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    jrilshow:When does companionship supersedes sexual relations

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    Wednesday is upon us and it is time for another funky fresh edition of the jrilshow.  TONIGHT:  We are putting our relationship skills to use.  Our (Listener) QOD:  AT WHAT AGE DOES COMPANIONSHIP SUPERSEDES THE IMPORTANCE OF GOOD SEX IN A RELATIONSHIP?  The Listening Lounge is happening as always so come on down and get your mid week laugh on, right here on the jrilshow!

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    What’s the fastest growing group of online daters? If you’re thinking men in their 30s, think again.

    JOIN US to hear specific details about the top online dating sites for those 50 plus years of age! Come hear why they are in the top category!

    Thursday, JANUARY 29TH, 2015 at 6:30P EST

    MENU: PLAINTAIN NACHOS with a glass of Rose wine

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    We Love Pet Therapy-Emotional Support & Service Animals

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    About Pet Therapy

    A hand reaches out, a wagging tail approaches, and an elderly face breaks into a smile. It's a scene that's increasingly common in the Helena Valley, thanks to volunteers from the Helena Chapter of Intermountain Therapy Animals. Activity directors and health care professionals report that visiting pets reach nursing home residents, hospital patients, retirement home residents and adult day care participants in ways that other therapeutic activities can't.

    The contact may be brief, but it brightens the entire day or week, especially for those who have had pets in the past. In some cases, an animal's visit is transforming. Shy, withdrawn, or depressed people find themselves in animated conversation, angry people relax, and those with memory lapses share detailed recollections of pets they lived with years before. Visiting pets have reached autistic children, stroke victims, Alzheimer's patients, and other "unreachables." Even when nothing dramatic happens, pet visits are important changes of pace for facility residents, bringing excitement, affection, comfort, physical contact and joy.

    In addition, to providing companionship (called Animal Assisted Activity), visiting pets sometimes participate in a facility's therapy program. In Animal Assisted Therapy, a dog might stand while a patient brushes him order to exercise specific arm muscles, or a cat might visit a depressed patient to encourage conversation, or someone in speech therapy might give commands to a dog that does tricks or retrieves objects. Anyone who loves animals is likely to work harder and feel more motivated when one is part of the therapy team.


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    2:00 PM EST 

    The inspiring and uplifting “I’ll Be The One” features a balmy acoustic flavor and a message of comfort and divine companionship. It was produced by Marquis Boone and veteran mixing engineer Chris Carter for Marquis Boone Enterprises. The digital EP features a radio edit, the full version, acapella vocals, an instrumental and a karaoke version of the song. For news and updates, visit www.brination.org.

    Bill Carpenter at (202) 506-5051 or billcarpenter@capitalentertainment.com


    Jay Smith, songwriter of (I Love You This Big - Scotty McCreery) American Idol

     Jay Smith, songwriter of (I Love You This Big - Scotty McCreery) American Idol takes a stand and delivers new inspiration after writing the hit single for the country star who’s single sold gold with more than 830,135.00 and in 2014 was certified platinum.

    Contact: Management: Steven Johnson | Email: cocoasentsj@gmail.com || Dennis Rogers | Email: dr@88pounds.com Publicity: Lisa Jackson | Email: Ljpmedia@gmail.com

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    How Animals Help Our Wounded Warriors - Dan Spangler

    in Self Help

    Animal companions play an important role in the stabilization and emotional well-being of our
    returning veterans.

    “I don’t know where I would be without the companionship that my dog Spanky gave me when I
    came home from Iraq,” says Dan Spangler, who served as a sergeant in the Marine Corps.
    “Spanky saved me.”

    Dan adopted Spanky in 2003 when he returned home from deployment. Dan needed months of
    medical treatment for an injury he sustained jumping from a truck when gunfire broke out at a
    checkpoint. Looking back, he realizes what an important role Spanky played in both his physical
    and emotional recovery.

    Now Dan and Spanky are setting out on a more than 6,000 mile cross country trek from Camp
    Lejeune, NC to Camp Pendleton, CA to raise awareness and funds for “Operation: Keep Your
    Spanky,” a new program that provides resources, in-kind assistance and low-cost veterinary care
    for military families and veteran pet owners during times of financial crisis.

    “I want all veterans to have a Spanky, but it’s a sad fact that military veterans often experience
    financial difficulties where they face the heartbreaking choice of giving up their pets,” says Dan.
    Dan says that keeping pets in their homes not only benefits the veteran owners, but it benefits
    area shelters and rescue organizations who otherwise might end up with the pet.




