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    Creative Family Living with the Girl Scouts of Middle TN with Brook Johnson

    in Spirituality

    Let’s talk about what the Brownies, Daisy’s and Girl Scouts can do for young girls and the fun of exploring and learning about themselves! CFLS welcomes Brook Johnson who is the Regional Membership Executive for Williamson County with the Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee. She has been active with the Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee for over 20 years. She is a Girl Scout Gold Award recipient, and she has served two terms on the Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee Board of Directors.  June 12th at noon CST. Call in with your questions at showtime! http://gsmidtn.org/

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    Girl Scouts accepts transgender kid, provokes cookie boycott

    in Entertainment

    Bobby Montoya wanted to join the Girl Scouts, setting off a national debate.

    The Girl Scout cookie can't seem to catch a break.

    Under fire in years past for including trans fats, high fructose corn syrup and palm oil in its cookies, the Girl Scouts' current cookie selling season is under fire because of policies that have nothing to do with the actual composition of the cookies.

    A group calling itselfHonestGirlScouts.com has posted a YouTube video calling for a boycott of Girl Scout cookies in response to a Colorado troop's decision to allow a 7-year-old transgender child into its troop. Gay rights and transgender rights groups have reported a grassroots LGBT movement of supporters buying Girl Scout cookies in response to the video.

    "I've decided to purchase as many boxes as my modest budget will allow and donate them to the local LGBTQ community center," says Mara Morken, a lesbian stay-at-home mom in Fargo, North Dakota. "I want to show support for GSUSA in their honorable decision to allow all girls to participate in their programs. However I do not want that support to show itself on my thighs, so I will donate the entire cookie order!" &More fallout with Bruce jenner  Plus Box Office.

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    You In Dangerrrr Girl

    in LGBT

    Welcome to another episode of girl talk.Today we will be discussing some dangerous situations in dangerous places.How to avoid going to pump gas at 3 A.M..Ever hear of travel in numbers?Sit back relax and enjoy our topic!

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    Bougie Girl Life: How You Can End "The Loser Spirit" Cycle In Your Family Tree

    in Motivation

    Join the Bougie Girl as she discusses ending the "Loser Spirit" Cycle in your Family Tree.

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  • Spiritually Sweet Radio w/ Sherilyn Bennett Welcomes The Brown Girl Box & Raeh

    in Motivation

    Spiritually Sweet Talk Radio Welcomes Raeh Williams one of the Founders of The Brown Girl Box. 

  • Introducing the Amazing Morgan Avery McCoy - "Evolution of a Black Girl..."

    in Lifestyle

    Jawanza4Life!! - Introduces Morgan Avery McCoy

    Our special guest is Morgan Avery McCoy.  Morgan McCoy is the CEO  of M.A.M. Inc.  She utilizes her unique story telling abiltiy to motivate audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

    She is an Author, Minister, and award winning Actress.  Ms. McCoy is the author of "Evolution of a Black Girl",  "She's Got Issues", and "The Cry of the Fatherless".  Her mission is to educate and entertain her respective audiences.  She uses comedy and drama to connect with her audiences and expose social woes.

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  • Final Reflect Focus: Girl Power

    in Indie Music

    Final Reflect Focus : Girl Power Great Show with strong women of God,

    Final Reflect Focus is a platform by Orlando Presentz and Final Reflect Entertainment, which focuses on bringing you live weekly sessions to talk about the message behind christian music, the business aspects of making your music, styles, genres, and HOW TO's on various aspects within indie music development. From Special Guest Stars to biblical references, we strive to bring you a fun, but smooth Thursday mornings. We are bringing New and smooth music for your ears. See you there!

    You can listen to us live here! Missed a show? That's okay, listen to all previous shows and keep up with the hosts on our Facebook page:www.facebook.com/FRFocus. 





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  • Lost Girl Saved by Grace - Chanel Dionne

    in Motivation

    As a speaker and a blogger Chanel Dionne unashamedly shares her journey through hardship and triumph. During her adolescence and as a young woman she faced many trials. In 2009 she found herself in a very dark place in her life and fell prey to the mind control of a pimp and was sex trafficked. After falling for his false promises of a better life and freedom she lost everything including her identity.

    For 2 1/2 years she lived and breathed the "fast life" of working in the sex industry. Then in 2011 she managed to finally walk away and never go back. After leaving the industry and moving back to her hometown Chanel would still find herself unable to resist and break free from the shameful past she carried. It was not until after a suicide attempt that a co-worker slipped her note and shared with her the good news about a man named Jesus Christ that she began to start to see the light.

    In 2012, she joined a local Baptist church and publicly gave her life to Christ by baptism and since that day her life has been one of total transformation. Today she serves as a true witness of Christ grace, love, and mercy. Her passion is speaking and writing about her life so light can be shed on a hurting generation. Chanel Dionne believes there is hope for ANYONE regardless of their background. She lives and serves as a personal witness to the belief that she stands on today.

    On June 23, 2015 Chanel will be publishing her very first book entitled, “Lost Girl Saved By Grace” where she will share her journey to redemption with you more in depth. She also plans to use her story to enlighten the world on how close to home sex trafficking can be and to challenge the culture to rise up and to take action! 

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    LivingEden: The Girl Power Project funded by Just Like My Child & Claire Zammit

    in Spirituality

    In partnership with The Collective Heart, a non-profit founded by the late Debbie Ford & the Just Like My Child foundation are stepping up to support "The Girl Power Project".  Feminine Power, lead by Claire Zammit, is helping to fund this year-long program to empower girls in Uganda, with the goal of creating 10,000 leaders who can empower more girls in other communities across Africa—creating a ripple effect of sustainable positive change. Presently the goal has been upgraded to 1,000,000 empowered girls and women.

    We passionately believe in protecting the rights of children. That’s why Just Like My Child is investing in one of the most effective ways to create a shift at the grass roots level – life skills and mentoring training for hundreds of girls who are now bold enough to look you in the eye, strong enough to state their rights, free enough to rise to their full potential as they lead their country forward.