Sourcing of Capital and Sourcing of Customers...within the local community. 

    By definition, microeconomics is a branch of economics that studies the behavior of individuals and small impacting players in making decisions on the allocation of limited resources.  For the purpose of this show, the limited resource is money.  Whether that money is the investment capital of an angel investor, an SBA backed Micro-Loan or the money used by a customer to buy products and services in their local community.   In both cases, they help fuel the growth of the local company so that they can in turn buy equipment, inventory, services, resources from either within their community or beyond those community virtual walls to even global providers.  By helping companies succeed locally, they success has a ripple effect that leads to a global impact. 

    This is part of an ongoing education program for high net worth men and women interested in becoming angel investors and learning how to maximize the potential return on investment as they build generational wealth.  The National Network of Angel Investors


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    Compassionate Capitalist Show - Critical to Protect Accredited Investor Status

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    This Compassionate Capitalist segment will focus on the most recent threat to limiting emerging growth and start up companies ability to effectively raise capital from private investors. The SEC is considering a proposal to increase the threshold for what is considered an Angel Investor.  After so much effort has gone into increasing the ease at which an entrepreneur can find and attract sophisticated investors to their opportunity with the Jobs Act initiatives, any such increase will change the very foundation of angel investing in to early stage and start up companies.  

    Tune into this show to learn about the issue and what you can do to prevent it from happening. 

    Karen Rands will have a special guest, Marianne Hudson from the Angel Capital Association.  The Angel Capital Association is the leading professional and trade association supporting the success of angel investors in high-growth, early-stage ventures.

    Do you believe in preserving the health of early-stage companies and their role in job creation? Then join with the National Network of Angel Investors as we join other angel investor organizations, thousands of individual angels, entrepreneurs and service providers in the Angel Capital Association campaign to "Protect Angel Funding".   

    One Simple Objective: Protect angel startup funding and the startup economy by urging regulators to preserve financial thresholds in the current accredited investor definition. 

    Go to this page to listen to the full webinar: http://www.angelcapitalassociation.org/events/webinars/  Select : Protect Angel Startup Funding: Important Public Policy Update

    Go to this page to get links to directly connect you to the regulators so your voice can be heard. http://www.angelcapitalassociation.org/aca-public-policy-protect-angel-funding/

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    Compassionate Capitalist - General Solicitation - Crowd Funding - Myth Buster

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    Entrepreneur beware - Equity Crowd Funding under Title III of the 2012 Jobs Act is still not authorized by the SEC.   The SEC is still taking comments from the public regarding how the Jobs Act Title III Crowd Funding should be structured with a comment submitted by Senator Merkley as recent as April 29, 2014.   However, we see companies claiming to be conducting a "crowd funding campaign" all over the place.  This is very dangerous.   They do not think they are breaking securities regulations or conducting fraud, but without the proper legal guidance and communication with the SEC, they very well may be.  Ignorance, unfortunately, is not an excuse the SEC accepts when they decide to pursue legal action against a company or a CEO.   Simply taking money from Accredited Investors to obtain start up financing is not enough if you do not have the proper paperwork in place.... wasn't the case before the Jobs Act and isn't the case now. 

    Tune in for this half hour segment to hear Karen's latest research on the matter and real life application of what can be done today to raise capital through General Solicitation. 

    NOTE:  There are two types of crowd funding - rewards and equity.  Rewards crowd funding has been legal and remains a legal way to attract capital to launch or grow a business.   However, equity Crowd Funding must follow specific rules that went into effect in September 2013, specific to the Title II of the Jobs Act regarding Crowd Funding. 

    To contact Karen and request a meeting - to discuss raising capital, investing in start up companies, or creating a joint venture to help enterpreneurs and investors connect, please visit http://launchfn.com/contact.html and complete the form.  A link to Karen's Calendar will be sent to you. 

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