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    Manhattan Beach 360: Creating a Company Culture

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    Our guests this morning are Jodie Scuticchio, Catering Manager for McCormick & Schmicks; Kierston Allen, Site Operations Coordinator for Dealer.com  and Zach Spitulski, cofounder of Enplug.

    Zach Spitulski studied Human Interface Design at UCLA’s School of Art and Architecture. During his time at UCLA, he designed and built two top-selling apps for the Apple App Store, selling nearly 40,000 copies in 27 countries. He co-founded Enplug in 2012 as Chief Product Officer and currently leads Enplug’s product development team.

    Jodie Scuticchio grew up in Santa Monica and graduated from Cal State Northridge with a Bachelor’s of Science in Marketing. Throughout college she worked in the restaurant industry and once she graduated she began working for the Patina Restaurant group.

    Kierston Allen is originally from Tampa, Florida. She has a BA in Communication Sciences and Disorders from the University of Florida. Kierston is the Site Operations Coordinator for Dealer.com, the leader in digital marketing solutions for the automotive industry.

    This morning we’ll be discussing the upcoming Ambassador’s Lunch. This Business Education Session will revolve around creating a company culture. The event will feature speakers on their outstanding culture and how every business can benefit from defined practices.


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    Naomi Rose & Company Week 4

    in Entertainment

    Join me this week as I interview Baltimore female emcee Ashley Sierra, model/actress/singer Martina Montgomery and Entrepreneur Reshunda Boyd.  We are still honoring women for Women's History Month so tune in for another great episode!

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    Naomi Rose & Company Premiere

    in Entertainment

    This is the kick-off of my new blog talk radio.  We will cover a host of topics including celebrating Women's History Month all through March, women's issues, entertainment, and politics.  I invite you to join me as I present an upbeat show that brings together creative minds in a space to share ideas, opinions, and opportunities.  Thank you for the support.

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    Naomi Rose and Company Week 3

    in Entertainment

    This week I am interviewing Plus Designer and clothing line owner Danni Rokmor and actress Dee Foxx.  Learn a new and interesting fact as we continue to celebrate Women's History Month and I will offer tips of the trade for indie artists.

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    Naomi Rose and Company Week 2

    in Entertainment

    Join me as I explore Women's History facts, this week's political stories, and interview Gospel Hip Hop artist Mz. Lyrik, Motivational Speaker and Plus Model Ms. Tisa.

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    Acme Podcasting Company: Offseason primer, pt. 1

    in Football

    Acme Packing Company's Jason B. Hirschhorn and Brendan Kennedy start the offseason by reviewing the Green Bay Packers' meltdown in the NFC title game.

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    Acme Podcasting Company: Packers offseason primer, pt. 2

    in Football

    Acme Packing Company's Jason B. Hirschhorn and Brendan Kennedy continue their offseason primer by previewing into the Green Bay Packers' upcoming free agent decisions.

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    Culture in the Company - What Say You?

    in Business

    How important is culture in your company?  What are doing to ensure that your employees have fun and are productive?

    This will be our last :30 minute segment.  Next week we will start our 2 hour segments for the remaining of the year.  Special guests, with features from our advertisers.


    Maisha Guy - Empowered Boss Network (Creator)

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    Culture of Truth: Tolerance

    in Current Events

    Political satire from Culture of Truth, who notes the most ridiculous moments of the Sunday morning political talk shows. Read his Bobblespeak Translations for March 29. Digby and Joan McCarter responded on VS Sundays. Listen here.

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    Culture Freedom Radio presents: ALLBLACKEVERYTHING

    in Culture

    On this episode of ALLBLACKEVERYTHING the subject will be " get active!"

    Our communities need us! Our people need us! We need eachother! This grave state of the Afrikan condition is not a permanent one but it requires our participation and dedication to more than just discussion and it does not take a large group to get the ball rolling.


      On tonight's show we will speak with founder of TCA Kommuniversity Bro. Aleous Kujichgulia to discuss some basic ends and outs of staring various programs within the community.We will take a look at what we can do and should be doing to bring about change in our community. If we want our situation to move we must move.  As always callers are always welcome, share with us the changes you are affecting in your area and how we can support and be apart. If you have felt overwhelmed not knowing where to begin tonight we will help tackle that together. The call in number is 347-850-8030..9p.m est. 

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    Culture - How to Build It and Work with It!

    in Business

    Many of us describe our strong culture and its impact on our organization as a “secret sauce”.

    In this show, we will be talking with Senior Director of Patient Service Center Operation at Sutter Physician Services, Steve Chambers, about some of the factors that can serve barriers to creating a strong and healthy culture, and keep you from finding that "secret sauce"

    Steve Chambers joined Sutter Physician Services (SPS) in 2012.  In his role as Sr. Director of Patient Service Center Operations, he has oversight of the Patient Service Center, a 700 employee centralized contact center in Salt Lake City, Utah.

    He has over 17 years of experience in the customer service and contact center industry spanning several sectors including healthcare, telecommunications, and retail.  Mr. Chambers received his BS degree from Utah State University and his MBA from Walden University.

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