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    The Living Room

    in Romance

    Join us as we enjoy love songs from the past and talk about Godly relationships.

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    The Financial Provider, The Satisfying Lover, and the Ego Booster & Entertainer

    in Relationships

    'Upfront & Straightforward' Host Alan Roger Currie conducts another one of his "Open Forum Discussion" topic episodes, with this one centering on the the three major roles that motivate single women to seek out male companionship

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    Home Health Agencies Rancho Bernardo | Skilled Home NursingHome Health Agencies

    in Health

    Home Health Agencies Rancho Bernardo Go To: http://firstatofsandiego.com or 619-220-7600 Best Home Health Nursing Company in San Diego We Specialize in Home Care, Skilled Nursing, and In-Home Care. Our Caregivers Are Trained, Certified, and Licensed Nurses, 92128

    3 Reasons Why at Home Skilled Nursing Services May Be the Right Choice for Your Loved One

    Promotes Senior Independence 
    In home skilled nursing care offers freedom that wouldn’t be available without someone to assist. Cooking, cleaning, dressing and many activities that present challenges for seniors living alone can be enjoyed easily, safely and conveniently. 

    Improves Quality of Life and Well Being 
    Professional skilled nursing can create the freedom that seniors need to feel confident and secure inside and outside the home. The right caregiver can provide companionship, allowing seniors to maintain a robust social life by attending community activities outside of the home. 

    Customized Medical Care on Demand 
    Professional skilled nursing professionals have the expertise and know how to help seniors aging at home navigate the often confusing world of medication and health. It could be as simple as helping organize a daily pill taking routine or as complicated as administering insulin injections. 

    To learn more, pick up a copy of our free guide, “Critical Questions You Must Ask Before You Hire a Home Care Provider" Just give us a call 619-220-7600 or visit our website at: http://www.FirstatofSanDiego.com.

    Home Health Agencies Rancho Bernardo

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    The Author Chat Show with Lynda D. Brown

    in Books

    Meet author Michael Modzelewski. He's been a guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show,and other major networks when his first book, Inside Passage garnered him tons of publicity! Today he'll be chatting with me about his latest book, WILD LIFE: THE MISS--ADVENTURES OF A COSMO BACHELOR

    About the book:

    "An explorer returns from the wilds to find himself suddenly famous, a Cosmo Bachelor with women clamoring after him. Setting out to solve the mystery of what women really want, he is led on a journey of discovery, unlike anything encountered in the wilds. Based on a true story, WILD LIFE is a fun read, full of adventure, sex, hilarity, but it's also more. Ultimately, it's about the search for love and meaning in the wilderness known as modern life." -- Cassandra King, author of The Sunday Wife and Queen of Broken Hearts 

    About the author:

    While living on a wilderness island in the Inside Passage to Alaska for years in isolation, studying the wildlife (no female companionship), I wrote my first book, INSIDE PASSAGE: LIVING WITH BALD EAGLES, KILLER WHALES AND KWAKIUTL INDIANS. It was published by HarperCollins in NYC. Unbeknownst to me, Cosmopolitan Magazine, the best-selling women's magazine in the world (in 100 countries; translated into 87 languages) chose me as one of their "Bachelors of The Month" and eventually "Man of The Year." At the same time, AlaskaMen Magazine made me their centerfold story (I got a staple in my navel but got to keep my parka on : ) I went from famine-to-feast -- no dates in the Alaska wilderness to 5,000 letters from women around the world. I dated many, and that is how I met my wife. It's every man's fantasy with a happy ending.



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    Urban Therapy with Sun #148 Healthy When You Met Them But Now They Sick

    in Lifestyle

    It's a serious situation that many couples and friends have faced.The goal of every living thing is to maximize their pleasure and minimize their pain. No one wants to be sick or have many health problems because that is never pleasurable. Choosing a mate or a friend is usually a pleasurable experience and building a life and/or companionship with them is definitely supposed to be pleasurable but can we stand the rain? Do we know how to be truly loyal in hard times? Would you be able to withstand your resolve and even be faithful if your spouse or significant other became inflicted with a serious, potentially long-term or fatal illness? Would you/could you be there and stay there? What if they required intensive attention and care? Would you adjust your schedule to accommodate them and their needs? What if they were unable to perform sexually or even physically? Would you slow down for them?