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    The Girlfriend Experience Buying Companionship : Mars/Venus Show Episode 47

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    Episode 47 are you lonely would like someone of the opposite sex to spend time with but can't find some one why not pay for it. We will be talking about The Girlfriend Experience with Angie Nash @NerdyCompanionhttps://twitter.com/NerdyCompanion

    Hosts Kinte @KinteF https://twitter.com/KinteF & Acuminous Watanabe @AcuminousOne https://twitter.com/AcuminousOne

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    Join Dr. FAB, BIGGDADDY AYERS & THEBOSSLADY for another spicy, real talk episode discussing "Man Sharing"!! 

    You have heard the same, as I have, that there are 5 women to/for one man, huh? Today, many women feel freer to make the choice to man-share. "These women want to get their needs met, and these needs can be emotional, physical, the need for companionship, or a financial need; some women man-share just for the sex." 

     Is it much less of a taboo today than it was 20 years ago?

    There is a spectrum of reasons as to why a woman would knowingly share a man. What would you say are the reasons? 

    Is it because a woman who would willingly share a man is afraid of commitment herself?  "She may have witnessed her father cheat on her mother. She may have been abused, and now she has issues with trusting others. She doesn't do well when she's alone, and she often sits around, crying about where her man is. The man-sharer's intention is not to hurt her lover's main woman, but if she truly empathized with her, she wouldn't do it."Do you agree / disagree? 

    A common misconception about the men involved in man-sharing relationship is that they are, too, having their cake and eating it too. But if the man is in a loveless marriage, and he's only with his wife for the sake of the kids, or to avoid shelling out half of his money in a divorce, his involvement in man-sharing can be equally distressing. It is only when the man is enjoying his marriage and the woman on the side that he is happiest. 

    Tune in to the show for more.....


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    Amazing Wolfdogs

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    "Wolfdogs can't do that!” Not true. There's a misconception that wolfdogs are incapable of doing the same things or performing at the same level as regular dogs. This episode of Wolfdog Radio is dedicated to “Amazing Wolfdogs” and the people who help them thrive.

    There are many forms of accomplishment that apply to wolfdogs. Some of these include: companionship; training and obedience; overcoming hurtles and rehabilitation; ambassador and educational work; and working in professional and entertainment industries.

    Our guests for this episode are:

    - John DeBoard, owner-operator of Southern Ohio Wolf Sanctuary, will share a profound story about his experience and success with rehabilitating severely neglected and damaged wolfdogs

    -We have a unique segment with Deanna Deppen, president of Shy Wolf Sanctuary, who will talk about her Dingo (Lola) and Husky (Bobo) and their participation in Search and Rescue work!

    - Rachel Lauren, owner and photographer for Ironwood Wolves will talk about what it takes to run a highly successful wolf ambassador program for education, photography, and film. 


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    Illicit Sex – Many Faces Of “The Sugar Daddy”

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    Shakespeare said, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” and the same applies to the term Sugar Daddy.  No matter the term the meaning is still the same.  Traditionally this is a rich usually middle-aged or old man who bestows expensive gifts on a young woman in return for companionship and or sexual favors.  Today, this relationship can be found in other combinations.  Not just a rich old man and a young woman.  The Sugar relationship can be found as a rich older woman and a young man.  In fact, you name the gender combinations and you’ll be able to find a “Sugar Relationship” in the mix somewhere.

    These relationships appear to be mutually beneficial.  Money exchanged for romance and companionship on some level.  But does the benefit carry true substance or is it merely superficial?  Do these relationships cause harm that most people don’t perceive?  In other words what’s so bad about the Sugar Daddy?

    We air programs on Blog Talk Radio at the following times: Sun 2:00pm, Mon 8:00pm, Tue 8:00pm, Wed 7:00pm, Thu 8:00pm, Fri 7:00pm & Sat 9:00am.  All times are Eastern Standard Time.

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    The power of prayer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Romans 5:1-5Grace is one of God's most amazing gifts. It provides us with everything we need to live in perfect freedom: pardon for our sins, healing for our hearts, the companionship of God's indwelling Holy Spirit, and access to freely cultivate our relationship with Him. We work, worship, and enjoy life surrounded by His unconditional love. His grace upholds us, fills us, and sustains us.


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    SWU – Love You Better or Hate You More What is your Relationship truly about?

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    What is the purpose of your relationship? Is it for Companionship, friendship, partnership, or just for convenience? Many people in relationships can’t truly define why they are where they are with their other half. Let’s talk about what so many fail to discuss, such as being together for the kids, finances, status, religion, or fear of being alone. Can you trust your partner enough to make the decisions without wavering to the point you complain about how it is handled? What type of man or woman do you seek? Are you willing to pray with him or her? Can you or your relationship survice without sex or will you seek affection from others? Do you make time for him or her?

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