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    Urban Therapy with Sun #148 Healthy When You Met Them But Now They Sick

    in Lifestyle

    It's a serious situation that many couples and friends have faced.The goal of every living thing is to maximize their pleasure and minimize their pain. No one wants to be sick or have many health problems because that is never pleasurable. Choosing a mate or a friend is usually a pleasurable experience and building a life and/or companionship with them is definitely supposed to be pleasurable but can we stand the rain? Do we know how to be truly loyal in hard times? Would you be able to withstand your resolve and even be faithful if your spouse or significant other became inflicted with a serious, potentially long-term or fatal illness? Would you/could you be there and stay there? What if they required intensive attention and care? Would you adjust your schedule to accommodate them and their needs? What if they were unable to perform sexually or even physically? Would you slow down for them?

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    What Do Men Really Expect From A Wife?

    in Women

    Men often say they are disappointed in the women they marry, saying their wives are lacking in emotional support, loyalty, willingness to stick it out in tough times and forgiveness for a man's normal shortcomings. Are men unrealistic in what they expect from women, or are women in need of "wife training"? What about traditional homemaking skills, cooking, cleaning, sewing? Are these no longer realistic expectations? Why do men really expect from the women they marry? What is the real purpose of a wife

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    Learning to be By Yourself & Free Psychic Readings!!!

    in Spirituality

    Learning how to be by yourself is a challenge for many to overcome.  Many times people will end up in the exact same type of relationship that they just got out of which is toxic.  It's the same pattern but just a different person to fulfill the role. It is very important to be by yourself after a relationship has ended.  This is your time for soul searching and self reflection. This is your time to make friends with you.  You should be your best friend.

    Yes it seems like a need for humans to have companionship but that doesn't mean we have to be in a relationship. We can have friends short and long distance.  We can learn something new and do something we always wanted to do but were unable to.  Are you just going to brood?  Are you just going to be angry?  Being by yourself doesn't mean being lonely. You can be with a partner and very easily be lonely if they aren't the right ones.

    I will also take psychic questions and for a detailed reading by email or phone contact me at mia0899cs@gmail.com.

    Love and Light,


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    Being Alone Does Not Make You Lonely!

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    Loneliness is not something that affects only the poor, unpopular, or unattractive. Men women, and children from every ethnic, social, or culrutal background may both feel lonely.  Whether you are educated, successful, married or single, you  may have moments when you experience unhappiness as a result of being without the companionship of others.  Being alone is a situation.  However, feeling alone is an emotion that anyone may experience.

    Do you ever feel alone?  Are you aware of what actually causes you to feel lonely? Where does the feeling of loneliness and (perhaps accompanied by) depression come from? Join us for a lively discussion on loneliness. 

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    The Right Mate Is Worth The Wait with SPECIAL GUEST Linda Gilchrist-Dickens

    in Relationships

    Please join us TONIGHT !!!

     @ 6 PM EST as we talk about "after the wait... Is it worth it?"
    Please make sure to call in @ 657-383-1233 or listen online 
    MEN we want to hear from you

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    Companionship & Care In Your Own Home

    in Caregiving

    Senior Guide USA Presents- Senior Moment: Companionship & Care In Your Own Home - With Our Guest Expert Roget Berendes of Hearthside Home Care. http://www.hearthsidehomecare.comhttp://seniorguideusa.com

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    Mr Kyle Gibson Needy Women and the Men Who Accommodate Them

    in Christianity

    Mr. Kyle (KC) Gibson

    Candidate for Governor of Florida at Kyle KC Gibson for Governor and Candidate at Candidate for Governor of Florida in 2014


    My number one priorty is to make Florida "Second To None" in education. If you want to see a better future for our greatest resource, if you want to see our youth able to compete on a global market, if you want to witness our prison system reverse from being one of our largest expenses to one of the lowest, please join me in my Vision for Florida


    Relationships- Partnership - Companionship - Friendship there are a lot of names for Needy people dealing with the ones that accomodate their needs in some way. I think these people think they are in some kind of ship and it is floating along. But they are at a stand still and until they wake up to they only need themself and Jesus.They are trying one thing after another.

  • Taking Care of our Aging Parents

    in Self Help

    Nurse next door is able to care for your loved ones with care levels ranging from companionship right up to Nursing and end of life care.

    David and Luci Shaw are excited to be able to bring senior and their families the peace of mind they nedd through focused, personalized home care services.  Our talent is caring and as such, our goal is to make lives better one visit at a time.

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    jrilshow:When does companionship supersedes sexual relations

    in Radio

    Wednesday is upon us and it is time for another funky fresh edition of the jrilshow.  TONIGHT:  We are putting our relationship skills to use.  Our (Listener) QOD:  AT WHAT AGE DOES COMPANIONSHIP SUPERSEDES THE IMPORTANCE OF GOOD SEX IN A RELATIONSHIP?  The Listening Lounge is happening as always so come on down and get your mid week laugh on, right here on the jrilshow!

  • "State Of The Black Family-Pt. 2-Why Do Black Women Mistrust Love?"

    in Lifestyle


    Continuing our discussion on the state of the Black family...Women's roles in relationships and a household are major. They are the bearers of life, the nurturers, the soft balance in a hard situation, and in essence...the first link to love for all of the people in their lives. When a woman is not at her best, balance is thrown off, because of the many hats she wears, love is always at the base. In today's society, women are harder, "independent", misfocused, and on another path. Parental love and intimate love are addressed as companionship and hook-ups, as women's resourcefulness and perserverance abilities have been beaten down by the many beasts of the modern world. Why do you think Black women have a problem trusting love? Join in tonight by calling 347-32-9967 at 10:30 pm EST.


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    In Home Skilled Nursing Kensington, San Diego Home Nursing

    in Health

    In Home Skilled Nursing Kensington, CA http://firstatofsandiego.com  619-220-7600 - San Diego’s Best Home Nursing Company. We Specialize in Homecare, Skilled Nursing, In-Home Care with the Best Caregivers. Trained, Certified, Licensed Nurses, 92116, 92115

    Aging is a fact of life, but one that often comes with several challenges. With the best quality of life in mind, here’s how in-home skilled nursing can support families who are caring for an aging loved one at home.

    Providing Much Needed Guidance
    Families find that an in-home skilled nursing service is a smart, practical solution. The right service offers peace of mind that loved ones have the attention they need to maintain their independence for as long as possible.

    Offering Companionship and Instilling Confidence
    Seniors are sometimes discouraged when they first realize that they can no longer participate in activities they enjoy or perform tasks without assistance. Competent in-home skilled nurses are trained and experienced and can share strategies for success.

    In-Home Medical Assistance and Professional Expertise
    Professional, medically trained nurses in the home are an invaluable asset for family members caring for an elderly loved one. In-home skilled nurses can administer medications, help with injections and dress wounds.

    To learn more, pick up a copy of our free guide… “Critical Questions You Must Ask Before You Hire a Home Care Provider" Just give us a call 619-220-7600 or visit our website at: http://www.FirstatofSanDiego.com

    In Home Skilled Nursing Kensington San Diego