  • WTR: Geoff Rhodes, Matt Larsen, Trevor Maroshek

    in Military

    Warrior Talk Radio with GI Jenn is proud to have the one and only Geoff Rhodes as co-host tonight!  We are so excited to have on Matt Larsen and have Trevor Maroshek back on!

    Matt Larsen is a former United States Marine, United States Army Ranger and Black Belt Magazine's Hall of Fame combatives instructor. He is known as "The Father of Modern Combatives, credited with the creation of the United States Army's modern combatives doctrine and the establishment of the U.S. Army Combatives School He has also been credited with pushing Hopology, a science that studies human combative behavior and performance, into the modern era.

    Trevor will be joining us to talk about the impact of WAR Dogs for both the handlers and other service members on and off the battlefield. We will talk about how and why it is so necessary to enable handlers to retire their working dogs and how difficult it is to do so. He will share his firsthand experience of having to go through that process with his Combat VETERAN dog, Chopper. Trevor was deployed 4 times as part of Special Ops team & helped develop the SEAL’s first canine combat unit. Chopper the SEAL dog saved Trevor and his Special Operation's team from an ambush in Afghanistan.

    Trevor will share with us The SEAL Dog Foundation's goal to bring companionship, love, and support to all VETERANS by providing dogs and training. We will also discuss the importance of finding homes for military working dog heroes. 

    Guest Call In 646-595-3504

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    in Christianity

    Gayle M. Irwin enjoys sharing her passion for companion animals and the pet-human bond through writing and speaking. In fact, her blind Springer spaniel, Sage, was instrumental in inspiring Gayle to launch her writing career. Gayle has written a wealth of books and short stories that teach valuable life lessons learned from her pets to children and adults alike. She visits libraries and schools, usually with dog in tow, where she speaks on character building topics such as self confidence respect, and disability awareness.

    Join us on Tuesday, October 20th, at 8:00 AM MDT, on Step Into the Light with Patti Shene. Gayle will share what she has learned about the unique pet-human bond, how pets can light up our lives, and how we can serve as a light in the life of an abandoned or abused animal.

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    OFFICE 323-957-7322

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    Pet Radio-Domesticating a Feral Cat

    in Pets

    When Anne Kaier stopped her car on a busy road to tend to an injured cat, she had no idea how that decision would change her life. Home with Henry: A Memoir (PS Books, $15), tells the story of the slow process of domesticating Henry, the strange urban dwelling that became his home, and the bond that ultimately developed between Henry and his new human companion. 

    Home with Henry relates the journey Kaier and Henry take together—Kaier giving him the space and time to settle in, little by little enticing him from his hiding spot under the guest bed, introducing him to her beloved resident calico, Lucille, and finally allowing him free reign of her backyard garden. Witty and insightful, the book offers readers practical tips and suggestions about how to introduce new cats, rescue or not, to a home. It also highlights the true joy of pet ownership and the rich companionship pets can offer.

    Other guests yet to be announced

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    Companionship & Care In Your Own Home

    in Caregiving

    Senior Guide USA Presents- Senior Moment: Companionship & Care In Your Own Home - With Our Guest Expert Roget Berendes of Hearthside Home Care. http://www.hearthsidehomecare.comhttp://seniorguideusa.com

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    What Do Men Really Expect From A Wife?

    in Women

    Men often say they are disappointed in the women they marry, saying their wives are lacking in emotional support, loyalty, willingness to stick it out in tough times and forgiveness for a man's normal shortcomings. Are men unrealistic in what they expect from women, or are women in need of "wife training"? What about traditional homemaking skills, cooking, cleaning, sewing? Are these no longer realistic expectations? Why do men really expect from the women they marry? What is the real purpose of a wife